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Hello stoners,


soooooo.... about 2 or 3 years ago(?) I received a pack of Money Maker Seeds for the Indoor Worldcup. I wasn't able to do the grow back then and someday I lost the seeds -.-

BUT now I bought everything I need including 10 MM seeds for reasons of karma  and started my very first indoor grow with some guerilla-outdoor experience.

The Grow is already done and the weed is drying in third week right now but I really want to share some Infos and low-Quality Pictures with you guys! I did a lot of theory and annoyed a lot of friends asking all these questions but I would really appreciate if there is something you guys can teach me.



My Setup:

  • Area | L = 1m  H = 2m D = 0,6m
  • Light | Mars Hydro Reflector 144x5w LED
  • S&P TD350/125 Silent
  • Active Carbon Filter
  • 8x Smart Pot 1.9 gallon (7.6 liters)
  • Plagron 100% Bio Nutrients
    • Alga Grow
    • Alga Bloom
    • Power Roots
    • Vita Race
    • Green Sensation
  • Microbe-LIFE Photosynthese Plus


What can I say about this Strain?

I started bloom when they were 30 – 35cm tall and recognized 3 Phenotypes like Ghost Grower wrote as well.

  1. Pheno - Short Plant - grows like an Indica - doesnt need/handle too much food
  2. Pheno - Tall Sativa Plant with huge stretch -  finished first 
  3. Pheno - Short red Plant - Turns really red as you can see on a bud in the Picture of one Bag - finished second and had the best yield


6 of 8 Plants finished really early and I dont know if i'ts for reasons of LED-Light?

I mixed my Nutrients every 3 or 4 Days and checked the PH. I kept it between 6,0 and 6,4 during the complete grow. Is there any range for the PH? To be lower at the beginning and higher bevor harvest?


Harvest Results

about 116g

  1. 16g
  2. 13g
  3. 15g
  4. 16g
  5. 13g
  6. 15g
  7. 14g
  8. 14g


Here are some Pictures, one per Week:



And one Timelaps GIF:

I dont think I'm gonna do another MM Grow soon because there are so many Strains i need to try. But the Taste is amazing and reminds me of OG Kush! Feeling is really stoned.. you can feel it in your Eyes first :D
Would be nice if I can improve my Yield next time. I will start my second Grow next week and maybe I'm doing a report :)
Hope you enjoyed.

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Sweet bro that you decided to give the MM a new chance. They are just awesome according to me. The bud structure, the smell, the weight. All of it.
One thing that is cool with this forum is that there are no such thing as "too many questions". If somebody knows the answers they will answer. I know that Jose, and Bam plus a few else always try to answer.
But where is the "low-quality pictures" you said you share? ;)

I hear you buddy, so many strains to try hehe But if you want to go from a good grower to a great grower you really need to stay with one strain more than just one grow. That's the best way to really see how they grow and the unique structure each strain have.
For your Ph question: I think you had good Ph values. When you start a new grow the Ph should be around 5.5 and up and in later stages around 6.1-7.0(7 is for me the absolute max).
For a better understanding read Francos own tips and trix...     

Never be afraid to ask. sometimes many knows the answers and sometimes you will have to wait. But we are glad you made a thread.

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