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Well, hasn't it been a while?

During the last 4-5 months i've been living a constant hell, between anger and suicidal thoughts. 
Our political and economical situation (Italy) hasn't been the greatest, and my personal situation was just pure shit, 100% DOP. 
Without the possibility to grow marijuana for research and, well, fun purposes - legally speaking - i had my head wrapped in a constant anxiety status and migraines, other than the feel i've been useless for my whole life (which isn't that long, but hey, we all gotta start somewhere). 

Been talking to a friend about this, and while he didn't understand possibly 90% of my situation, he did propose me a good trip to Nepal. 
Of course, you can't rely on promises in our "western" world, so i've passed 3 months planning and replanning trips as he kept changing our destination.
At one point, i had enough. I had to leave, i had to run from my town. At least for a while. 
Enough time to clean my mind and body of all the shit i've been living these days.

I took my decision.
Departed on 19th Feb, Destination Kathmandu, more precisely Phutung Village, in Nepal. Possibly one of the poorest countries worldwide.
Volunteering in an orphan home. Reconnecting with humanity, and of course nature at its purest state.
Arrived on the 20th, afraid as fuck, i find my contacts waiting me out of the airport. 
We take the taxi, and the driver, Surya, explains me in a very poor english what the situation in Nepal is. The people, the economics, everything that i "should" know about Nepal or, at least, of where i'm headed. Needless to say, i got even more scared, with my initial thoughts passing between "Oh that's beautiful" to "Holy shit where the fuck have i landed".

We arrive at our "home", which is a flat of approximately 15sq mts, shared toilet and no kitchen. Yes, i've been shitting in squat toilets for nearly 3 weeks, now. God help me.
The first thing you notice about Kathmandu is the extreme pollution going on in the city. Dust and Air pollution make the people live in a constant grey fog, wearing masks even in their own home. The second thing you notice is that there is no garbage collection. Anywhere. The whole place is an open dump, and i still haven't understood if this is because there is no time to think about it (after the 2015's earthquake, the city is in a constant renewal situation), or if it has its roots in their culture. Anyway, no matter where you are (city, village, nature), you throw away your trash at the side of the streets. Huge pity, as the view is astonishing, and people grow food in this situation (with trash in grown fields). 
The third thing, which is possibly the best about Nepal, is that people here are kind, generous, friendly to anyone, local or foreigner. There is no concept of violence among each other, to Nepali people we're all brothers from different mothers. There is also no concept of "tomorrow". People live their lifes as if it was their last day on earth. 
Which is possibly what changed me, in these 3 weeks, to an atomic level. 

Nepali weed is, unfortunately, horrible.
Most "grow operations" are conducted on the side of streets, and without care of male/female separation. Taste is good, but to roll one joint, it may take you up to 10 minutes, as removing all the seeds is a hellish pain. 99% of the weed you find here is Sativa dominant, but because of its non-separation of males and females, the high is very similar to an old, abandoned, moroccan hashish (slow and chilly, no buzz whatsoever). 
Ganja costs 1000 rupies per 60 grams (around 9 euros for the current change). I wonder why.
The best ganja i've smoked in these 3 weeks is something that resembles a Mango Haze. To make a comparison, to get the same high you get with European weed, you'd need to smoke around 4 full joints of this.

Apart from this, i've lived possibly the greatest festival ever celebrated in Nepal: Shivaratri. And this year, out of any luck, it was the greatest in 80 years. 
Shivaratri consist, of course, in celebrating Shiva, and it means that all Nepal can smoke weed, hashish, and drink weed-milk tea for the whole day. In Pashupatinat's temple, you'll see the nucleus of the festival, with monks dancing naked and high on hashish (Yes, Naked. Dicks flip-flopping allover the place), tourists and locals getting high and dancing and singing, and every possibile food you can imagine (local only, though). There was also a fireplace which smelled like burned pig, and i later found out they burn dead people in that fire. My friend took some photos of that, with one photo clearly showing someone's leg on fire. During the last 5 days, i got Traveler's diarrhea (fun times), and i seriously thought i was in danger as i spent more time on the toilet than sleeping. Luckily, my body adapted and i'm now back to jumping and screaming.

Lastly, my 11 brothers here are crazy kids, ranging from 5 to 12 year old. Their only toys are 2 spinning tops and a Nintendo 64, other than a ball that resembles more a Rugby ball than a football one. What kills me about them, other than the conditions they live in (and love to live in), is their school system: completely fucked up.
A 5 year old kid will get the same program as a 15 year old boy, meaning he'll be forced to solve physics equations, while the 15 year old guy may be asked to solve 3+7 for his exams. 

Now, i'm sitting on my wooden bed, writing you this message with a wifi that relys on the super-unreliable electricity, coming and going every 15-20 minutes. 
As soon as i'll have time, or possibly when i'll be back, i'll post some pictures. 
Until then, stay safe, smoke and enjoy your life. You truly got one, don't waste it on thinking about other's opinions. You are the god of your own life.



Ok, now it's really been a while.

Woken up by a 4.1 Mag Quake, today is the first day Internet came back up. 
As soon as i got this chance, i thought of updating the thread. I got some news.

It's been a week of "Hunting", or how the locals call the "Let's go search for some weed".
I got my package of bad luck, but in the end, through persistance, i got my prize.

I managed to get contacts with a grower, 42km north of my position, which is currently Phutung Village.
Got there and bought some weed. 1500 rupies (14 euros) for almost 50 grams of True Nepalese Himalayan Weed. 
I also managed to get some data out of it: they grow it from July to April, and while the climate during winter is pretty harsh (i've been living, in february, +25° day +6° night), the plants adapted and survive the cold periods. They dry the product for 2 weeks, and then they store it in pots, instead of jars. 
Unfortunately, they don't separate males from females, but so far it's a decent price to pay for some really good weed.

The weed i have bought is 1 year old from harvest, and the colours have long vanished (i guess from exposure to different temperatures, and overall a poor curing condition), but not the high.. Which is long lasting, and changes from an active high (the first 30-40 minutes) to a very chilly and stoney high (the next 2 hours). 

In 2 grams of weed, you can find around 5 good, developed seeds, and 10-15 bad, burned, or undeveloped seeds. 
From the look of it, it's a 100% sativa strain, with very hairy flowers, but not as compact as an indica would be. Maybe there has been some crossing with other genetics, but so far all the weed i managed to get around here is (and feels like) a sativa. 

Again, i still can't upload pictures, as i lack the correct equipment to (and internet connection is really, really unstable). As soon as i'll get back, i'll post some pics.

Meanwhile, the earthquake hasn't provoked any damage in my area, as it happened around 60km south from me, but the shake lasted around 4 seconds, and it made my ass jump (while sitting on the floor). Bouncy.
Here things proceed as usual. I managed to find an italian furnace, making Pizza! My stomach is safe.
Catch you in some time. Stay safe you all.


Managed to get some images.
The view from the upper hill. Drained river, and Kathmandu slowly eating the valley.

Sorry for the tilt. Wonder why the electricity's coming and going faster than the galaxy moving through space..

8months old Himalayan Gold. Great smoke so far.



31st March. 

1.5 months in.


Kids are finishing their school exams during the course of the weekend.

After that, they'll have a period of holidays, lasting 2 weeks. Then back to school.

After Holi festival (Colour festival, coincidentaly with the start of spring), celebrated on 20th March, life in the Phutung neighborhood has been fairly quiet -apart from a couple thunderstorms that looked like Ragnarok- so i had the time to go hunting a bit more.

Yes, i know, i'm surrounded by weed.
Literally. During the last hunting sessions i gathered up different types of Ganja (Nepali way to call it), and if you have a good eye, you can see it's growing on the side of streets, in countrysides, on hills, in the cement... everywhere.
But this didn't stop me from going further.
I want quality. I like quality.
Smoking without quality is just hurting yourself more.
So... i found quality.


Yesterday, after a happy trip of 8 hours in the mountains west of Kathmandu, between two districts (Kathmandu-Chhatre Deurali) at the happy speed of 7-13km/h -due to the streets NOT being streets, but a complex snake of holes and bumps and rocks- I finally got some hash.
Oh boy, this is amazing. Now, I am fighting fever, common cold, plates since Friday, and although i can't really feel any taste of anything (including the spicy food, which is literally any food), I DO can smell the hashish.

The smell is very pungent, like one you get from a very good and developed sativa.

It has hints of lemon and mint, or at least something really strong and like that, maybe lavander.
The high is what confirms me its origin is from a Sativa: you don't get stoned, you get active. It lasts around 3 hours per small joint, say the size of a rolled cigarette, and you feel muscular relaxation plus a good buzz in your head. When you smoke it, it doesn't scratch your throat at all.
The only true CON to it is that since it's pollen hash, your joint will be always lit. Smoke fast, or you'll waste a third of the joint! :D

On the way back home, i noticed some little Ganja plants.
The climate in Nepal is widely different along its borders. In my zone, plants reach heights of about 50cm if exposed to good light. In the plains, 20 days ago, they were already 150cm tall.
It's very possible i witnessed different strains, as they might grow them in different zones indeed to “harvest” the best conditions possible for that strain.. But it seems also improbable, since the vast majority of the plants i see around here ain't tall at all, but some are starting to flower -Yes, at 31st March- while the plants in the plains were already showing hairs on 26th February.

I am not allowed to take pictures of the ones near my home (I'll try), but for now i can show you the plants that grow around the hills. Clearly Sativa dominant.


In 10 days, i'll have an italian volunteer, which also happens to be my best friend, come over here in Nepal and help me with the kids. Finally some company! I've been so busy talking in english and nepali that i forgot what Italian actually is (a mess). He smokes like hell, so i'll have somebody coming hunting with me.. or different zones. Maybe he can get seeds as well.
Alright, time to head out for me. I'll catch you all in the next update.


P.S. The Strainhunters website tilts my images. I tried tilting them myself to adjust to the website, but the website just tilts them the opposite side. You troll!
Sorry for the tilt.

Double P.S. 
Apart from the motorcycle, we had to proceed for half an hour deep in the jungle, to avoid police blocks.
This is the view from a little track they recon and follow. If you get lost... You're FUCKED!



NEPAL TRIP – 2 Months In (Updated)

Sorry everyone for my absence. The ISP company that handled our connection, ITEL, has failed on 15th April, just one day after Nepal's new year, 2076. Nepali Police is refunding every ITEL Customer that had connection issues (everyone, included us), up to a year of subscription.
A year of subscription costs around 305 euros. I don't know how many people paid for it.. but i guess a lot. Kathmandu counts around 9.000.000 individuals.

Anyway, apart from internet – health issues (spent last week under a nice 39° fever), i encountered a lot of issues regarding “hunting”, as well.
The dealer that “managed” nice hashish and marijuana, is now increasing his knowledge in jail. This destabilized a bit the hunting sessions: all the way west of Kathmandu is in “block alert”.
Hunting is restricted to other zones, of course, but this means more control by the police, until the “west coast” gets free again.
So, i went hunting 3 times from that, and in neither of those times -consider around 8 hours a day of session, on a motorcycle, on roads that rarely show asphalt- i found anything decent.
Luckily enough, the contacts i got around here are good people, willing to share: Sharing is Caring, as they say around here. One of the gifts i received is a very nice dark sativa, and so far it is possibly the worst looking-best tasting one i found around here.
Another good point to it is that i found only 8 seeds in the last 6 joints i rolled. No need to mention i'm saving every single seed of this strain.

Now, i've been around here for 2 months, and i think i got a real hold of how the ganja grows around here.
First of all, most of the ganja that grows in the streets is the result of people removing seeds from flowers and throwing them, literally, on the side of streets.
You'll see a fuckton of varieties growing all mixed up. Short sativas, tall indicas, and there's absolutely no care about those: nobody gives water, or actually cares in any manner, to any of those plants. In Phutung, i've seen a few ganja plants growing near a police station. They don't care about those.
Second of all, police will remove your plantation only if it exceeds.. a certain amount of plants. Which is not specified. Again, they don't care, up to a point. Which, again, isn't specified.
Some say 1 plant, some say 10, some say 3.. Nobody knows, and again, nobody cares.
Third of all, all the ganja plantations are the result of either a collection of the old season's seeds, or just naturally grown (No seed collection, just waiting for the next season).
This means that in most plantations, there is no male/female separation, hence the reason why i still have to find seedless ganja.
The last sativa i've been smoking is, again, almost seedless.. but i guess there's really not much you can do when you got only females, but all your neighbours have males.

Lastly, i found a couple plantations. A little one (counting around 40 plants), and a bigger one (counting half a thousand). The little one is exposed to south, and all the plants, even if they show differencies in their genetic traits, don't reach 60cm in height.
I'm not joking. Sativas 40-50cm tall, beginning to flower. This means, to me, a max height of around 150cm. Perfect for any indoor OP. I wish i could be there on harvest day... Unfortunately i wont. But with the amount of seeds i've collected, i'm sure i'll find some strains that contain this genetic trait.
The bigger one is exposed to north-east. Plants result taller, but i guess because they receive less direct light, hence growing taller to “look for light”, like most plants do anyway.
Again, no male/female separation there either.

In-Edit: Police cares about dealers.
Yesterday, while playing football with kids, what i suppose was either an angry father or brother, came rushing in the middle of the field, with a company of around 10 people, including a well hidden cop. They left the field, and got to this poor guy, apparently only smoking a joint, and stopped him from running. Out of the prairies, another cop jumped out of the field just like what i would describe as “a panther”: i couldn't see him coming until he actually “spawned” in the field.
Behind him, other 2 cops. For all i know, they caught the young dude with around 100grams of ganja in his bag. They tied his hands with a rope (Yes, a rope) and brought him away.
I was scared shitless, as i too was buzzing a joint. Luckily made it to hide the remaining half-joint in my bag and witness the scene as an innocent little girl. Yes, i feel bad, but what could i do? Yell “Hey, i got ganja as well” and run away? :D

As soon as i'm able, i'll take a couple ninja pics and submit them. Peace!

A sativa female, next to a sativa male. The female is around half a meter tall, and is already flowering. The male doesn't reach 30cm.

A good sized male, and some females in the background.

The small plantation. Huge number of males, some females here and there. I guess this year's harvest's not gonna be great... hehehe

Some other plants near the plantation. The ones near the "wall" look much more indica than the counterparts in the field.



Managed to get some more pictures of the "small" plantation. Upon a closer look, the small plantation revealed to be a good sized one.

Some of the more advanced females of the plantation. I'd give the flowers 3-5 more weeks, and call them ready for harvest.

Sorry for the tilt. Again, i don't seem to be able to get the right angle, according to this web encoder.
This female smelled like Lavander.

This one, instead, smelled like lemon. Or lime. Very intense smell.

The new generation. These have not yet started the flowering period, so i guess they're 1-2 months younger than the other section.

This, instead, is the personal plantation of a lunatic, living in a home i didn't picture for... well, privacy reasons.



My trip is ready to come to an end. 
During these last 2-3 weeks i've been on hunting sessions, but without success.
Reason is that most growers have ended their stashes and are waiting for the next harvest, which should come in 2 weeks (around June). 
Since i have my flight back on the 15th, i wont be able to see the new harvest, or taste it for that matters.. but i had my share anyway.
On one evening, my landlord asked me to store him some weed, which i had no problem to do.
Well, that "some weed" turned out to be 3 grown plants, base-cut, of some field near our home. 
After a good 3 hours trimming session, me and my comrade ended up with around 400grams of cleaned weed.

Now, this weed is bad. Really, really bad. Again, no separation happened so all the flowers have been turned into seeds.
But this weed, for the locals, is good to make black. Black would be what we know as of "Nepali Temple Balls".
Needless to say, out of the trim, we managed to pull off a .4g small ball of NTB. Which tasted amazingly.
The weed itself offers haze odours. One plant smelled incredibly of lemon/lime/citrus, something along that line. 
Another one had an intense flowery, but itchy, smell. Like Lavander, but more intense. Spiced, i'd say.
The third one had no particular smell, other than the hash one you get on your fingers.

Removed all seeds and undeveloped seeds, the joint tastes fine, light. 
I've been smoking it without tobacco as it doesn't kill your throat like some varieties do. Joints, Pipes, it goes down like a nice glass of scotch whiskey.
The high is.. mixed. You're active, you're thinking, but also lazy. You may stay awake on the computer for hours, but never actually get up for any needs.
This pretty much for all the 3 varieties i was brought. 
Upon checking on the photos taken, i realized me and my comrade took only selfies.. which i wont share for obvious privacy reasons.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

To wrap it up.
Nepal is a wonderful country. Kathmandu is a wonderful mess. 
During half of the year, the climate provides semi-hostile conditions for weed growth: in the winter phase, you pass from 25° of the day to the almost freezing of night (rarely goes below 0°, but it can happen), while the summer is dominated by monsoons (around 22 days of rain per month, per 4 months).
Spring, so far, whopped a nice 38° against a 12° after a storm. 
Most weed that grows here is Sativa. I've seen some hybrids, but not actually true indicas.
Somehow, though, most of the sativas growing here never reach heights taller than 1m. Actually, most plants in flowering i've seen never surpassed 50cm.
Which is surprising, considering how sativas grow around the world (2-3m tall plants).

I've saved around 200 seeds, divided in little stacks, from the different types of ganja i found around here.
Once i'll be setup, i'll run some tests on those. I like the idea of growing a Sativa SOG in less than 1.5m of height.
Of course i'll end up with a bunch of phenotypes and a bunch of failures.. but testing is just that.
Who knows, maybe i'll end up with the perfect plant to clone. Either way, i have enough material to have fun for years.

It's been a pleasure to run this diary.
It's been a pleasure to run it with all inconveniencies. But also great things and peeps.
A big thanks to:
- ITEL, the collapsed ISP company i paid a year of wifi.
- Many many congratulations to the team of technicians that actually manage to fix issues on poles stuffed with cables, some of which may be 20 years old, making electricity be available again just after a couple days of power outage.
- A chapeau to the bus drivers, which manage everyday to not die on roads that can't be called like that, cause they're not roads. They're death traps.
- My comrade, that hinted me some places to go "check out".
- My landlord, that never asked me rent except a couple joints here and then.
- The dogs outside, for singing the most beautiful songs, including "barking" and "howling", at 4 am in the morning. 

But most importantly, jokes apart, thanks to the villagers, who have been so nice to offer food and help you in any instance of your day, with anything you have to do. 
Nepali people are the nicest guys you'd ever meet. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this little thing. I surely did, writing it.
Of course it describes just a little cut of what i've been doing here. 
I also hope you, someday, will come here to discover this place (and the ganja growing around :D)



Recommended Comments

I hope you were able to bring some of those seeds home with you.  It looks like a worthwhile sativa strain.

I can only imagine what Wirkung (effect) it might have if you could grow that out under our (European) controls and specialized fertilizers like the powderfeeding, etc.

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Not yet home. But i do plan to store some seeds, of each strain i find, for further research.
If this is the result without fertilizers, in a hostile enviroment, with no male-female separations, i bet the results with specialized equipment (and proper developement time), this strain might yield nicely. For all i know, plants grow 2-3m tall and 1.5m wide. Maybe another session of topping+scrog could help.

There's another weed i got, which unfortunately didn't come under the form of flowers, but a trim of flowers and leaves (like locals use to smoke), along with a shitload of seeds, some of which still alive and worth testing. I can't really tell what kind of plant could come out of it, but the high you get is very different from a sativa. It's stoney, and the taste is hash-like. Luckily, i paid 500 rupies (4 euros) for a bag of 20g of this.

Next update near 1st of April :)

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nice work brother. i'm from kathmandu. started growing weed recently. started doing research and found out our whole life we have been having wrong weed lol. not sisnemilla. we separate the seeds by incling a book/copy. currently  i have  2 plant ready for harvest(which are not trained), and many new one already trained. can't wait for them to flower.

i agree the weed we smoke here are shit compared to the picture you find online.

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On 9/4/2019 at 2:55 PM, Dawa Sherpa said:

nice work brother. i'm from kathmandu. started growing weed recently. started doing research and found out our whole life we have been having wrong weed lol. not sisnemilla. we separate the seeds by incling a book/copy. currently  i have  2 plant ready for harvest(which are not trained), and many new one already trained. can't wait for them to flower.

i agree the weed we smoke here are shit compared to the picture you find online.

I learned the way you separate seeds, first on paper, then directly on my hand (paying attention not to waste precious flowers).
One must adapt, always :D
Yes, Nepali people have lots of Ganja varieties, but because the only separation happens after the harvest (when flowers ALREADY have been pollinated, hence already showing seeds), and all the seeds fall directly on the ground, remixing the varieties (once born) again, every day.
The true issue presents itself just in that: there is no separation between males and females.
Update coming in some days (If wifi holds, been 10 days without... Fucking ITEL hahahahahaha You know).. But in almost 2 months in Nepal, i still have to find seedless weed. I found a very special indica cola once, but it was gone as soon as i opened the bag (forgot to take pictures hehehe).

Catch you soon. Come see me in Phutung if you want, we'll have some milk tea. Yo!

- - - - - Update out! :3

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I am happy to report to the readers of LedCherryBerry's Blog, that he did in fact return home to his home county, safe and healthy.

Welcome home, LedCherryBerry!

And very nice StrainHunting travel blog.

See you around in the journals...


P.S.  Avoid the COVID-19...   It seems especially deadly near your home.

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Hey peeps, 

Yup, i indeed returned home, safe and sound. On May 16, to be precise, 2019.
I thought i actually issued the last part of the update, but it seems that, as a goodbye gift, nepali connection played me a trick and i never submitted the article.

So yeah, nothing much else to say, Nepal is an Amazing country, with lots of potential. 
In the last days of my permanence there, i found a farmer that taught me how to do Charas, and we had a pretty nice afternoon doing so. The farmers, locally, can produce up to an ounce of hand-rubbed hashish daily. The taste is great… the stone is even better.

Pro-tip: don't buzz a joint before heading to the airport. There are (somewhat) drug controls, no dogs, but most importantly: Nepali airport is a living nightmare. It's small but confusing as fuck :D

Anyway, i'm home, and lately i've been testing some N.Ls. seeds, on a 12/12 schedule.
If the current plant survives and makes it through the flowering period, i'll post some pics in another topic.

Be safe guys.
And if you have some cents to spend, haul your asses around the world. Wherever you go, people smoke weed. Wherever there's weed, there's great people.


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Yep, i meant Northern Light seeds. Got them from an Expo in Rome, 2018.
It was the same Expo i mentioned in a couple topics. I also found the GreenHouse Seeds stand, but unfortunately, there was no @Jose.gh to share a joint with hehehehe.
Luckily the seeds have survived those 2 years of storing, all of them popped (and, as usual, i kill the weak off).

Chose N.L. for 2 reasons:
- It grows (mostly) low and does not expand into a bushy mess
- It smells piney, and not too intensely. Living in a northern european zone, that might just blend in with the smells.

Unfortunately, because of this lockdown bullshit, i am cut out of my own equipment, so i managed to get my light AND the precious GH fertilizers (the White Rhino ones) back, but not the Cultivation Tent.

As soon as the plant makes it through this cycle (experimenting a lil with trimming/LST) i'll make a topic and post a couple pics.
Meanwhile... Be safe, peeps o7

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