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I have got a dehumidifier 29.99 and in my 1.2 1.2 2.0 tent in veg it has taken 500mil a day I was shocked but it is brilliant remember only purchase items you have to from grow shops I goto garden centers and diy shops you will find loads I allways do and them buds for first you cannot moan peace my friend

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heh it is true many things can be found elsewhere, either in shops or online.

You can find allsorts of things from Aquarium and Retiles sellers on ebay, water pumps, oxygen pumps,airstones,heat mats, uv tubes, activated carbon, dual day/night temp controllers,etc

The list goes on,but you get the point, when I need to add something, I do a search online,I am always  amazed what I can  find.



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