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Just to finish this journal off, I harvested too early but needed to or would have no smoke over Xmas and new year, they weren't ready but still gave a nice daytime smoke with the odd bit being much stronger.

I dried a little too quick as well so taste was masked a little green but did the trick and kept me in smoke, all up I reckon only about 2 maybe 2.5 Oz so disappointing but my own fault for not letting them pack on the weight in last couple weeks.

Changed my new set up completely so stop by my OG Kush grow in Air Pots, Clay Pebbles and Hydro.

Best wishes one and all for a great 2013, may your buds be big and your smoke be smotth.

Toaor xx

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thanks for the lil news toaor ;)

And happy new year to you too man i missed you last time on chat when you said it to me! May you have the best girls in 2013 and stay healthy ;)


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