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while some would assume that nepal and india would have very similar landrace genetics, this is not so. a journey through the annapurna region alone would turn up some astounding results. i have seen photos of plants three meters high with pure red stems and bright gold buds. and less than a mile furthur up trail pure purple and black specimens.

i honestly feel as though this would be a fantastic journey rich in hospitality and landrace cannabis. i even have access to a guide for canna trekking through nepal, a large index of the landrace genetics encountered along with elevation and region found during a month long trek. i plan to use it myself when i visit within the next few years.

peace and blessings


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I think that Nepal and China would be very interesting places to hunt

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Hello. I will be going to Nepal in August of this year. I am looking to do some canna-treking and would like a) some company of like-minded people B) a guide to show me the mountains with the best strains. Anyone that can help can email me direct at esl.teacher.steve (at)

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