12 x Kalashnikova 1200w Hydro.

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Hey everyone, so here i am starting my 12 x Kalashnikova Grow diary

thought id buy these and see how it goes as its a relatively new strain

(yeh i know about white russian) i mean as green house new stock :).

All the other diarys ive found the kalashnikova was part of a multi strain

grow so lets see how this goes in a full run :D

.My kit is

1 x powerplant t5 for seedlings

1 x 600w MH for veg

2 x 600w lumiteks (super hps bulbs for Flower)

1 x 125w Red spectrum LED Truncheon

2 x 5 inch inlet and outlet fans

1 x SMS Twin Fan Speed Controller

1 x mountain air carbon filter

1 x 8 pot wilma system

1 x 5 pot wilma system with 12ltr Air pots

1 x multi ph, ec, ppm, temp meter

water heaters, bubblers etc

I bought the full range of canna products from ebay, from canna start

to canna flush and everything in between :D

i built this area myself its not a tent i just built the area in a spare bedroom

with a partition wall and mylar, coverd the windows with wood and thats where

ive cut a hole for my outlet as i dont have neighbors close by.

so i bought 15 kalashnikova seeds on around the 7th or 8th of jan

all 15 Germed All 15 Poped up and the fastest 12 i chose the other 3 i gave two

to my mate for his 400w setup and one for a buddy who uses his greenhouse.

i got 3 of the trifoliate's ive seen common in the kalash 2 of them have

righted themselves back to normal one is still trifoliate and is very nice and


i have been setting my ph at 5.5 and let it get upto the 6.1 mark then bringing

it back down. my e.c is 1.0 atm they are about a month from seed no sign of burn or

anything and going fast. i had a little problem with temps at first but now for the

last 3 weeks its been a steady 26 Degrees © in lights on and a steady 19 or 20

Degrees © in the lights off. water temps at 21 Degrees © all i need is a Humidity

meter before i flower.

2 of my plants tho have this light green stain looking kind of thing on the leaves

so il put a few pics of them as its only them two that have it, would appreciate any

comments and help along the way guys im growing this out as a kind of first time

full run of just kalash for others to see in the future from a standard non

advanced growers point of view.

hope you join along the way il make regular updates.

peace my brothers and strain hunters happy growing & smoking :D




for the seedlings


2 week ago when first put in system


my filter


the trifoliate


a few days later and the stain on the plant (its only on 2 of them)




my tester




you can see where the leaf blade edges rolled up a bit before but now seem to have sorted that out on all new growth since i cut the feeding times

sorry about the picture quality ive got a new hd camera on the way ive borrowed for a while so next pics will be alot better and will show my other 5 pot wilma behind where i stood to take them pics.

also got to lay some black and white plastic on the floor so still a work a progress :D

hope to get some comments along the way hope you enjoy the diary

peace and love too all :)

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also franco send me some poweder feeding (wink:wink) ;) ;) B)

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thanks guys for the comments, will post some new pics up today its been a few days since the last ones where took

thanks to all


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grow well and have a nice green color, good luck ! :)

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Nice setup Nutes!

The feedings will be available begin March, and you'll LOVE it... I promise!

The internodes look short, a sign they are happy and not trying to stretch. Just get rid of lower sets of branches, they are too close to the medium (never a good thing).


keep us posted!

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Very nice Room man looking clean and super equiped :)

Those babies are gonna give you some heavy weight with 1200w ;)

Have a great grow i'll follow that

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hey everyone thanks alot for all the comments and thanks for stopping by franco :D

hope i can do the strain justice.

Anyway ive had a few changes here, my brother came and has been told his landlord

wants to sell the home he lives in so hes got 10 weeks before he has to move out.

So to help a bit i gave him 5 of my Kalash plants cus their ready to flower now

he can get one last run in before he has to move.

what is family for :)

so that means i have the 7 kalashnikovas that are around the 13inch mark ready to flower

and il be using the first 5 clones out of the bunch to make me back up to 12

So i took ten cuttings from them and have stuck them under my T5 fluro in my

babystation in rockwool cubes, ive re-cleaned my 5 pot wilma, the Air Pots

and stuff and have got it ready to put 5 of these cuttings in as soon as their

rooted, so were STiLL on for the 12 just a few are from cuttings now :)

they were cut on the 8th so shouldnt be long now

il be either vegging the cuttings under my t5 for a week or il be putting em all

in to veg together under the MH and then set em all off at end of the month.

il post some pics as soon as camera stops playing UP (BLOODY CAMERA)

thanks all and peace :D

Edited by Nutes

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Cool you are kind with your brother nice from you ^^

Well i hope next time you won't have Aunt moving house too :P

Good luck with your clones ;)

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im very sorry for the wait guys im having camera problems, hoping to fix by tomorow.

Anyway a little update my 7 plants from the above pics are doing REALLY well, they are around 5 weeks from popping above the rockwool and ive noticed two different phenos in them.

4 plants are around the 14 Inch mark very nice thick stem (nearly 2 cm!!)

all leaves reaching for the sky lovely :)

the other 3 are 12 inch but the nodes are pushing up for the bottom and about to over take the main stem, in height.

these also have a very nice stem they looking really lovely and green. interesting to see them grow for sure.

ive had my ph set at 5.5 but let it go up till it hits the 6.0 mabey 6.1 mark then bringing it back down takes a few days for this, and changing my res every week. i really couldnt be happier with their growth to be honest and they already have a nice skunky smell which is lovely.

They been on a 1.0 ec, but now my plans have changed as i gave 5 of my plants away to my brother as i started with the 12 from seed.

so these 7 are in my 8 pot wilma drip system and ive re cleaned my 5 pot wilma system for when my cuttings have rooted and vegged in my baby station under a 110w t5 for a week or two these will also be added to my flower room.

so for the next week or two its just the 7 kalashnikovas ( and the 2 distinct phenos :) )

Ive decided to flip these 7 i have on friday this week (17th feb) they are screaming for it, and im also itching for it hehe

ive setup my baby station in a tent i have in another bedroom for the light change to 12/12.

i promise to get more pics up when i get my camera sorted its causing me greif heh ..

peace everyone respect

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cool man thanks for update, keep us posted when you fix camera ;)

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yaye cameras sorted sorry about the wait my fellow strainhunters

its been doing my head in.

so these girls are between 5 and 6 weeks veg.

well its been some nice fast and helthy growth the last few days.

im loving the veg growth of this kalash its very rigorus and really

has started to smell .

its been under the 2 x 600w for last couple of days to to get them

accustomed to the change as im flipping these girls on friday (2days).

Im looking forward to the ride guys :D

i did see a little temp rise with both of the lights on they

went upto nearly 30 degrees © but i helped to bring it down to

around 27 or 28 mark i hope this helps now.

so heres some pics guys

im flipping these ladies on friday then when my cuttings have rooted fully and had a bit of veg time under the t5 fluro il add the 5pot wilma next to the 8 pot and it will become a perpetual harvest from now i guess, Unless franco accepts me as a seed tester then il start over after these girls with some test seeds if not il be buying some more greenhouse strains anyway and il be doing a diary so its all good. that white lemon makes my mouth water thinking about it tho, i love lemon haze one of the best genetics around without a doubt

hope to be a tester anyway we will see :D

some more pics later guys hope you stop by along the way

no more waiting for picture updates :D :D

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Very nice update man, it was worth waiting the pics ;)

that grow room looks like a very cool place, wish i could have that in my house, and your kalash look good and healthy, you seem to have a nice uniform growth.

Good luck with your clone and your tester request ;)

have a good flipping over

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thanks alot dust matey, yeah i like it, its my new room actually i just moved home but it seems alot easyer to controll the temps here which is a bonus my last room was a nightmare for that,

anyway thanks alot buddy :)


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nicee..setups looks great...looking forward to this grow as this strain was supposed to be my first :(

keep em ladies lookin sexy G

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hey all thanks for stopping by guys, glad you all like the show so far im loving it,

im hoping it goes well through the flowering now as theyve had accelerated growth in veg ;)

all the lateral branching is amazing on these kalash all competeing with the main stem and are as tall as the main stem coming all the way from near the bottom.

Compared to the viney growth of the uk cheese ive grown lots of, and i do love cheese but it gets a bit boring after a bit.

im pretty much expecting these lot to go the ten weeks as their from seed and not clone but il get a magnifyer and keep an eye on that at the late stage.

thanks fuzzy mate, yeah i know a few peeps use them in hydro it still air prunes the roots and does its stuff i use rockwool too tho so it holds more moisture than just clay pebbles.

And its a wilma recirculating drip system the res is underneath buddy same as what my plants are in its just i hadnt put the dripper system in their yet cus its not being used yet :)

thanks everyone for stoppin in


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day 7 of flower

Hey everyone, so its been the first week of flower after 24 hours in the dark for the girls.

They have started their stretch nicely and most of them have the first signs of flowering with white hairs popping out.

I changed from canna vega to flores now i seen the first signs of flowering

and i gave them some boost accelerator, cannazyme and rhizotonic and silicon.

My room temps have been at the 27 or 28 degrees © in the day and 18/19 © at night.

Made a little c02 bubbler doing its thing.

5 of the cuttings i took have rooted, yaye ! ;D

so ive put 4 in my 4 pot dripper system and i put one in some cheap 10-10-10 soil

ive still got about 8 more cuttings in the propogator that could root but im happy now my 4 pot system is up and running now, ima give them a few weeks veg in my tent in another room, then adding them to the flower room.

heres some pics for you guys :)

Will make another update in a couple of days, ive got new camera on way wich will be alot better

thanks for stopping by


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nice updates man girls are growing nicely and look healthy :)

Good luck to the babies

Have a good grow ;)

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