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The pheno sativa is harvest, than the other there are about 2 weeks about...............




















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Very good Simon!!!

Congratulations on those beautiful plants! :)

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Thank'u very much Romeu.....

I think that the season was more better but in Italy the 2 month of springer was bad and the plants was little.

Look the plants of the last summer, at one month before the harvest ( Magis Bud & Church )...................................different!!

The White Lemon was very nice but i have give it more Nutes( about 10 gr. for 1 liters of whater 9 of the GHSC NUTES Mostly Indica and the most of the flowers of the plant was died, as the last three images.......






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thanks for sharing your porn with us ;)

Nice job on those buds looks good

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Tokage: ????

The first grow room, size 60x60 x 1,40 cm ( the little, that now i use for the VEG. Stage ), is the first tend grow that i buy.

The second, after 1 year after, i buy a much more bigger tend ( 1,00 x 1,00 x 2,00 meters high ) that i prefer use to the FLOW. stage.

But, 3 years ago, when i start to go in love of this passion, i have built a plywood room to grow!! Now I use the SET-UP NEON, has 2 floors, 4 for a 18 watt Neon for germination, and the second floor to the reflector with 2 Neon T5 for the first growth stage Vegetative. He is come in useful!

But, sorry friend, why this question? ;-)

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Dust, can you see the last image of the flowers of the W.L. after an a expensive quantity of Nutes?? The Flower will be ORANGE as the NUTES, and and it seems like you were melting!

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............................The ultimate images of the indica's I.D.


P.S. And the five ROMULAN in 3 weeks of veg.

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