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  • HC01

    HC01 Auto-Bomb OFFICIAL TEST

    By HC01

    First I would like to thank Green House Seeds, a seed to make the best Franco and Fuzzy for trusting me and put me on the list of Tester. And the moderators Romeo and Dusty for support. It's my first test, and I'm here to learn and not to teach for so I can fix any errors. But is not my first crop, already growing sativas South American strains. Peace to all!

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  1. Alright, here are the facts:

    on Tuesday 31 January at 22:00, after a huge Cheese joint, I decided to take a short break from smoking cannabis.

    How short, I still don't know. For sure I am not going to last too long. Maybe 3-4 days, maybe a week, maybe 2... not longer, I know it already.....

    I just like it TOO MUCH!

    And now the explanation:

    I started smoking cannabis in 1989. Since then, I have smoked cannabis EVERY DAY, except for:

    - 7 days in March 1998 (I was in the hospital)

    - 14 days in October 1999 (I was in the hospital for 7 days, and feeling like shit for the next 7)

    - 7 days in March 2011 (during a bad bronchitis I decided to see if I was able to stop, just to prove myself to myself)

    So, let's put this down to the math:

    in the last 22 years I have been smoking weed for approximately 8035 days, and NOT smoking it for 28 days (or 0,3% of the days).

    I am not far from reaching the 40 years old milestone.

    I think it's time to prove myself that I smoke cannabis because I like it, and not because it's just the norm in my life.

    And the best way to do that it's to stop for a little bit every once in a while.

    I decided to start this blog-entry to share my experience and my feelings with the community. After all, nobody can understand better than my fellow tokers....

    And now on with the chronicles:

    DAY 1 - waking up knowing that the only breakfast will be a cigarette and a glass of orange juice is not really appealing. But I am determined to do this. The day goes on, I am really busy at the office and I manage to get to lunchtime without too much stress.

    After lunch I really struggle, so I allow myself 2 cigarettes in a row.

    My colleagues don't know I have stopped weed, and I am not telling anyone for the moment. Avoiding the subject is the best way to not think about it too much.

    The rest of the afternoon goes by fast, but then comes the hardest part: the evening.

    I eat a nice dinner, play with my kids, then go out in the garden for a cigarette. I am really, really close to giving up. But I don't.

    When the kids are in bed I try to distract myself with iPad, TV, iPod, iMac, and Nintendo. It's not enough. I am literally freaking out. My heartbeat is slightly faster than normal, and the palms of my hands are a little sweaty.

    Who said weed is not addictive? LOL

    Time to go to sleep. I smoke one more cigarette, then lay in bed wide awake for a couple of hours before I finally pass out.

    Hard day. Really hard day. But it's normal, it's day 1.

    DAY 2 - I woke up less stressed than yesterday. It's all in the mind... ;-)

    Even though it's -7 degrees outside, I decide to take my Ducati because today it's the last dry, sunny day of this week. Tomorrow snow will come.

    I have an appointment at the Coffeeshop in the Haarlemmerstraat, and I am really scared that I am not going to resist temptation. As soon as I arrive the sweet smell of weed penetrates my nose, and my soul. My appointment rolls 3 joints in 30 minutes, but I don't even blink. After 15 minutes I walk outside and smoke a cigarette. Now everybody start asking me why I am not smoking joints, so I have to let the news go public. LOL

    After the Coffeeshop I go to the office. There nobody knows yet, and this makes it easier on me. I smoke 2 cigarettes in 20 minutes, then dive into my work: writing articles for the new issue of Canamo Magazine, and helping the designers produce new banners for Powder Feeding.

    It's now past 15:00 and I am doing a lot better than yesterday. Hopefully tonight will be also a little easier than last night....

    Tomorrow I'll let you know.

    And now let's talk money: who wants to bet on how long I am going to last? Who's gonna be the official "bookie"?

    Can I bet 10 Euros on myself for a 7-days-clean strike? How are the quotes?


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  3. Had to harvest like a maniac today because we have had the first real snowfall last night. Left this LA Woman because she wasn't near ready, but the other ones turned out okay :)


  4. DutchGrower420
    Latest Entry

    A cannabis plant has a hard life here in this mountain climate. We had some early September snowfall which bend the branches of the plants at spot1 almost to breaking point. Nothing that couldn’t be fixed with some binding rope, but far from optimal of course. Luckily last week the weather changed back to almost summer and they got some much needed sunshine again. Considering all, the plants are still doing pretty okay though. 50% is about 2 weeks from harvest, the rest will still need a little bit more time. I hope this good weather will hold for at least another month and that the snow will now stay away till early November. The night temperatures are still above freezing, but also not optimal. Here are some pictures again for your viewing pleasure.

    Spot 1:





    Spot 2:




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  5. Hey guys

    after almost 4 weeks without weed. it has good and not so good sides. this morning i woke up by a very terrible nightmare...


    - everything is a little clearer

    - i need more sleep, because i suffer from insomnia some nights.

    - i eat less. thats a really good thing. (sounds like a oxymoron to the next point, but it is not)

    - i eat helthier (but too less generally, what is kinda disadvantage..)


    i am not as productive in writing my house works for my studies

    i have more nightmares since i started my break. ugly, i tell you.

    i get depressed more easy. could be my personal circumstances at the moment, but it is disgusting though.

    i do less sport.

    I thought my remembrance / memory decreased a lot because i smoked every weekend and sometimes during the week, but it didnt increased as much as i hoped, so i think i just always had a remembrance that is not the best. is this good or bad? :D

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    Wot happened to kaia kush dnt greenhouse produce this strain anymore??????

  6. The office!

    Wake up early to meet Franco and Admin at their office today. I will see the GHSC office

    :P . We take a shower and cloth us. We went up to the Green House Lounge for a good breakfast, (wife became addicted to their French Tost) I took a hamburger. After we finished eating, then we roll a joint, I should not have done that :unsure: (why will come later in the text). We smoked a little Chocolope if it was spelled that correctly I do not know lol. After a while we went out, I was a little small stoned but for the missus it was a bit too much. We find a taxi that would take us to the office. The office is located outside Amsterdam city center, it was probably a 30 minutes (felt like 5 hours) and all I can think about is that I forgot my camera (I´m an idiot). When we arrive, we see no where we try to find the entrance to the office but sees non lol (stoner's). call Franco and say we are outside, he comes down and opens up the door. We are welcomed in a very good way, are invited to enjoy coffee and more. We hang up our jackets and follows up with Franco, where I meet Admin and his team very nice guys B) . We talk a little bit and then Admin take me on a tour around the warehouse and lab :lol: , very cool stuff, (my wife whispered to me that she was not feeling well and would love to go back to the apartment), my wife does not smoke so much, but it happens, told her we'd go in a moment. After the tour are Franco taking me to the clothing store, he gives me some more gifts(amazing :rolleyes: ), which I value very highly, thanks again Franco I use them every day, Franco received a gift from me, too. We sit and talk about SHF and some future plans, new strains, etc, etc. We thank them for us, and asking how we can get back to the Dam, without a taxi (taxi is expensive in Amsterdam) Franco shows how we should go. Taking on jackets and saying goodbye, when we come out, then Admin comes as a shot and says he will drive us to the train station. We talk more and we get there in 5 minutes. See you next time my friend ..... We take the train to Amsterdam Central Station arrived in no time. My wife starts to feel better, a light goes down and I walk into a store and buy chocolate and Loza :P . Telling that she needs the sugar to feel better. We go down to the apartment and relax for a bit I leave my gifts. My wife is much better and she wants to go and do some shopping :unsure: . We put on our shoes and walk out. When it comes to shopping, so can my wife have both feet hurt and bleed, nothing can stop her :) lol. She find lot of clothes and souvenirs, I just wanted to go to different coffee shops lol. After a long day with lots of fun, so we decided to stay home and smoke up all the weed we bought today. It became a smoke session hehe B) ! Amsterdam is a wonderful city with lots of fun, I love Amsterdam, and see you tomorrow! Like I say before we forget the camera in the apartment but I take a photo of all the weed and some street shots!







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    This is a personal experience, that might be interesting for some . Since people posted how it felt for them without smoking for a while I thought why not show the other way round. I hadn't smoked anything (tobacco weed etc.) for at least 8 years . Even at Barney's coffeeshop in 2007 I did not take a puff from my buddies joint. Tbh. I did not even like that smell.

    A certain soapy, bubble bath type of smoke I would never associate with cannabis.


    Day one .

    With friends drinking a few beers smoking a couple stickies with morocan hash I felt great. Got a bag of Silver Haze from a crop two year ago as a gift and smoked some more of it. Felt nice..Hyped up, but relaxed after the last Bong..

    Day Two.

    2 Bongs late at night. Well now the full effect was on. I liked it a lot. Couchlock, TV with a crazy alien movie Wow the sounds ! The money invested in my top HiFi pays off in a big way..Really stoned...then the part I don'tlike - I call it the mind check. Is what you are doing right ?

    Is that so clever growing weed and start a habit again ?

    Yes, most definitely.

    This paranoia is only about 5 minutes, then i feel sleepy, dreamy and really really good and pass out for a few hours only listening to the TV about some crusade knights Richard, The Lionheart vs Sarazin.

    Interesting topic.. Daylight comes I go to bed and sleep better than usual.

    One thing I notice - no dreams. One aspect of not smoking is dreaming can be just as important as reality. Most of the time pleasant, but sometimes real scary.

    Food- the munchies, sweet tooth, but I don't eat more than normal I only prefer different types of food more than others..fruit, joghurt, chocolate etc.

    That's it so far....

  7. End of day one.


    Start of day three


    under the main light now.

    Source: 03/19/12 - Flail Auto bomb vs UV test.

  8. Hey hunters no pics this update, i will how ever get myself to start off the actual grow diary's soon.... time is a mofo

    so back why i nearly cried...

    This morning after the standard ritual of going downstairs to make a cup of Englishmen jokes :P

    the kettle was half-way through boiling when my Electricity goes completely.... I enter freak out mode! i run to the fuse box everything is ok..... Panic sets in! many thoughts race through my brain.... almost uncontrollable to what might have happened and what might happen.. I waste no time in wondering, I have girls to take care of, I run to my grow room and start dragging my girls out of there tents and putting them anywhere where there was light and not noticeable through windows, On beds on top of bookcases there was plants everywhere and i still had one tent to clear..... but no more space... I had no choice..... time to check out this darkness period before switching to 12/12.....

    This will be my first time of using this technique and i wanted to try it but not under these circumstances and not with 12 of my best plants that's for sure!

    So with everything as stable as it could be I run to the nearest house and ask the all important question "Is your electricity out" They look at me with a face of confusion "did you not get the letter" 'No, what letter i replied..... Turns out the Electricity board had sent out a letter two weeks ago explaining that the electricity would be out for about 8 hours!!!!! 8 HOURS!!!!

    So with that i say my goodbye's (i rarely see them) and run back to my babies.... I spend my time on fully checking every plant which is out and all are 100% healthy, i roll and spliff and read about 30 pages of my book and to my surprise the kettle finishes boiling I HAVE POWER! so was only 4 hours of darkness when my girls should had light, but i figured 4 hours is still too much so i will continue with the dark period.... its all about experimenting after all :D

    BUT just so happened to be the day where i was going to transplant the rest to there final flower pots and feed the rest which will no have to wait till the next opportunity the moon gives me, So now to read up about this whole darkness period. has anyone done it before? best for 24hours or 48?

    I will post up pics soon.... all i will say on them is that there....BIG :D


    Edit- few pics of the ones not in darkness.

    60 Day wonder flower 2


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    blog-0843492001335720850.jpghi guys newbie here so please be gentle.

    im in the process of finding my way round and this is my first post/blog.any ideas would be appreciated and advice gratefully recieved.

    my objective is to creat a basic stealth box for growing some hybrid sativa indica strains 12/12 from seed.

    the equipement is locally sourced, used and cheap.

    2x250 hps security lights

    2x12v computer fans

    12volt mobile charger

    300 watt 240v speed controller.

    couple of 125mm flanges and some ducting.

    im about 80% finished as far as my cab is concerned.all i have to do now is connect my outlet ducting straight through to the roof vent,get advice on my c02 requirements and start laying down my beans.

    strains are as follows.

    swiss cheese



    4 inch rockwool cubes with covers.

    formulex ph water.

    method.11 days under 2x55watt daylight balanced bulbs then under the 250 hps untill finish.

    havent chosen which soil to go with but light mix or all mix with hesi bloom and dutch pro explode may be the way.

    will switch on second 250 hps as plants get bigger.

    room dimensions are roughly 3 feet by 2 feet by about 40 inches high(full grow height to top of cab.)

    im looking at the co2 boost and have a 6 inch oscilating 12volt campervan dashboard fan for air movement(not pictured but will follow as i update blog.)

    my first question will be regarding co2 as ive never used it before.

    i was intending to use the light covers i have that fit to the underside of the lamp housing to extract 80% of the heat in the cab straight outside through the roof vent.using the co2 boost and the fans on very low just to add movement within the grow room.temps dont get hot in there due to the lamp covers and fans.i can also get the plant within 20 cm without any heat issues.

    total cost so far £15 cab,flanges and 12 volt fans a tenner,2 lights £70 a fan controller £6 and some ducting along with rockwool and formulex which was another 25 about £130-£140 for the setup.

    will update soon but i need advice on whether i would get enough co2 from the co2 boost to keep my girls growing nice and steady or should i just forget about the co2 and just have air in and out connected to a thermostat and forget about it.

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    blog-0197650001362956386.jpgcritical 47, super bud, african free

    un mes

    jamaincan deam dead...

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    Hi, I'm Nick from GREECE and profoundly influenced by the documentary about Trinidad and Saint I decided to do the same trip but met MANY difficulties to find airports and flights that had to get to I get there. I would be grateful if you send me some INFO to able to make the trip at the end of summer

  9. Hi everyone, Namaste...

    Jai Shri Krishna....

    Bum Bum Bhole...

    i am soon goin to make a trip to himachal pradesh. even though i am an indian i donot know the reality of life, cause its right dere in himachal but still i could never get to know it.

    i just need sumone's, neone's help, who can guide me for ma trip cause i want to be dere wid the local ppl n live dere heavenly life style. i have been a corporate dog for long and need a break. i wanna leave dis concrete jungle but i have sum other priorities to take care as my life unfortunately is not just mine...

    neways i know dis blog is all about me, bt den i really need dis help. If sumone feels kind enough to help me, den do msg me or call me at 9986671056.

    thank you


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  10. gallery_13368_477_11472.jpg


    Hey guys a friend of mine gave me two clones of Exodus cheese,this is my first grow with this strain.

    I'll be vegging them in a small home made grow bow with a couple cfl light on a 20 hour light cycle


    I waited for two weeks until they rooted , then planted them into a 5 litre bucket .. i use clay pebbles for the medium and my nutrients that i use is powder based .. so its all in one > similar to Powder Feeding , but im guessing it's not as good but it definantly does the trick ;)

    here's a pic of the nurtients



    Here they are planted in thier own 5l bubblers , EC:1.0 PH5.8


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    I live at about 9,000 ft above sea level in the Colorado Rockies and wanted to see what it takes to be a tester for greenhouse seeds.i am a red card holder and do grow hydroponic with about 5 years experience.

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    blog-0374727001344338274.jpg9 * Super Skunk (Sensi Seeds)

    600 watt

    1 m2

    11 Ltr pots


    Dutch Pro

    This is my second grow, I would appreciate any comments and advice as i am new to cultivation. Temperature is about 31c, Ph is around 6.4.

    I will keep you updated. And remember to advise me when necessary constructive criticism is welcome. Hope you enjoy the journal......................................................................</p>

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