2 weeks till harvest

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20180702_010026.thumb.jpg.cb5438e6282cdbdc57df7d76cba55537.jpg2 weeks to go on these Dams !! Growing with GH organic feeds. Smelling ridiculous and packing on serious weight...incredible beauties!!!


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Hey all


So we've reached the camels hump of the 7th wk and man these beauties are really starting to transform , fatten up and show off!!


THC is maturing nicely and the terpenes really pungent. The garden is swarmed with tones of pine, fruity b(banana citrus specifically) and a somewhat putridy yet sweet beautiful smell ( that's the good stuff STANKY😷


Babba kush

Sour Diesel DNA

Blue Cheese


Ghetto cheese or a chem soda( supplier miss labeled 🤣but just so happens to be the most snow covered of all)....


that's defiantly one for the 420 puff!!

I love this final maturing  stage watching THC like a hawk 🦅


Awsome day to all!!

divine organics












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m.oRganics all 


So these bad girls are done. I have started to induce my 24hr post flowering  drk phase for final ripening stage.

Trich heads are so juicy u can almost see em about to explode with a naked eye......


Dripping in THC, crazy psychedelic colours, and terpenes that will smash your smelling senses to pieces.....


Will post some harvest pics......

Heaven time has arrived, fist pumps to give thanks to the magical bud!!!20180712_062808.thumb.jpg.3ed8e2fdc227c5e6605c80c8424a7fa9.jpg🤯

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How are your plants dude?

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