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Hey guys,

I'm about to reach the end of my growing season and the first things that comes to my mind is what am i growing next hehe!

After trying out several strains myself (#1 beeing the trainwreck amazing genetic Gh's got i'll be sure to go back to her sooner than later!) and several trip to dam to try as many strains as possible my conclusion was: i'll grow OG Kush and cheese.

I'm almsot sure i'll get the Og Kush or Og#18 from Dna as i'm really happy with the seeds i've ordered there but for the cheese i'm turning myself to you guys to know your opinion and experience on the cheese you've grown.

At that moment i would lean towards barney's blue cheese and here are my reason: i've grown GH cheese and sh'es a nice plant, i've found her very tasty and liked the high but it seems like the yield was a little slim to me, i might have use a little to much nutes on her but still my unttoped plants gave serious nug down to the third or forth level of branches, the remaining levels were pop corn leafy buds.

Besides the strains i've grown were -mostly- better than those i've smoked in dam recently and the barneys blue cheese from dam was tastier than my home grown GH cheese...

So please if you've grown cheese GH or non GH drop me a line, is the blue cheese the best cheese out there?


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Well the first cheese that would come to my mind if you are looking for testing the best cheese would also be bigbhudda cheese, it is well known to have been one of the best cheese around i don't if it is still valuable now tho. I've heard lot of good about barneys blue cheese too so give a try and you will know ;)

for myself i only grown exodus cheese as a cheese, and it never disapointed me ;) but that you already know i guess ;)

good luck man

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yo hey dude

Well being a brit... i have had a few friends which had some of the original cuts from years ago and what a delight smoking it i still remember it and that was like 10 years ago.... I have recently bin in contact with them and i asked the question too out of which Cheeses on the market do you think is the most similar to that... there reply was Blues & so far Exodus Cheese

BUT they are still in the Process of growing out the Exodus Cheese, as am I so i can't wait to check that out all mine are looking lovely... and they say that it looks very similar in size and shape etc so either one could be the one, I have now got some Blues seeds also! il be planting them on my next grow.... i should be starting a proper diary later for the Exodus with some pics

But now i'm gonna throw a curve ball.... i have recently had the pleasure of smoking some Cheesey Kush i don't know where it came from but i am going to find out :D

The Blue cheese is also nice i remember smoking that at the Cup. I just thought i'd chuck my 2p's worth in :)

Which ever strain you choose i'm sure it will be lovely

Peace and goodluck

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Dude I am in the same situation as you, I want the best cheese. The UK cheese, I though bc depot but I thought to expensive, I am going to try exodus from GH and I here good from dinafem cheese , and also a big Buddha. I plan to clone them into a lot. And for blue cheese no brainer everyone says barneys. I hope these plants will grow big enough to clone. I want to do cheese, bluecheese, blueberry this time and maybe ss ak47 or white Russian or Blue Rhino but I think I will hold on Serious seeds and get some dinafem white widow I don't have any of that in my collection, and cannatonic in case someone need high cbd strain I have some. I also want to do armagedeon and magrata blu

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from experience i can say the many different breeders cheeses I have grown were all good in different ways and ill try my best to detail why here.

Big Buddah Cheese= easy plant to grow, not nute sensitive, 8-9 wks flower and provides a banging cheesy tasting decent yield . 8/10

big buddah blue cheese= another easy grower same flower period, beautiful smell/taste and a better yield 9/10

Big buddah Frieze cheese '89= fussy grower nute sensitive, same flower time amazing taste/smell but lesser yield and prone to bud rot 7/10

big buddah silver cheese= grows much the same as blue cheese but tastes totally different really good yielder of potent bud 9/10

big buddah cheesedawg= easy grower takes a little longer to get best results 9-10wks but worth it the cheese chemdog combo works well and gives better than average yield. 10/10

Barneys farm blue cheese= should technically be the same as big buddha's bc but isnt . same flower time, similar yield but unique flavour that just ticks all the boxes for me 9/10

Greenhouse exodus cheese = one of the best value seeds i have ever used. easy to grow(even for novices) similar flowering time 8-9 wks decent yielder

and a proper cheese taste and smell, amazing value for money 11/10

greenhouse cheese- easy grower, mines took 10 wks to flower but produced well, beautiful taste and smell but not cheesy enough for me 8/10

paradise seeds cheese- Fast easy grower no problems at all during grow but yield, taste and flavour were average and not cheesy enough 7/10

dinafem seeds cheese - as with paradises ibl cheese this is a nice plant but just not what it says on the packet 6/10


I hope these help you decide which cheese strain to go with If i was you Id go for the Exodus cheese from GHSC or the Blue cheese from the buddah .Peace

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