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Kalashnikova & Dr.Grinspoon into 40L




Both transplanted last night, the Kalashnikova from a 2L SmartPot and the Dr.Grinspoon from a 0,5L round pot.

(click pictures to enlarge)

The Kalashnikova (free growing):



The Dr.Grinspoon (topped):





Take care

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Nice pots, that grinspoon is totally different to how i imagined it would be ! Did you top the Liamba at the same stage too ?

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Nice pots, that grinspoon is totally different to how i imagined it would be ! Did you top the Liamba at the same stage too ?

The Liamba was topped above the 4th internode if I remember well, and also grown in the same 0,5L pot the Grinspoon did before transplanting to this 40L pot. After topping the Liamba I have let her grow a few more before I transplanted to the 5L SmartPot she is flowering. Anyway the Liamba have a pure Sativa grow rate much more pronounced then the Grinspoon, the Liamba have thin leaflets and as you saw she streched like crazy, but its a pure Landrace not some hybryd or breeding result so it makes sense, true landrace sativa from Angola.

The Grinspoon have been topped above the 6th internode(altough it only have 5 internodes total now, I removed the two lower branches to increase growth in the above) about a week before the transplant to the 40L pot shes in now, but since she will have still about 7 weeks more to grow before it starts flower it will also grow big and stretch as hell during flowering I think being a heirloom sativa. As I mentioned this one is a breeding result so probably they calmed it down a bit so to speak :D

But I got the same feeling about the Grinspoon, Ive always thought of it as a wild sativa (like the Liamba is) but after some research on photos of grows I saw that she was not as much of a wild girl... But lets see in flower wen it gets there.. Not easy to find Grinspoon grow reports with pics of the whole plant to see what waits me with her, we can see buds but not the whole plant. Will fill that gap with mine I supose and hope! :D

Thanks Maffro!!!

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Good work Romeu, that green house extension thing looks amazing but im sure your sunny balcony can beat it, does that plant look along way off finishing ? the second plant looks ready and it has some "deep purple" stalks and nice resin production too.

Powerful smoke too bro - gave me the caffeine shakes !

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Let's go Romeu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You are a strange boy.........

You tell a little........but when you grow, you made a very princesse!!!!!!

Go, go ever as now....

Nice great grower.........



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