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 Absolute Beginner growing Weed, but have 30+ yrs organically gardening roses, Ca natives & Mediterranean species. Purpose in growing Weed is medical. Goal is to control source of my DIY oils, tinctures, salves, lotions for physical pain management. I do not inhale; I hate smoking anything. Ergo taste and psychoactive effect is not most important. 


EMPHASIS OF MY GROW METHODS: Simulate Mother Nature's way of germinating and growing plants by sowing and germinating seed directly into prepared soil in final big pot to avoid any disturbance of roots and transplant shock. Am using those black. bumpy looking rigid sided air pruning pots in  5, 10, and 12.5 gallons (US) sizes. Because I live in hot summer climate (Sunset Zone 16-17, USDA Zone 9a-9b), to minimize heat stress to roots, I will use white spray paint for plastic to paint the outside surfaces of these black pots to deflect heat of sunshine. i also have a fabric root pruner 25 gallon pot for experimenting with Jack Herer strain to see how big it will grow.


Please comment with criticisms, advice, suggestions, reference sources, etc. to help me make this learning experience fun as well as resulting in healthy, happy plants. Thank you.

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Hi and welcome to forum 


This sounds very interesting, it will be great to see how it evolves :)


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