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Ty Dust... Yes, he's done a post. But it describes reveg in big pots, now i try in a small pot 5,4 liter where the roots are already potbopund this time. Also because this is my second time now i save a strain, i thought i will make a post about how to save a strain and reverting to vegetative growth and also about that the genes can change. No i've not touched the WL weed. It is on the drying line, maybe tommorow i will try a smoke, or in the later evening, depends how dry the smaller stuff is.

Now i'll harvest the next WL phenotype and take some shots for the next update. See you then.

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I'am on a harvest to hell :)... harvest to hell indecision

Plant two, the topped pheno type was harvested in the late evening hours as the pot was even dry and very light.
I documented the harvest in pictures like i've done with the first. The results was good for the 2 or more to say 4 top colas.


Total flowering time: 56 days
Yield total wet, not trimmed: 102 gram
Yield total wet, trimmed: 80 gram
Top colas length: 20cm, 18 cm and 2 x 16 cm
Plant total height: ca 100 cm
Trichrome crystals: amber on the top buds and milky to amber on the lower and shiny on new growth
Oder Level: very high
Bud structure: more sativa like, leafy buds and fluffy but very very sticky
Taste: 60% hazy herb, 20% lemon like and 20% touch of widow
Stoned effect of scissors hash: Very slowly raising up high and couchlock feeling but awake. Middle to hard on the lungs.


Before harvest





And here are the twin

Trimming pictures








And the box is filling...

That was trimmed yesterday. A day later the weight is now 50 grams, so i was right to expect 30 grams with this bud if it'S dry.

I'am on a harvest to hell... sing ***

THat was the White Lemon harvest, my first results and the best pics i took. Wish you had fun like i had.
Wish you all very nice harvest days and hope you've got a blessed
christmas... PeacE

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very nice report once again ;)

very nice loooking topped plant ^^

do you get to get the finger hash off your gloves easily at the end? do you have any lol?

Have a good dry and smoke man smiley

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Hey bros and sis want you to thank for your comments on my plants, that helped me very to grow them to beauty and also to make some nice shots of them. All in all the weed is overwhelming. The best out of it, is the WL 1 (was not topped and has bigger buds), the taste is like it smells and it is very very strong, maybe the strongest weed i ever grown now. The topped has a super couchlock feeling, but is not that strong as i thought, almost if you smoke it in bongs, it is very nice to smoke. Also that it gets better from day to day of curing i think i will store it for a longer time.
Also i smoked now some Jays with it, both phenos are a perfect smoke. Both have a very strong indica/sativa high. Maybe best hybrids i ever grown now. The varity of the phenos is very very high. Surprise Surprise :).

Here are the fruits of my harvest, sorry for the unsharp pictures, i shot them more with darker light and it is just a smartphone cam and notice every little move your hand make....













@Dust: No i just get scissors hash, i hate to make finger hash because of sticky fingers. The scissors hash is just for a cone. Litttle tobaco and on the top the little hash ball.

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lol too bad finger hash is so good, but i agree it's a pain in the asse for the rest of the day lol

Very nice pics otherwise ;)

love the lasts

Have a great smoke

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Hehe i love you guys. And yes the finger hash is very good, think it is like the scissors hash and hits your ass. Thru the new year should be no problem because i harvested Blue Mistic today and it is generally smokable in 3 or 5 days. So i will have a good selection on the new years eve, also i will try to make honey or gumby from the trimmings. See you mates.

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Markus, RESPECT man, one of the best WL tests to this day.

Cure it good, no rush....;-)


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man after seeing this grow report i am so excited to get going on my white lemon grow, those plants are rediculous. i have never seen a strain with such an indica stature that has such a haze influance it really seems like this strain took the best of both worlds from the el nino and the super lemon haze i am just in shock and its not just this report all the white lemon report i have checked out so far have been jaw dropping.

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