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Hey I am a software professional from south India. I am planing on making a trip to Manali this May and trekking around parvati valley, where the Strain hunters India expedition was taken. Can anyone help me out with a specific trail to follow along Parvati valley where I can copious amounts of ganja plants?? I have right now done a lot of research and come up with the following trekking rout.

1) Start trekking from Nagar

2) Camp out one night and proceed to Malana village and valley.

3) Spend one night at Malana and trek to Kasol.

4) Spend a night at Kasol and proceed to Manikaran.

I wanted to know exactly where I will find the fields and if May is a good time to find them.

your help will be much appreciated.



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Hi man, i won't be able to help you on that one cause i've never been there personnaly.

But a few of our members have done or are preparing the exactsame trip ;)

Have a look around you might find some of their informations.

And if you're lucky they'll see this thread and come comment :)

Good luck man, try to take some pictures during your trip for us :D

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..............Parvati from "The real seeds company".

The next year i whan try in outdoor with this Strain, and The Pineberry Purple from "secret Valley".

Are strain that live good in the months of Sep/Oct/Nov., with humidity and rain, as the climate that there is in the British Columbia , Vancouver Island( Canada ).

If you whant go to this link:

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Sorry friend, ASh.

But if i can give you an a advices, remember to will be you will be very careful with drugs in some states where the drug laws, and the traffic that the posseso are very strict especially with tourists.

I was informed on the laws in many places, such as Malaysia, Nepal, Mexico and South America, South East Asia, it would be better to have a local guide to give you advice, 'cause those civilizations', the drug is not as distinct as in our continents, soft drugs (cannabis and marijuana) and hard drugs (cocaine opium or heroin), in some countries just mentioned the law applied drugs are the same for each category and are very strict!

I am very informed on these topics ..


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Just go to the parvati valley. The weed grows wild everywhere in all the local towns. To get to the plantations you will need to climb above 3000 meters. The fields are tended by nepali folk and you might need a connection to bring you up. Shouldn't be a problem lad. Good luck..

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If you get to places like the Malana valley,

you can make discreet contacts with the locals

being cautious of course and they are the best they can give you an idea!

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