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About this blog

What's up at headquarters?

Entries in this blog

Posting a Album of Pictures from the Gallery in a Forum Post

Adding a gallery album of images into a slider with image scroller in your forum post Use the following code to insert a photo gallery album in a post, replace album_id with the number of your album in the gallery (you can find the number in the URL of your album page). [gallery][album] album_id [/album][/gallery]in my example below I will post mr x vienna live thread album from the gallery:http://forums.strainhunters.com/gallery/album/1197-cultiva2013vienna/As you can see in the URL the album_



Admin's Blog! What are we up to at the Green House Head Quarters

So I'm trying to write me a blog, while chatting away in the chat with 4 private chats going. Jimmy of Sweden asking me, "You have a blog?"... I reply, "yeah one sec". in the meantime the chat with drunkknuclehead is blinking blue, I'll get back to him in a sec. A couple of years ago, i thought it would be nice to have a blog to show everyone what is going on behind the scenes at the GH internet department. there are certain reasons we dont do this with the , which I'm not going to explain, you'



New Forum Tips and Tricks Part 1

Welcome to the first entry of my new blog. I'll be keeping you updated on what new things are happening on our websites, expos and other related events. Today the server had a hard disk failure and was switched off for a couple of hours. Luckily everything was recovered, but we're gonna take the step and get a new server. It's been running for about 2 or 3 years now. All is under control, the site may be unreachable during the upgrade for a couple of hours. How to create your own photo gallery: