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Hi guys, this is my first time.

I wil be planting 3 autoflowers outside.

Cheese from greenhouse seeds

I wil plant then in the best ground there is so i wont have to feed them for the grow.

This is my plan so far. Wil this be alright?


1 seeding/grow.        Only water

2 growing.                  Only water

3 growing.                  Only water

4 flowering.                Canna terra flores

5 flowering.                Canna terra flores

6 flowering.                Canna terra flores

7 flowering.                Canna terra flores

8 flowering. Canna terra flores + pk 13 14

9 flowering.                Canna terra flores until day 3. After day 3 only water

10 flowering.  First day klieving. Only water.   Last 3 days stop giving water en then harvest time !

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Sounds like an easy setup, i would flush some more, in week 3 of flowering and about week 6-7, measure your ph at the bottom to see if the level going in and out are much the same.

Ive always used terra flores with great results, but maybe a booster, or suikerwater in the end fase.

Good luck and feel free to post pictures, we are all very interested on the forum.

Ganja XL

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Thanks man ! 

I cant wait to plant my seeds.

Ive read alot about seeding.

Most people say that you shoud plant the seeds of an autoflower directly in the pot.

Any tips?


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It is a bit difficult for us to offer specific opinions about your setup without pictures and without a bit more specific information.  Such as:

You first said that you plan to plant the autoflowers outside in the best ground there is, but then later you mentioned that opinions from others suggest planting autoflower plants directly in the pot.  Which method will you use?   Germinate directly in mother-earth, or germinate first in a small pot then transplant to mother-earth, or shall it remain in a pot all the way to harvest? 

My experience is that I have had no success germinating seeds in the ground outside.  For outdoor cultivation, I have always had success first germinating the seed in wet papertowels until the seed has produced a root about 1 cm long and transferring to a small cup of soil or rockwool, or by germinating the seed directly in the small cup of soil.  Either way, the seedling should grow to about 10-15cm tall before being transplanting outdoors, and even then, it should be introduced slowly (over a period of a week or so) to the outdoor environment before the actual transplant into its final location.  Also, depending on where you live, don't transplant into mother-earth before it is safe from frost.  I must wait til after 15 May.  Consider using a larger pot or a grow-bag, either which can be transported in the event that you must move the plant for security reasons or harsh weather events.  You can't do that if it is in the ground.

Outdoor growing has many challenges.  I don't know your area, but in my area there are deer and slugs that had wiped-out my outdoor grow last year.  Others who posted here have had problems with iguanas, termites, spider-mites, grass-hoppers and neighbors; the list is long.  Be quick to spot problems and apply appropriate solutions.  We humans are not the only critters that like Cannabis.  And in some cases, humans hate Cannabis, and they can wipe out your crop and you too.

And the soil, if you are going to use pots, are you planning to use garden-soil straight from the garden?           If so, can you take a picture of the soil after you have dug it up so we can see the soil?  Do you plan to amend the soil to improve its porosity.  Cannabis doesn't like dense soil, nor soil that doesn't drain water away.  If your soil is dense, I recommend adding perlite to loosen it up and to improve porosity.  If you are going to use soil directly from your garden, be aware that unsterilized soil may introduce pests and pathogens that could attack your plant.

Your plan sounds good in principle, but to me there is another question to ask.  Does your plant agree with a fixed timeline?  It is my experience that the plants (even an autoflower) don't necessarily grow and mature according to a pre-planned fixed schedule.  I recommend watching for specific signs to decide when to change nutrition levels or to flush or to harvest.  Such as:  The dried or dropped cotylins to begin feeding in Vegg.  The appearance of pre-flowers to perform a post-Vegg-flush and change-over to flowering-feeding.  Trichomes from clear to milky, or pistils 30% from white to colored or drying-out to signal the start of post-Flowering-flushing.  And some Trichomes to amber and Fan-leaves around the flowers turning yellow to signal harvest-time.

Good Luck and keep us informed.  Post some pictures.

Welcome to Strain Hunters.


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Strain Hunters Money Maker, feminized planted on March 1. Today is the 71st day. Started inside under fluorescent tubes. Moved outside 30 days after planting. Nutrition: compost tea and miracle grow tomato food.

does it look ready?





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Ram Tegia,

You must be in the southern hemisphere, harvesting outdoors at this time of year.

In my opinion, this plant still has some time to go.  Definitely stop giving the Miracle-Grow fertilizer.  At this point, you want to stop giving nitrogen(N), and increase the P & K.  But, there is still plenty of all 3 (NPK) in the ground from previous feedings.  I would now feed it only water when it appears thirsty to help the plant to flush-out the fertilizers from its tissues.  The more salts and fertilizers that the plant can get rid of, the better the smoke.  If the salts and fertilizers remain in the plant, then the smoke will be  harsh, the taste will be bad, and the dried material will not burn well. 

I usually allow the plant to tell me when it is ready to harvest.  The best time to harvest the plant is not while it is all green and healthy-looking, but rather when it is matured after it has completed a green and healthy life. 

I watch the pistils (little white hairs).  As long as the plant keeps throwing new pistils, then it is still producing flowers and putting on weight.

I watch the Trichomes (tiny resin balls on the flowers and flower-leaves).  As long as they are still clear, it is not yet finished.  When they turn milky, then it is getting close to harvest.  When they start to turn amber, then harvest.

I watch the fan-leaves.  Not the leaves at the bottom of the plant; they die off because of lack of light or age.  I mean the fan-leaves extending  outward around and just below the colas.  When these leaves start to yellow, then the plant is drawing the last sugars and energy out of those leaves to deposit it into the colas.  That is also a sign of harvest time.

It looks to me like your girl can still put on some weight, and helping her to flush away salts and nutrients will make her smoke sweeter.

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