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Potent's Mixed Grill day 24



Hey Hunters, it's bin a while since my last post. Bin a bit of a crazy week life has bin getting in the way of being a forum junkie hehe

So quick rundown.

New baby and big tent all set up, pics of the baby tent on previous post. The new big Tent is awesome loving the size of it with all the vents etc well made too its 2.4m long 1.2m wide and 2m high. In the Big tent i am using a 400mh in my Parabolic Reflector with a 125cfl hanging above my wounded girls..... as i had previously said life has bin getting in the way so i was unable to pot up all my girls when they needed it... :fie: so a few are not looking there best which i'm sure they will improve in no time :D

All that i have bin feeding them so far is the Plant Magic Root stim at 2.5ml/l

I will be giving them there first proper Nutrient feed soon, With a comparison between GHSC Powder feed and the Plant Magic collection.

Review so far -

The Root Riots have bin amazing i will be using them again in the future just maintain moisture levels in them and do not let them dry out like a friend did :banghead:

The Plant Magic Root Stim in a combination with he root riot cubes, i have never seen root development so fast but as it was the first time using both i have nothing to compare too but i am in impressed with them both so far!

The next post from me will be in there individual grow diaries per strain. So it will be easier to keep to 1 strain per grow diary to save confusion for me and for you hehe

The pics are from the Big Tent, I still have 5 Super Critical Auto's and 2 Exodus Cheese in the baby tent about 7days behind.

oh and the girls don't look there best as they are fresh pics just after the majority was transplanted/watered with a combination of being in the new tent under the new bulb next pics will be of there usual big n beautiful selves hehe

So until then, roll it up light it up smoke it up and enjoy :music:




Recommended Comments

You have a nice collection. I think i see a few cup freebies as well?

I must be thrilled over a new tent. Looks so big. How much did you pay for it?

I couldnot help notice you had the Cfl hanging vertically, you will have a better use from the light going horizontal. They give off such low heat i just use a string and tie around the lamp to get it horizontal :) (just a tip)

Great blog mate and all fair play!

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Thanks dudes, yeh the tent is awesome and i paid just over £200 for it.

hehe i was waiting for someone to pick up on the cfl hanging hehe yeah i knows but my other shade is in use in the baby tent and the cfl doesn't fit in my diamond shades so its that or nothing lolol it's only there to help the unhappy (late transplanters) get better and hopefully by months end i should have another parabolic and 400mh so i will do away with the cfl until i need to plant some seeds again it's only bin a couple days and can already see a difference with the Metal halide bulb only wish i bought one sooner hehe

Thanks guys for ya feedback and i will do another update in a week or two's time when there's more to see :)


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Where did you buy your tent mate , looking into getting one very soon.

Hiya dude, i got it from Greens horticulture probably the best place in the uk for me, delivery is always within 24hours (usually) and good prices and if you spend over £300 you get 10% off. There are other companies like Progrow they are good also, a company to stay away from though is Brit Crops, they don't care about stealth and has there name on the package labels! which is a big NO NO in my eyes, with Greenhorticulture always stealth packaging and even the bags of soil come in cardboard boxes UNLIKE Britcrops where they just wrap black cling film around it! no joke! literally they don't care about safety so i will not be ordering from them again. so yeah Greenshorticulture FTW :D but all depends on where you are in the UK, if you are close to brizzle then use them if your further north then I'm sure there will be closer and maybe even better ones hehe

I hope this has helped

New update coming soon.... i got another tent arriving soon lolol my spare didn't fit and these girls are getting BIG


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