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Thanks guys!

These plants will still be in veg for 4 more weeks!

Couldnt be loving more the big pots, only giving them from 1,5L to 2L waterings atmo that is enough for a wet/dry cycle of 3/4 days!

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What are you expecting to yield?

Let's say at least 200g dryed from each!

Thanks for watching!

Take care

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Nice setup. Dr.grinspoon is a strange plant. The look is so diffrent. She is perhaps one of the best sativas i have tried. Dont get your hope up on yield on the Dr.grinspoon. She is a vert very poor yielder.

All of them are beautiful as always :)

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What a beautiful outdoor setup! It looks like they have LOTS of room to grow into big stinky ladies on the terrace. I love how different the Dr. Grinspoon looks..I agree with Tokage..it is a very unique strain. They all look very healthy..I will be looking forward to the flowers..keep up the great work my friend!! :)

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This year's outdoor grow was carefully planned and I also can't wait to watch them grow crazy with flowers.

Dr. Grinspoon is a lower yelder yes, I know, but even so I expect to get also from her, at least, 200g! ;)

Thank you all for the comments and for watching!

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nice ladys romeu! i wish you the best, grow girls and flower power in due season :D

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Looking gooooood !! ;)

Keen to see your ladies flower :) the Dr.Grinspoon is gonna have some wicked flowers :D

Interested in the kk outdoor , saving a seed of mine for outdoor when the season starts down here in Africa

Keep it up ! looking forward to future updates .


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Such a lovely way to grow, just out on the patio :D Lucky dude :)

I'll be watching eagerly to see those Dr.grimspoon buds !!! So interesting :)

Thanks for the pic's

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Hi Romeu,

I can see you have been very busy. Wonderful my friend, and of them are looking great.

I am growing at the moment Tangerine Dream and Pineapple Crunch from Barney's Farm. There is only one seed company, I can say from personal experience, is as good as Green House.

I often wonder how you are getting on my friend. We go back a long way.

keep up the good work

all the best,


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