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Water requirements for cannabis cultivation




Hemp is a tall stalk crop, which consumes a lot of water. Every kilogram of dry matter needs to consume 300-500 ml of water, which is 1.5-2 times more than wheat and oats, and 3 times more than corn. Water deficit in cannabis leaves increases the content of carotenoids including lutein, so leaves turn yellow and photosynthetic capacity decreases.Hemp is resistant to atmospheric drought but not to soil drought, so irrigation is particularly effective.

In the whole growing season of hemp, precipitation of 50-70cm is needed. In the germination period and the first 6 weeks of growth period, soil moisture should be adequate. In the rapid growing season (column height increases by 4-6cm/ day), soil moisture should be high.

Hemp grows faster in the case of late sowing than early sowing, and the water consumed in the main growing season accounts for 80-90% of the total water demand.Therefore, increasing soil moisture during this period had a significant effect on yield.Light rain in the mature stage can increase seed yield.When the stem height is 50-70cm, it is tolerant to drought, but the drought and high temperature will promote early maturity, plant height will decrease, and yield will be low.However, too much rain in the flowering period to the male plant mature, which is easy to cause mildew and blackening of the stem, is not conducive to the female plant seed grouting.

Hemp growth during the waterlogging, hemp field waterlogging two days will cause hemp plant death.Soil moisture not only affects fiber yield and quality, but also affects the content of cannabinol.When the soil moisture content of hemp plants was 40%, 60% and 80%, the radius of cortex and xylem, the number and diameter of primary fibers and the yield of stem and seed of both male and female plants increased with the increase of soil moisture.When soil moisture is equivalent to 70-80% of the total water capacity of soil, fiber yield is the highest and quality is the best.

The amount of water demand of hemp is related to the nutrient conditions in the soil. Under the condition of good fertilization, the water demand is 575-985 cubic meters, while under the condition of poor or no fertilization, the water demand increases to 790-1180 cubic meters.Irrigation significantly increased the water consumption of hemp, but the water consumption coefficient decreased with the increase of hemp fiber yield and seed yield.Mineral and organic nutrients can effectively increase fiber yield and quality under irrigation conditions.All these indicate that irrigation and nutrition are causation and promotion of each other.



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