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Growroom 0 - 2 weeks

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William Trust


Hi all,


Just started 10 new seedlings and wanted to share this with you. It are feminized bubbelgum seeds.


Germination of my Bubbelgum




Got myself some rockfiber cubes...



Put some cocosoil on top en put my seeds in the coco- soil



Put it in my growbox



Don't forget to spray frequently and keep it moist also the inside lid



Keep the vent holes closed for about 4 to 7 days unit they are all getting bigger leaves.



Just wait and see. got a 70 watt HPS with a lot of blue and white spectrum.



My usb-fan keeps te growbox nice and cool.



I'll keep you guys posted on my bubbelgum grow trough out the growth.


Happy growing....

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Update: 48 hours later we have 10 out of 10 who are successful germinated and starting to grow nicely.



Happy growing y'all.

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