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Week 13

A cannabis plant has a hard life here in this mountain climate. We had some early September snowfall which bend the branches of the plants at spot1 almost to breaking point. Nothing that couldn’t be fixed with some binding rope, but far from optimal of course. Luckily last week the weather changed back to almost summer and they got some much needed sunshine again. Considering all, the plants are still doing pretty okay though. 50% is about 2 weeks from harvest, the rest will still need a little bit more time. I hope this good weather will hold for at least another month and that the snow will now stay away till early November. The night temperatures are still above freezing, but also not optimal. Here are some pictures again for your viewing pleasure.

Spot 1:





Spot 2:





Another week, another update. We have had bad, rainy weather all week up here. But the ladies don’t seem to mind it that much. Cut the lower 4 branches of all plants, since they won’t do me any good anyway. Took up the good camera today and made some nice pictures for you guys. Photographed the spots from an uphill angle this time to change things up a bit. Think the pictures pretty much speak for themselves.

Spot 1:






Spot 2:






The weather forecast for today was severe rainfall, but it being me only free day this week I had no choice but to go up to the spots. The downpour was indeed severe so the pictures that I took are not that good I’m afraid.

The thing that makes me wonder though is that the plants at spot 2 are considerable smaller than the plants at spot 1. I would estimate the difference in length now at about 30 cm. They also show some yellow leafing, which the plants at spot 1 don’t show yet. Is it the amount of sunlight, the lower altitude than the plants at spot 1? I really don’t know.

Both spots show the first buds on the plants, so the growing schedule that I am ‘following’ doesn’t seem to be too far off.

One thing I keep forgetting to mention is that I water them only with Alpine Mountain Spring Water. And rain of course :)

The schedule shows you where I think that I’m at in my grow and what fertilizers are being used. Started them on Green Sensation today as you can see.

Untill next time!








Another Update

Here’s another update for you guys. We had a heat wave here the past weeks with temperatures up to 40 degrees and no rain at all. I just started a new job, so I wasn’t able to go up to the plants and check on them. Luckily my lovely wife made the trip one time for me and gave them some much needed water. She told me though that the wind had blown a few of the plants over. So I knew that it was time to stake them up on my first free upcoming day.

The high temperatures and the lack of water caused some leafs to die at spot 2, but overall I was amazed how well they survived the heat wave.

As my wife told me a number of plants at both spots had sacked to one side. But that was easily mended with the bamboo stakes I brought with me today. Watered them well and fed them of course.

Still really happy with the way they are turning out :)

Till next time!




Small update again:

The plants are showing the 1st signs of bloom, so started them on Bloom feed.

A Deer stepped on one of the ladies at spot 1 when walking past, put it upright again but it’s a little bent. Ah, it’ll grow towards the sky again soon :)

Will stake them up sometime in the coming week to prevent them falling over.

Till next time!




Today started sunny and super nice, but the moment I started walking up to my spots the heavens opened and delivered a truly gut drenching downpour, as can happen with unpredictable mountain weather. Had to walk up to both spots soaking wet, but really wanted to check up on the ladies so I stuck with it :)

At both spots the ladies are doing great. They seem to have taken root pretty well and have already grown a considerable bit. The pictures were unfortunately taken in the pouring rain so the leafs are hanging a bit, as healthy plants do in a downpour.

The soil felt nice and moist, so the rain gets to the soil easily, which is great!

Gave them the last batch of Start-Up and some Enzymes & Sugar Royal. If the weather stays like this with rain every now and again I won’t go up now for 2 weeks.





Today I went up to both spots for the finishing touches.

At Spot 1 I touched up the areas on the growing bags that I missed last night with the spray cans.

As a Deer repellent I have a number of things now:

  • The smell from the spray cans.

  • The smell from the dog and cat hair I scattered around.

  • I placed half a bar of fresh smelling soap at the corner of each bag to ‘add a human scent’.

  • The smell of my dog that lies and walks around whenever I’m working on the spots.

As insect repellent I have:

  • Anti snail pellets scattered around the growing bags.

  • Anti insect pellets scattered around the growing bags.

  • I will spray them with anti insect spray every 2 weeks till flowering.

I’ve fertilized the ground round the growing bags with Bird Guano to make sure the grass grows quickly and lusciously on the spots and camouflages the bags further.

At spot 1 I’ve also sowed grass seeds between the growing bags because the many snow we’ve had over the winter apparently killed off much of the grass that was there last year.

Am completely done now and very satisfied with the result. Tired as hell now. Were many trips up the mountain in a few short days and wasn’t trained all that well :)

Until the next update!


Spot 1


Spot 2


Today I planted the 2nd batch of 12 ladies. Had to do it in the evening and just noticed on the picture that I missed some spots with the spray cans because the daylight was fading fast and I couldn’t really see what I was doing all that well. I’ll just touch it up next time I’m up there.

All 24 ladies have been planted now, so let’s hope for an awesome summer with lots and lots of sun!

Will go back to the spots almost every week and will take pictures every time to post here. So keep checking this topic!



Just ordered all the stuff we will need for the season:

  • 12 bags of Plagron Grow Mix

  • Plagron Algra Grow

  • Plagron Alga Bloom

  • Plagron Green Sensation

  • Plagron Sugar Royal

  • Plagron Pure Enzyme

  • Bio Anti Bug Spray

Will be picking it up this week and then we can slowly start planning the planting :)

Last year digging holes for plants up here in the mountains proved to be near impossible. So for this year we have decided to plant our lady’s into potting soil bags. Because summer came so late and the growing season will only be short we have decided yesterday that we will plant 2 plants per 50 liter potting soil. There’s simply not enough time in the season for them to get huge anyway, so why bother with carrying up more bags than necessary.

The bags are white, which will repel the sun. We will poke drainage holes in the bottom and cut out a large section of the top so that rain can get to the soil easily. And we will of course camouflage the bags with grass etc. , but the grass grows so fast here that nature will take care of the camouflaging for us within a week or so.

I know they won’t get to be huge with 25 liters of soil per plant, but decent enough.




There wasn't enough sunlight at first so they stretched a bit in the propagator.


Then luckily the weather finally turned and they could go outside.


And the sunlight started to do it's glorious work.



This was yesterday. Small bushy, compact plants that look pretty healthy to me!


Here we are again! The preparations for our 2nd Guerilla Mountain Grow are in full swing! We've really learned a lot from our first endeavor. The most important being that one needs early flowering ladies here in the Alps. Otherwise the early snowfall kicks you in the butt after all your hard work. So I contacted my good friends at The Devil's Harvest Seeds and asked them for a feminized strain that would do well here. So without further ado...... the strain for this year is......

Shoreline by The Devil's Harvest Seeds

High Times Cannabis Cup 2012 Coffeeshop Cup 2nd Place Award!

  • Geminated by Wet-Paper Towel Method

  • When sprouted, planted in Coco-Tabs and transferred into the propagators

  • I use 'Plagron Start Up' in a very light dosage as a natural fertilizer and root stimulator

Here are some first pictures. I'll keep this blog updated as we go!







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