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THe browse button WORKS,an looks like any sites buttons!

but evertime i print i have to use the more reply options to show a pic?


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so i open the pic,and hit add reply and atleast it works for 1 pic chosen.

thlast pic...e pic i chose was that spontanica indica KCBrains..


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even post preview dont work???

So dont try an make it to hard on ya,its my old relic ready

FOR THE MUSEUM huh.......

Oh well,im buzzin so let me get another good SHOT!


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^^ those were just harvested,heres them in my greenhouse

getting ready for the chop all nice an dry!!!!!!


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and i will get another good old overhead shot,i use to get on my roof

of my musical studio for these shots,that tight sea of grren an more!


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Like that one!!!

Got some more great old shots,by the way hows my rep now?


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Anybody home in here???



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Have you ever seen healthier ,happier PLANTS ANYPLACE!!!


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DOES MY 35 YEARS show in my skill level............

Even i can say these are marvousma,dank outdoor plants,

i also can gro tall as ive said,but the smaller the faster,no topping,

way easier to handle,no larf or branches with out bud,no branches breakin,

less mold problems,higher sun penitration,faster fert intake,ease of moving

smaller ones to front an taller ones behind.....need more???

Pice SHOULD say more than a THOUSAND WORDS huh,althought you have juse

SEEN THOUSANDS OF PLANTS,from only 1 man on the internet that does this

kind of weight(120 LBS DRY per YEAR) from florida babay!!!!!!!!!!!!

So i hope you all feel good about me SHARING an ADDING field pic journey

type experience from a very good an dedicated grower/myself an fam!!


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i can go all day boy's an girls!!!!!

enjoy,im in a good MOOD ok!

PAGE 4 of LOU's WORLD continues..................

im here to meet new friends and just say hi,from florida!

it would be very cool to be able to try GH seed strains ounce!

(hint) so i hope a few of yaz can be help maybe!

i should have PM'ed franco over at icmag an tell him i was commin here.

SO i hope he does see these great grows and says hi in my thread!!

Where ya at franco?.....much respect on all your team does for MJ!!

Dont let the negitive people at icmag get to you,they can an will.....

the site has changed and im just kinda sick of all the negitive vibes there?

anyways enjoy more,from a good buddy an a newbie here,Lou



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Good buddy DUST,you had requested my COMPOSTING TEK!!!!!

Glad you took interest,i will try now to print slowly an show pics ok..

Here is how it is done:as i mentioned earlier,the use of a THICK BLACK PLASTIC.

To explain,here in FL,the ground is nothing but glass dust/sand.... nutes left

on the groung as in(compost or forest matter)drain strait into the grownd

everytime it rains,loosing all the natural and9Compost made nutes)our ground

does not hold water or nutes...thus their is no humus barely in the forests...

Only in Northern places were the snow builds up over dead forest matterieals

does the natural ground have good growing nutes,plus the hard clay/soil surfaces..

ANyplace that does NOT have snow has no soil to speak of,so that is a reason i found

this GREAT COMPOSTING TACO TEK,using only freash weed/plants/grass and brown/leaf,

a bit of food waste and lots of WATER an HEAT to breakdown the compost very well here

having your pile or piles in a sunny location in the yard helps,but will work in shad.

SO let me show a pic of my PLASTIC ( a poundliner)that was a pond at one time!!!

Costed 275$...but you can just get a 6mil. black plastic at any hardwere stores to work

the use of the plastic is to have 1 side as the bottom and the other half to flip over top of pile



THat pic shows when i am turning the pile from one side to the other...

Now,i will explain the best part the free materials used for im telling ya,



No additives like bone meal,lime,fetrts,of any kind just a vegan natural

way of making a very very special compost,my product also tastes better than

most growers samples i ever tried for real.....believe this my man VEGAN!!

Ok,whats true vegan grown plants,just what i said using yard materials only!!!!


NOT dissing ferts,i also use heavy Miracle gro ferts both veg an bloom its a very

very good fertilazer although its salts......no worries after a months FLUSH OUT!!

thats another story...

Back to a vegan type grown cannabis,first and (if you have a big yard or place to gather stuff)

then you can do what i do and make the best soil that you ever seen or smelt with worms free!!

YOur going to make layers:3 main layers of materials,stacked higher an higher to 6 feet or so.

First materials you need on the botom is GREEN FRESH WEED/GRASS/LEAVES/PLANTS as in alive...

Next layer to collect is your BROWN....

Next layer is small sticks/branches/trimmed bushes,no thicker than your pinky...

3rd layer is now your BROWN DEAD stuff,raked up grass/leaves/trees with small braches dead...

These are the 3 main material layers that you need,you also can spread a bit of old soil over

the brown layer each time you stack them as your pile gets bigger an bigger,also water with hose

each layer or atleast soak the whole pile very very well,now their is a little trick here.

The black plastic,has to be folded up on the bottom edges to keep all the water/moister in like

a cup,my pile is on a slight hill so the lower flod side in the middle holds water ands i use

bricks to hold tha other bottom side up a bit,about a foot or less...

let me find pics again and i will further explain!!



Let me try again?


THose at the botom to start with give of gasses that break down the pile!

More pics!!

Takes a big yard,i have an acre,and lots of WORK,if your not scared of it...

More pics an then i will explain more!!

THEIR YOU HAVE THE TACO TEK STYLE,you have to water it down alot,

every week or less if your in a HOT area like i am............

More good shots!!!


Your black plastic kills anything in the pile from NO light,keeps all

the gasses in to help the break down,and holds water on the botom witch re absorbs

uup into the materials with the heating of the day and the cooling of nights!!!

Never worry about over soaking your piles,the more water the better.......

More good pics!!

i must have a million of these little friends helping too!!!



You must turn your piles every 3 to 6 months,even 1 year is ok...

The quality of this kind of soil is absolutly the best,WHY,because

your using pure nature,letting it decompose just like nature,letting rain water

enter and soak the piles but not loosing a drop from the bottom part of plastic!!!

THUS RETAINING ALL NUTRIENTS.....you CAN also add anything you like,as i mentioned

the bone meals,bloodmeals,ferts,organis or salts,lime,but it will have to sit

longer or you will burn a crop if planted to early......


So,i have been doing alot of commercial grows/personal grows in soils,and hydro tests

even small powered CFL bulb tests with great results....can show them in a micro forum!

More spectacular soils for you,them back to fields ok!!


Most huge farmer use tractors and do piles on concrete slabs to help...

i do it ALL BY HAND....that^^is about 1 yard of soils,in the other shots,

i am doing up to 4 yards this time,well my tek is for small farmers like me!!!!

i can quarrenty this is one of the easiest cheepe ceffitient composting teks!!

Published in Treatingyuorself magazine back in 06'

BLG,Lougrew at your service!!!!


Now back to som'm cool......

Oh one thing many people ask,WHERE DO THE WORMS COME FROM???

THEY ARE FREE,from mother nature,from all the stuff raked up,picked up,

gathered,and re--used soils that are added,and they will find their way dont worry!!

try this even on a small scale in the corner of your yards,soon you'll see worms too!

Believe me folks,their is a reason farmers call it BLACK GOLD huhuh it is the best!!

WELL DUST,hope you got my great tek now!!!

Goota LOVE real living soils,they are the BEST mediums to grow in period.

i have never bought ferts from a hydro store in my life,im a keep it simple solutions

kinda man,huns the trem KISS...wich was developed by me an a few at icmag...



More grand shots for youer enjoyment!!!

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thanks for the info on the compost man! what you call your brown is poop right? must work with dog poo too i guess?

And what you mean no more pic you are full already?

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Not only do i open up the black plastic for the rains,i also have a few

good sized barrels for collecting rain water from my roof!!!


Now to the fields again shall we.......

Shorties but goodies!!!!

Keeping plants short,is much better than having these tall flags saying

HERE I AM PIGGIES.....so these were done in january/fl...




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SHeeeeeeeze loeeeeeeeeze 100 posts already.................

Ok,lets talk about the work involved in bringing every mostly done pot

in under the red shed and the pvc plastic tunel you see in the pics.......

NOTHIGNG BUT BACK BREAKING WORK,,,and im lucky to have had my fam help...


REASON: you never want a even half budded plant to get bombed by rains,it will beat

all your trichomes off and start the ROTTING proccess imidiately.

YOU WANNA TALK WORK?....just look how many pots,an how many rain storms i went

threw in my 30 years down south growing in this SWAMP!...tunes....

Lost many many plants to ROT.

But life goes on!!!

and on..........


Ofcorse sometimes they do get hit with a THUNDERSTORM,you either get them

covered or you LOOSE them to ROT,but even under plastic here the humidity level

is so HIGH they may rot and be wet when you wake up in the morning........

Tops can turn to MUSH in a few hours overnight........


Can ya tell i LOVE growing WEED huhuhu......


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yeah i uess tunderstorm can be very bad for so many plants together, does the tunnel ever broke on your lady?

WELL DUST,hope you got my great tek now!!!

Yes very nice man thanks!! i'm thinking about trying some when i will have oportunities to grow outdoor :)

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^^my help hand feeding our plants......

Now som'm else cool,anyone home today?


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120 POUNDS a YEAR from a 60 by 40 foot back yard garden,heheheheheh!!!!

NO JOKE HERE,it CAN BE DONE!!...just look im for REAL.


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Most growers grow stuff you cant even smoke from the fert/worm poo taste,yuk?

Mine has always benn TOP CHOICE for the money huh!!

Pigs can fuck OFF ive already BEEN busted an DONE TIME for these pics,pigz.

hopefully they aint here lurkin,but they cant use pics anyhow believe me.

They could give a rats ass about online use,BUT IF A RAT GIVES THEM a HANDLE,SITE

and its a local RAT things can get real bad...take it from me,my true experience.

THey downloaded tunes of stuff from icmag at the time of servailance before my bust.

so please be COOL,dont worry be HAPPY i only did time and didnt loost the house....

LIFE goes on.......shit happenes.....we get OVER IT!!!

and this kinda bud HELPS!!


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Man this is insane :) i wish i can grow like this and i havent seen such big grow ops in a long time!!

Awsome mate!

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Mannn, this is a great topic, i'm thinking about doing some yard growing. And like your country, mine's got a high humidity too. So i'm thinking of building a tent. I got one question for you. Do you vegetate indoor or everything outdoor. Thank u for my favorite topic this far. Peacee!!

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Back after a week.........

THought id have alot more replies here hmmmmmmmm???

Oh well,all the growing is done outdoors in those pics!!!

i do indoors also,an many other styles like hydro an small CFL grows!

its all in fun an having a life!!

peace an good luck to all..


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Hi bro, not many outdoor growers, but truly awsome job u did! Lifting my hat! But i see u had no worries wuth the security! Can you grow all year round??

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Hi Lev!!

Yes we here in central FLA can grow all year back to back grows....

Never without fresh weed here in 30 years!!!


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