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How to Follow My Blog!

Hi my friends!

I decide to invite all of you to follow my blog, since it's my main form of updating to my grows (the GH Official Tests I update and post them in the Official Tests section forum).

To do so you just have to go to this link and then click "Follow this blog" (right top side of the page) to check for the updates automaticaly: http://www.strainhunters.com/forums/blog/18-news-from-paradise/

I would love to know that all of you guys knows what I'm growing and doing, so if you're interested please follow my blog!

See you all there!


Take care


Already forcing plants to flower from about one week ago..

Time is coming ;)

(click pictures to enlarge)

Left to Right: Kalashnikova, Dr. Grinspoon, King's Kush and White Lemon! In front are the two NL Autos.


Kalash and Dr. Grinspoon and one of the two NL Autos:


King's Kush and White Lemon:


Take care ;)


Northern Lights Autoflowering logo3.png

NL x Green-O-Matic

Northern Lights: NL5 x NL2


Green-O-Matic: Ruderalis x Morrocan x White Dwarf x Low Rider

"8 weeks flowering time with a great production up to 100-150 grams/plant. Long branching.

Tall plant (90-120 cm)."

My test will be performed in the following conditions:

Outdoor terrace grow

18L squared pots from day 1.

BioBizz All-Mix soil

I use organic/mineral nutrients as base: BioNova for veg and Plagron Alga-Bloom for flowering.

Flowering additives are Plagron Green Sensation and AN Big Bud.

Enzymes are Hygrozyme

Electrolites (Humic acids) are from BioBizz TopMax.

Canna Rhizotonic

Carbohydrates I use honey and AN CarboLoad

Micro-Organisms from several sources


I PH and EC read all my waterings, fine tunning them to match the plants needs.

Hope you enjoy as much as I do!

Thank you all!

Source: Romeu9 - Northern Lights Auto - 20-05-2012


Hey guys!

Today morning a new baby girl rised, it's a "Dr. Grinspoon" (Barney's Farm) for my Outdoor grow of this year!

It's a 100 days flowering strain! Yes you're right, 14 weeks!!!

To get in touch with connoisseur strains sometimes take a while right? :pioneersmoke:

Still, decided to try this due to such a beatiful morphological structure during flowering!


So here she is:


That's all for today!

Take care



White Lemon bud, digitaly fine-tuned by Mr.X

(El Niño x Super Lemon Haze)

El Niño: Haze, Super Skunk, Brazilian and South Indian.


Super Lemon Haze: Lemon Skunk (original skunk, citral) + Super Silver Haze (Skunk, Northern Lights, Haze)

White Lemon Grow Report

GH White Lemon is a very vigorous and very stable plant with a rubbery characteristic of the stem and grows tall, being ideal for SCROG grow setups and Supercropping.

Two phenotypes are noticeable in this strain, with a third pheno much more ocasional.

Leave shape is Indica-like despite the height grow rate of a Sativa. This factor wide and dark leaves will help this strain to deliver its dense and tight buds in flowering period.

Buds smell is distintively lemony, the one from the genetic material of Super Lemon Haze and very frosty and compact from the El Niño side.

Very easy to grow, ready in 8 to 9 weeks. High yeld ability.

White Lemon Smoke Report

Indica phenotype smells like herself, like a very good lemon, altough it comes with a twist of something more after grinding, its a very sharp and strong spicy smoke inhaling and sweet lemony exhaling, with a oily after-tongue.

High is workable but with a heavy brain and loose body high aswell.

Sativa phenotype is more sweet smelling and tasting, think it realy resembles more the lemon haze side of the genetics then the indica one previously mentioned. Smokes as the first but with a sweeter tone. For a sour lover the indica pheno smoke will be better.

The High of this pheno doesnt compares to the indica one, the stone setlles more on the body altough with same cerebral, but with lack of good awareness to do something besides couch, bed, hammok... lol

Both are top notch smoke!

Thank you, Green House!!!

Take care

Source: Romeu9 - White Lemon 1# & 2# - ||| Harvested & Reported |||


Outdoor babies Update

Hey guys!

Two in the back are GH King's Kush (left) and GH White Lemon (right), the WL is two weeks younger then the others!

Two in the front are GH Kalashnikova!



Temps still low at about 18c to 20c outside in the terrace, they been spending the most of the time inside behind glass and at night a few more hours of light indoor in the kitchen by a 125w blue spec CFL.

The smaller kalashnikova will be flowered in the tent after the ones I have there atmo get to be harvested in 5 or 6 more weeks.

The other 3 plants will be growing and then flowering wen the time comes in the terrace and will have as final pots 3 nice 40L white pots :)

Take care


Hey Hunters!

Tought I would leave some info on the new seedlings.

Two Kalashnikova are 3 days old since sprout and looking perfect, think I can already disclose 2 diferent phenos on them, sativa dominant and indica dominant marks on the small set of true leaves already disclosable... Not sure but we'll see..

The Big Bang that sprouted the same day is dead. It borned with a nipping sort of thing, the shell was probably too stuck and it acidentaly pinched it at some point. The seedling had a down curve that didnt rised and actualy I found it dead this morning.. A new seed of BB is already soaking :crazypilot:

One King's Kush seed have sprouted the day next of the Kalash's and is growing nicely and steady. (I'm eager to grow this strain for ages already, finaly!!!!) Genetic material of it is Grape x NYC Diesel x OG Kush!! Man gotta love that!!! :king: Long Live the King!

Will update tomorrow (same to say today but after dawn) lol

Thanks guys!

Take care


LED lights is a subject i have taken a lot of interest in and is something i have personally researched.

I have placed the following lights companies in order of my personal prefence

1 http://www.hydrogrowled.com/ - Penetrato X Pro range of LED grow lights

2 http://www.357magled.com/ - Magnum & Magnum+ Grow lights

3 http://www.proledsys...lights/evo.html - EVO LED grow lights range

4 http://www.prosourceworldwide.com/ - Make the UFO range (these are the real deal UFO not cheap knock offs)

The Hydrogro "Penetrator X Pro" lights are very highly thought of and have been proven to produce good results. This what I am personally going to buy. Quality isn't cheap but they are the market leaders when it comes new inovation. A good number of grows on other forums, with good weights and smokes.The Penetrator X Pro range uses a secondary lens which refocuses the light and produces better depth penetration of the light.

Magnum 357 A good light with lots of proven results, there are many grows on many different forums producing a good quality smoke.

EVO fairly new to the scene but using high Wattage LED's This is what our Mr X uses and he has reported on ICMAG that he has achieved 2.4 grams per watt with them. That a high yeild per watt even when it comes to HID! Though there has been discusions about the LED driver (quite a technical discusion on ICMAG forums which were a bit beyond me), the LED's nearest to the power source are brighter than the ones at the furthest point away from the power source. Something i hope EVO will rectify in the future.EVO offer 60 and 90 degree convex lenses. Which i am guessing do the same job as the refocusing lenses in the "Penetrator X PRO".

Prosource 90W &180W UFO LED these are good LED lights and not the cheap imitations from china. A reputable company with a good product. These are the real deal UFO lights with good results on other forums.

As for your inqirery about Kessil LED lights it seems that they make single colour LED lights which would seem that they are to be used for supplemental lighting ie used inconjunction with HID's etc. Here is a review for you http://ledgrowlights.../kessil-review/

When buying a LED grow light it is important to note that the wattage shown is not alway the wattage drawn. The reason is if you power an LED at it's actuall Wattage rating the life is shortened and will fail earlier, so they are often powered at three quaters to a half the stated wattage so to have a long life and not fail. Some companies do state actual draw. I have provided links to show actual power drawn.There is a lot of reading that can be done, some of which i will try to compile when work allows (I'm very busy at the moment).

http://ledgrowlightsreview.org/ - LED grow light reviews

http://www.myhydroponicgardening.com/ - LED grow light reviews

https://www.icmag.co...ad.php?t=211911 LED grow –grams per watts

https://www.icmag.co...ghlight=gp73lpc –LED Actual Watts output chart & Warranty chart

https://www.icmag.co...ad.php?t=222390 – LED retail price comparison chart

https://www.icmag.co...ad.php?t=221520 – LED lights, how much do you need to grow 1lb plus

https://www.icmag.co...light=induction - LED what Mr X is using

https://www.icmag.co...highlight=l.e.d - LED Grow showing some nice phat buds

Try to check out as many LED grows here and other forums as you can, proof is in the pudding.

LED lights are generally better used by small grows at the moment but as tecnology improves and price drops i think larger set ups will start to use them.

Also check out grows by Toaor, MrX and Jay ryan in strainhunters forums

Peace to the highest


Source: best l.e.d grow lights manufacturer

Was looking so much for something like this about LED light products and manufacturers!!

Thanks alot!!

Well done Lams!

Take care



17days of 12/12 ; landrace Liamba (the toped one) and GH The Church..

Have some burned tips due to cold they have been trough, and as you can see in the video aswell the temps got a bit low these last couple of days since I cant control the flow of the intake, dispite controling the outake. The temps inside the house are about 17c now, so i cant get it over 24c as it is... Due to the cold during in veg the church is much smaller then it should be.

The smartpots are 12L but I foulded them so they have about 8 and 6 liters respectively (Liamba and Church).

So I look forward to more better average temps in the house so the temps in the tent rise to normal values and they can grow properly!

Take care


My blog


Hey Hunters!

I will share here all that it will worth the mention from my grows and my life,

because we are a family and we let family know what's goin' on right? ;)

Catch you later as soon as I'm able to create my album,

due to a bug I still can't create albums for now...

Take care

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