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Hi all Sorry guys but I have been unwell, so not really motivated to do much on this little blog.

I have just planted 5 Kalashnikova (have kept 5 for later) so will do my best to keep you updated as best I can for the moment. :girlcrazy:



Ok AMS and SUPER LH update sorry for taking so long.

I harvested the AMS at 9/10 weeks, far to early for my grow room they looked ok but by the time they were flushed and ready for trimming up I realised that I should have left them a little longer just to fatten up. The same with the Super LH, I harvested at 10/11 weeks and really they should have had a bit longer. Still you live and learn.

The problem I think was the temp in my grow room drops a lot when the lights are of this time of year, so growth slows down but the colours of the plants are fantastic.

My Super LH was a little different as it would seem that I had two types.

They both stretched the same, which was a lot but one had really nice tight firm buds. The other one the buds were the same shape smelt the same but were leggy and not very dense. I found that I had to be a little careful with the amount of nutrients I gave the SLH but all in all they handled it well, loads of trycones.

I am very happy with both the AMS and SUPER LH (of which I am just about to start 6 clones of the SLH). I have had a smoke of the SLH and it is out of this world. Haven’t tried the AMS yet as I thought I might use it to make so hash (this is a first for me).

I will keep you all posted on the new SLH grow Happy smoking Love to you all. xx

Sorry first 6 are AMS the rest SLH.


Just a small update at wk 6/7 AMS and Super lemon haze grow, one of my AMS plants is going purple which is cool but both plans bods are swelling really nice now. The Super LH smells amazing the whole grow room smells like a sweat shop can’t wait for it to finish just to see what it taste likes.



This was my first entry as a newbie:

"I joined the forum last week, prompted by the competition that Greenhouse seeds are running. I've been a Strain Hunter fan for ages and love the energy Greenhouse Seeds put in to all their products.

I'm an English lady living in France, renewing my passion in growing cannabis. When I lived in the UK I was a greenhouse and gurilla grower, indulging my passion for sativa strains such as thai weed. I'm not a big smoker but I have a flavour for the exceptional and strange varieties. When I lived in the UK it was never a problem having excess product because I had a friend that always helped take what was left off my hands, but as I don't know anyone in France most of my crop goes to waste. There is only so much butter and cake you can make and put in the freezer for a later date!

I'm starting to grow indoors, trying to use my experience of organic growing and implimenting it in my indoor garden. I currently have a 1m x 1m20 grow cupboard with a 600 watt cool tube. I also have a small cloning area where I use a 100 watt fluorescent light and hoping to expand next year to another 600 watt area and a mother plant room. As you know it all takes time and money!

I am currently growing Super Lemon Haze, AMS and Barny's Farm Acapulco Gold - they are 3 weeks old in these photos. They are under 24 hours of 100 watts because electricity costs are so high over here at the moment. They only get 4 hours a day at 600 watts (I know its not clever). The next batch of photos I'll put up are of the same plants at 5 weeks, just before taking clones and flip them for flowering."

I'm trying to set up a blog - this one is a bit patchy with photographs and timing but the next blog I do will be solely from start to finish with clones I have of Super Lemon Haze.

Five days after these photos were taken I flipped them to 12/12 ready for flowering. I was unprepared on how much the SLH and the Barney's Farm were going to stretch. I am learning some very valuable lessons on how long I should veg each variety of plant due to the amount they are stretching! The next lot of photos were taken at week 3 into week 4 of flowering - you will see how much they have stretched. I also think that my grow cabinet is seriously inadequate and I am open to any suggestions or help into setting up a new cabinet/room for two 600-watt cool tubes.

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