best strain u ever smoked

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for me the white fire og was the best till date the flavor that hybrid gives is unmatched also when mixed with a bit of pure hashish rainbows were amazing

Damnn i miss those days xD

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South India black Ganja (a sativa land race) was and remains the best weed I have ever smoked.  That was back in 1975. I got an oz from my GF who was from Hawaii. I do not know where she got it from, as I never saw it anywhere before or since. I sold off some grams to cover my smoking habit, and people were literally knocking on my door wanting to get some 2 months after it was gone. It was legendary.


Runner up is probably Durban Poison. A land race from South Africa. A real zippy uppity weed that has no body high at all, and no stone at all. Its a purely cerebral high. I have smoked it periodically over the years. I bought an eighth a month ago on sale at a local dispensary here in town for $13 with tax! It was seeded... and I have the seeds sprouting now. Not sure what it is crossed with, but it is worth a try to grow it. Supposedly the west coast strain was worked by a guy in SF to perfection. Dispensaries tend to run out of Durban fast and most charge a premium for it here in town. I also have some Durban sativas from South Africa that I am growing now as well. Tiny seeds, but they are growing fast! I also have Kerala and black ganja seeds, but I am already running 2 strains of Lebanese red this year, so I will have to put them off to grow next year. As you can see I am chasing the best highs by growing them in my back yard here now that it is legal.



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afghan kush  with a special pheno  heroin like  all other weed bite my ass


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