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  • HC01

    HC01 Auto-Bomb OFFICIAL TEST

    By HC01

    First I would like to thank Green House Seeds, a seed to make the best Franco and Fuzzy for trusting me and put me on the list of Tester. And the moderators Romeo and Dusty for support. It's my first test, and I'm here to learn and not to teach for so I can fix any errors. But is not my first crop, already growing sativas South American strains. Peace to all!

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  1. Adding a gallery album of images into a slider with image scroller in your forum post

    Use the following code to insert a photo gallery album in a post,

    replace album_id with the number of your album in the gallery

    (you can find the number in the URL of your album page).

    [gallery][album] album_id [/album][/gallery]in my example below I will post mr x vienna live thread album from the gallery: you can see in the URL the album_id is 1197. I will need to replace album_id in the code above the 1197. The result will look like this:[gallery][album] 1197 [/album][/gallery]


    [album] 1197 [/album]


  2. Alright, here are the facts:

    on Tuesday 31 January at 22:00, after a huge Cheese joint, I decided to take a short break from smoking cannabis.

    How short, I still don't know. For sure I am not going to last too long. Maybe 3-4 days, maybe a week, maybe 2... not longer, I know it already.....

    I just like it TOO MUCH!

    And now the explanation:

    I started smoking cannabis in 1989. Since then, I have smoked cannabis EVERY DAY, except for:

    - 7 days in March 1998 (I was in the hospital)

    - 14 days in October 1999 (I was in the hospital for 7 days, and feeling like shit for the next 7)

    - 7 days in March 2011 (during a bad bronchitis I decided to see if I was able to stop, just to prove myself to myself)

    So, let's put this down to the math:

    in the last 22 years I have been smoking weed for approximately 8035 days, and NOT smoking it for 28 days (or 0,3% of the days).

    I am not far from reaching the 40 years old milestone.

    I think it's time to prove myself that I smoke cannabis because I like it, and not because it's just the norm in my life.

    And the best way to do that it's to stop for a little bit every once in a while.

    I decided to start this blog-entry to share my experience and my feelings with the community. After all, nobody can understand better than my fellow tokers....

    And now on with the chronicles:

    DAY 1 - waking up knowing that the only breakfast will be a cigarette and a glass of orange juice is not really appealing. But I am determined to do this. The day goes on, I am really busy at the office and I manage to get to lunchtime without too much stress.

    After lunch I really struggle, so I allow myself 2 cigarettes in a row.

    My colleagues don't know I have stopped weed, and I am not telling anyone for the moment. Avoiding the subject is the best way to not think about it too much.

    The rest of the afternoon goes by fast, but then comes the hardest part: the evening.

    I eat a nice dinner, play with my kids, then go out in the garden for a cigarette. I am really, really close to giving up. But I don't.

    When the kids are in bed I try to distract myself with iPad, TV, iPod, iMac, and Nintendo. It's not enough. I am literally freaking out. My heartbeat is slightly faster than normal, and the palms of my hands are a little sweaty.

    Who said weed is not addictive? LOL

    Time to go to sleep. I smoke one more cigarette, then lay in bed wide awake for a couple of hours before I finally pass out.

    Hard day. Really hard day. But it's normal, it's day 1.

    DAY 2 - I woke up less stressed than yesterday. It's all in the mind... ;-)

    Even though it's -7 degrees outside, I decide to take my Ducati because today it's the last dry, sunny day of this week. Tomorrow snow will come.

    I have an appointment at the Coffeeshop in the Haarlemmerstraat, and I am really scared that I am not going to resist temptation. As soon as I arrive the sweet smell of weed penetrates my nose, and my soul. My appointment rolls 3 joints in 30 minutes, but I don't even blink. After 15 minutes I walk outside and smoke a cigarette. Now everybody start asking me why I am not smoking joints, so I have to let the news go public. LOL

    After the Coffeeshop I go to the office. There nobody knows yet, and this makes it easier on me. I smoke 2 cigarettes in 20 minutes, then dive into my work: writing articles for the new issue of Canamo Magazine, and helping the designers produce new banners for Powder Feeding.

    It's now past 15:00 and I am doing a lot better than yesterday. Hopefully tonight will be also a little easier than last night....

    Tomorrow I'll let you know.

    And now let's talk money: who wants to bet on how long I am going to last? Who's gonna be the official "bookie"?

    Can I bet 10 Euros on myself for a 7-days-clean strike? How are the quotes?


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    I'm wondering if there's anyway to improve the weed growing yield and quality?

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    Hi all,


    Just started 10 new seedlings and wanted to share this with you. It are feminized bubbelgum seeds.


    Germination of my Bubbelgum




    Got myself some rockfiber cubes...



    Put some cocosoil on top en put my seeds in the coco- soil



    Put it in my growbox



    Don't forget to spray frequently and keep it moist also the inside lid



    Keep the vent holes closed for about 4 to 7 days unit they are all getting bigger leaves.



    Just wait and see. got a 70 watt HPS with a lot of blue and white spectrum.



    My usb-fan keeps te growbox nice and cool.



    I'll keep you guys posted on my bubbelgum grow trough out the growth.


    Happy growing....

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  3. Hello and Welcome to my First blog......

    Thanks for stopping by, I'm EastCoastCannaCure(Ryan), am in my early 30's and have been learning from growing for 12 years at this point. Basically I'm 12years inexperienced as we are just learning so much about cannabis at a mind blowing rate these days, and the leaps and bounds being taken each day by notables such as Remo, and Horatio, the guys at StrainHunters and GreenHouse Seeds for some amazing genetics, that a vast part of the true "experience" and knowledge is still out there and being attained and sought after. With colleges being started and the science and techniques themselves being truly explored, and the amount of knowledge being gained, it sure is a great time to be a part of such a positive change and developing a quality and natural medicine.

     I have somewhat trickled over from the forums (after only one post I had been updating) as the schedule I keep and the time I currently spend with my favorite ladies seems to transfer over well with the context and delivery of a blog.. well we will see anyway. I will continue to update both of them and see which one works best. Now.. why I'm here. I maintain at this moment 3 grow tents 2 are 4 x 4 and one is 8x4. I just moved and had to start from seed, as quality clones locally were not available at the time and luckily enough the great folks at GreenHouseSeeds/StrainHunters gifted me a pack of Super Critical, The Church, and the long flowering Neville's Haze so I could share my grow experience with these strains to you.. each in its own set of lighting (I use both LED, HPS, and CFL( for mothers and clones)).

    I like to run side by sides and test different strains in different ways. I plan on doing a advanced nutrients vs remo nutrients side by side very soon. I have always been a loyal Advanced Nutrients user, but a friend of mine introduced me to Remo Nutrients and a side by side he was conducting... and I must say Id have to be a fool not to give Remo a try(I have not yet tried any of StrainHunters nutrients but do plan on trying them and testing results with them as well as I do like their packaged approach and  would love to test its simplicity and how well it produces healthy, deficient free medicine.)

    I guess in this post I'll detail what I have currently in progress and where I plan to be and of course how I am getting there. Basically right now I have popped 3 Super Critical Beans and I had one Super Sensi Star + Critical bean left from a previous grow and wanted a mother from that so I popped that as well. I am growing them in a top and bottom feed 4 plant DWC-Recirculating hydroponic system, they were seedling'd under a 600w LED and then veg'd under 2 600W LEDS and 1 600W HPS in the middle, and are now in week 2 of Flower with a 1200W LED and a 600W HPS in a 8x4 tent. My next post will detail some pictures of leading up to where I'm at, and some  information on my techniques and how they work for me.. I am open to suggestions as there is definitely more then one way to skin a cat, and yes some of those ways are simply proven to be more efficient or more beneficiary then others. Stay tuned.

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    So I began my R&D with GHSC Powder Feeding. I have started 4 Green Crack and 4 Tranquil Elephantizer, a privately developed strain using only Hybrid and chealated Calcium. I have only just put them into the veg room so to date, I have nothing to report. I am photo/video documenting my results for use at my Hydroponic supply store . This way I can confidently recommend these products to my customers. Here's hoping the hype surrounding these nutes are factual. 

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    I broke up my purple La confidential nug up,last one a found a seed, time to cross it with pooh-sheen. The pooh is charlie sheen X diamond kush X bubble kush X lemon kush X black honey haze x marley's.. This is all legal prop 215 cannabis.. From California

  4. Wake up Sweden!

    It is getting embarrassing hearing our ministers talking about Swedish made up terms as "haschpsychosis" or claiming increase of schizophrenia or frying of brain cells with a loss of IQ as a result of long term cannabis use.

    Swedish officials talking about "0 vision against drugs" in the UN/WHO and other world leading organisations while drinking alcohol and pushing legal highs and mind altering highly addictive drugs in third world countries and breaking international conventions and EU laws.

    Swedish propaganda regarding cannabis have very selective moral based arguments and very little to no evidence based or factual proof, this propaganda machinery is backed by people benefiting in hard cash due to their campaigns and study's against cannabis with contracted addiction programs combined with prison sentence and/or hefty finds.

    This while the same government is controlling alcohol and tobacco trade in a more scientific and more humane way of treating addicts based on information and harm reduction with no legal actions towards the user unless a crime is committed under the influence.

    These study's and educational programs paid by the Swedish government in other words, us the taxpayers money is literally killing people and forcing them in to becoming a criminal and the people charged are automatically called drug abusers and become narcotic felons due the legal status alone.

    These laws are superimposed by the Swedish Police force that with a minimum of suspicion will force You with violence to make a doctor or nurse draw your blood to prove their suspicion if You deny any criminal activity based on the redness of Your eyes.

    Doctors and/or nurses are not allowed to partake in torture related activities and are eligible for lawsuits however in Sweden they don't care about this since You are a "junkie" until proven that You are not.

    If test result comes out negative You are free to go. If positive finds and you are now a drug abusing citizen with a criminal record as a narcotic felon just because you might have smoked a joint in Amsterdam or Colorado the day before.

    Or You can plead guilty and go in to a substance abuse program specially made up in Sweden for cannabis "junkies" based on the "haschbook" and the knowledge from the 60`s and is full of "Reefer madness" propaganda. This program will insure that You pee in a cup for up to 2 years so You don't fall back i to Your destructive abusive ways of your cannabis addiction and you will possibly lose your drivers license, job and possibly your home if guilty of using cannabis i Sweden.

    Meanwhile the people supporting this cruel legislation is walking tall, making money with the rest of the elite. Because off course these higly educated and sober people would never, ever do something that a certain percentage of the children growing kid up in Sweden and the rest of the world is doing and always have been doing since the dawn of mankind, right?

    Our Prime minister, Financial minister and other representatives in the Swedish government and financial elite is happy about this law being so new to us, with good reason. They openly admitted using cannabis when they where younger and our Finance minister Anders Borg went in to politics wanting to decriminalize/legalize cannabis.

    Does this apply to everyone to talk about use of drugs in the past and get away with it? Yes if the time is right.

    The period of prescription with respect to criminal offenses is a wonderful thing, I have to agree on that and we Swedish and Scandinavians do like to travel abroad to do our business, it is in our genetics and our history tells us of Scandinavians travelling to the middle east, Greece, Greenland and the Americas long before Christ or Columbus was born and fact is that the Christians came to Scandinavia forcing prohibition upon us and forcing Swedish people to grow Hops for alcohol and killing the ones who would not comply. Just like everywhere else, burning of witches, torture to pay tax and book burning to get control of education and information.

    Luckily we wrote our history in stone.

    Still the year 2014 the Christians and other morally panicking members within government have huge problems with the open minded Swedish population version 3.0.

    And here in Sweden internet is considered a problem by the government due to the exchange of information, that rhetoric sounds familiar to a short guy in Korea that I have heard allot about online.

    But surely it must be a legal medicine even i Sweden?

    The Swedish Läkemedelsverket (Medical Products Agency) have since January 1, 2014 decided to charge money (40.000 SEK) for applications that use to be free, off course these applications is regarding license to grow/ export/import medicinal cannabis.

    No refund regardless of outcome on your application and no information is given you regarding standard protocol or guidelines to apply or follow in regard to hazard analysis, critical control point or other crucial information when growing medicinal cannabis.

    According to this agency in charge of medicine in Sweden it is the wrong way of getting cannabinoids such as THC and CBD in to the body by "smoking the dry and cured flower of a natural herb".

    Reason - Unknown at this time.

    Meanwhile GW Pharmaceuticals have FREE PRICING on their medicinal cannabis products and a privately held company called Bedrocan in Holland/Netherlands is making millions within the EU regarding the same medicinal cannabis in its natural form that is an illegal medicine in Sweden. Doctors here and there? Lobbyist at work?

    If cannabis in its raw form "marijuana" is so dangerous as these prohibitionist´s claim and doctors against this natural medicine suggest,

    I strongly suggest that the millions of users that are using it and have been using it for thousands of years would be able to present one single person that at least got lung cancer or died from using marijuana as medicine?

    Marijuana is a non lethal drug with very low toxicity according to the scientific method LD50 and medicinal cannabis "marijuana" that can relieve and help people suffering from some of the most common diseases and small little ailments on the planet such as back problems, migraine, anxiety, stress, eating disorders, glaucoma or a common cold and it is commonly used to help with the disturbing side effects from the traditional medicine in cancer treatments and HIV/AIDS treatment.

    And so much more...

    And this is just from "smoking" the herb itself in its natural form.

    We can produce in the comfort of our own home medicinal cannabis in any shape, form, strength, taste that is just as good and better then these so called lab made pharmaceuticals and it is being done worldwide, regardless of the law.

    Change is upon us even in little "worried" and "anxious" Sweden.

    Good luck in the EU, UN, WHO and more organisations I hope Reinfeldt or whomsoever that is next in line for "the throne" here in Sweden that You have a backup plan when the Swedish hypocrisy and breaking of International and EU trading rules and regulation are out in the open.

    You better smarten up Swedish officials and decriminalize cannabis, again.

    See You in court Swedish government, bring Your best.

    - M, Bravin.

    In the news today:

    United Nations Secretary-General and a winner of the Nobel Peace Prize.

    Kofi Annan

    "The UN drug control system is built on the idea that all governments should work together to tackle drug markets and related problems.

    Leaders should take the opportunity presented by these shifts in public opinion to start implementing harm-reduction policies and public health strategies that can make a real and lasting impact on drug trafficking and consumption.

    All authorities – national and international – must recognise reality and move away from conventional measures of drug law enforcement ‘success’ (e.g. arrests, seizures, convictions), which do not translate into progress in communities."


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    Hi I cant choose on a strain to get, big yield nice stoned (white widow, cheese or the super bud all comment or suggestions please help me!! Its my first time :)

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    blog-0809755001388371760.jpgGreat outdoor year uk 2013 my first year grew a 13ft Arjans haze can't wait until next year hopefully test some strain hunter strains I have grown indoors for many years but watching strain hunters give me a buzz it's all about the adventure and thrill of doing it it guerrilla style in its natural habitat stealth is the key excited for April 2014 role on peace brothers and sisters ;) one love shiva ;)
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    blog-0816867001387305046.jpgIve had it for a few years now its great has a pungent skunk smell shes extremely resinous and yields well shes ripe in 8weeks but with CO2 7weeks best yield was 1.6kgs dry bud from two girls under two 600HPS and a 400HPS for the undergrowth unfortunately I got raided and didn't even got a cone I was devastated but lucky I gave a clone to a friend and I got her back and shes still going strong but I still have know idea what it is I call it SPENDIFALIS and I must say that I truly love this plant.Hope someone can help cheers
  5. DutchGrower420
    Latest Entry

    A cannabis plant has a hard life here in this mountain climate. We had some early September snowfall which bend the branches of the plants at spot1 almost to breaking point. Nothing that couldn’t be fixed with some binding rope, but far from optimal of course. Luckily last week the weather changed back to almost summer and they got some much needed sunshine again. Considering all, the plants are still doing pretty okay though. 50% is about 2 weeks from harvest, the rest will still need a little bit more time. I hope this good weather will hold for at least another month and that the snow will now stay away till early November. The night temperatures are still above freezing, but also not optimal. Here are some pictures again for your viewing pleasure.

    Spot 1:





    Spot 2:




  6. blog-0286836001363254106.jpgOnly in Seattle can this happen I've been in house arrest I got bored so I cleaned out my old shitty grow from a few years back. Now im starting fresh. here's the baby's that were delivered to me from the dispensary cuz I could leave my house hahah it was 300 bucks for 31 I could of got a better deal but I didn't argue....
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    blog-0197650001362956386.jpgcritical 47, super bud, african free

    un mes

    jamaincan deam dead...

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    Wot happened to kaia kush dnt greenhouse produce this strain anymore??????

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    Ahoy guys ! Ordered some Liberty Haze seeds a few months ago , now it's time to grow !


    genetics: G13 x Chem Dawg 91

    type: Indica/Sativa

    flower time: 60-65 days (8-9weeks)

    thc: 25%

    cbd: 1.8%


    Will be growing them in a hydrophonics system using Powder Feeding from GHSC


    Few days in a 5litre bubbler on a ec of 0.6 and a ph of 6.0 chilling under a couple of CFL on 18hr

    Plant A


    Plant B


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    merry xmas everyone hope you all have a nice day

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    This is my first time blogging anything anywhere, so please bear with me. I was following a blog about maintaining vegitative growth and wanted to ask someone about reestablishing vegitative growth in an old flowered female. I know it is possible to restart veg growth but need to know the best way to do it. The plant I'm doing it to is a small, old, over-the-top gal that I liked and have no cuttings or seeds for. Any help out there?

    What is 'lock entry'? What are entry tags? Thanks for your help, whoever. I'll get a pic up soon's I figure out how to do it!

  7. Had to harvest like a maniac today because we have had the first real snowfall last night. Left this LA Woman because she wasn't near ready, but the other ones turned out okay :)


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    Hey hunters, This will be a lil private blog for my Hunter friends :)

    I have bin a lil slack on the diaries on this current grow due to time restraints and work/garden etc

    So instead i figured create a lil blog then do a main forum post once the grow is complete.

    So on with the update as you all know I recently included a hydro setup in the room. Well after a couple weeks i decided to stop it due to a mix of how loud the pump is and putting the babies into the setup before they where ready and with it being my first hydro grow i got a few things wrong so stumped there growth so they where taking ages to get anywhere. while all my soil ladies are getting huge!

    So with the days passing by and the soil ladies around the hydro setup getting bigger and bigger while the hydro looked 4 weeks behind i made the tough decision and stopped the hydro so i spent the day disconnecting and draining and tidying the area to make space for the monsters!

    Some of you may have noticed i have bin growing out a few of the NL Autos and Kalashnikova Auto's by the Greenhouse I have tried to keep them updated but as explained in them i will be doing a better test next time to give them justice but so far i am very impressed with them! The NL Auto's are HUGE they are the second biggest plant in the current grow! 2'nd only to C'99's big bitch (not shown in pics)

    While the NL Auto's gained height the Kalishnikova's just got buddy :D they started to flower very quickly and the bud smells and looks fantastic! I will be doing a full picture update on the test grow's tomorrow (13thOctober)

    These are the other strains & reasons i have included in this current grow;

    Female Seeds - X-Line C'99 (fast flowering sativa heard so much about it had to include it)

    Female Seeds - Bubblegummer (Had a few Bubblegum plants a couple years ago and wanted to try them out until i get TH seeds version)

    Dinafem - Critical + (Freebies & had read that they where fast flowering and a nice smoke so i thought they could go against the Gigabud)

    G13 Labs - Gigabud (Grew out a freebie on last grow, great 6 week flowering indica it's against the critical for title for my fast flowering girl)

    CH9 Seeds - Afghanni Milk (Seed was given to me buy a friend who recomended it also a fast flowering Indica)

    (Auto) Dinafem - Cheese Auto (Freebie seeds again and to have a bit of a cheese taste again and didn't have enough time for the exodus)

    (Auto) World of seeds - Afghan Kush Ryder (Freebie again but wanted to try another auto & have a kush tasteand that was all i had)

    This setup I used a 600w to veg the majority of the Standard fem's and a 400w MH for veg for auto's. Then 600Hps for flowering the C'99's bubblegummers etc wtih a 400w HPS dual spec for the auto's after 3 weeks which makes it @400w p/m2 approx and a lil 125w cfl blue or red as a lil booster where needed.

    Tents - 120cm x 240 x 200cm tent. 120cm x 120 x 200cm tent and a 100x100x160 auto tent.

    I'm using the Plant Magic soil supreme and Plant magic Oldtimer Nutrients and RootStimulant, Catalyst and Bio-silicon as additives & Granules for potting up/transplanting also by Plant magic.

    This grow is going really well and have had no problems, Just a shame i had to stop the hydro experiment but lesson is learned I'm gonna setup a hydro cloner so i build them up before i put them in the Panda hydro setup when i have another run at it next year.

    Here's some pics

    Critical+ still in veg at 60days






    BubbleGummer @ week 2 on 12/12





    C'99 @ week 2 on 12/12







    Next update i'l include a few of the Auto pics and a couple others.

    Update 2 AUTO BUD PORN

    Dinafem Cheese Auto







    Afghan Kush Ryder








    Have a great weekend hunters


  8. gallery_13368_477_11472.jpg


    Hey guys a friend of mine gave me two clones of Exodus cheese,this is my first grow with this strain.

    I'll be vegging them in a small home made grow bow with a couple cfl light on a 20 hour light cycle


    I waited for two weeks until they rooted , then planted them into a 5 litre bucket .. i use clay pebbles for the medium and my nutrients that i use is powder based .. so its all in one > similar to Powder Feeding , but im guessing it's not as good but it definantly does the trick ;)

    here's a pic of the nurtients



    Here they are planted in thier own 5l bubblers , EC:1.0 PH5.8


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