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Outdoor planting time process of marijuana




From January to April

(1) site selection: sandy loam with deep soil layer, strong water and fertility retention, soft and fertile soil and good drainage is good, and its pH value is 6-6.5 slightly acidic.

(2) rotation: rotation with rice, vegetables, jute and other crops can reduce diseases and insects and improve the storage capacity.

(3) preparation: the hemp should be ploughed deeply, with a depth of up to 30 cm and a width of 1.0-2.3 meters.

(4) fertilization: 3/4 of hemp nutrients must be absorbed at the early stage of growth, but at the seedling stage, the roots grow slowly and the absorption capacity is weak. Therefore, sufficient base fertilizer should be applied, such as general manure, manure or green manure 1500-2500 kg, and plant ash 40-50 kg, etc..

(5) seeding: seed standard: pure and full, full and complete, no pests and diseases, uniform size, fresh color, high germination rate, small seed and large seed 1000-grain weight should be more than 20 grams and 25 grams, germination rate of 95%, containing no more than 5% impurity rate.You don't have to age your seeds every other year.Rinse the seeds with water before sowing, soak them in water for 2-3 days, take them out and expose them to the sun for 1 day, and sow them again.Early sowing at the right time is the key to increase production. Generally, sowing can be done at above 8℃ of ground temperature in our province, and it can be done in December to April of the next year, but most of the sowing is done in 2-3 months.Yield per mu is 1 kg.The sowing quantity of fiber hemp is larger than that of seed hemp.Early ripening seeds were more important than late ripening seeds, spreading seeds were more important than strips and vod, wide strips were more important than narrow strips, and fat fields were more important than thin fields.Generally broadcast or drill.Sow the seedlings with a spacing of 10-17 cm and a number of plants of 80-100,000.Drill plants with spacing of 7 cm, row spacing of 13 -- 26 cm, leaving 20-30 thousand seedlings.Sowing depth 1.7 -- 3.3 cm.

April to July

(1) thinning, fixing and replenishing: thinning is carried out when the seedling height is 3cm for the first time and 7cm for the second time when there are 2 pairs of true leaves.When the seedlings appear 3 pairs of true leaves and are 10 cm high, the seedlings can be fixed according to the specified plant spacing.In addition, when the hemp height is 0.7-1.3 meters, the weak seedlings are pulled out again.Mu leaves the seedling density our province to be in 2-3 thousand plants, the early maturing seed, the fat ground is compared to the late ripening seed, the late sowing, the thin ground density is big, the thread hemp density is bigger than queerflax.

(2) cultivation: hemp seedlings grow slowly and are vulnerable.Intertillage weeding should be carried out before the vigorous growth stage of stems, and combined with seedling thinning for 2-3 times.The ploughing depth is first shallow and then shallow.Seedling height 7-10 cm is shallow hoe 7 cm, seedling height 17-20 cm is deep hoe 10-13 cm.Seedling height of 30 cm above and shallow hoe 3-7 cm.Prevent the hoe from hurting the fine roots.Loosen soil immediately after rain, prevent soil consolidation:

(3) fertilizer application: the topdressing is mainly rapid-effect nitrogen fertilizer, 5-10 kg of ammonium sulfide or 500-1000 kg of human excrement or 25-30 kg of oil cake, which should be applied in 2-3 times in combination with seedling thinning, seedling fixation or before sealing. It should not be later than the maximum extension of hemp stem. The rapid-effect nitrogen, phosphorus and potash fertilizer should be added before flowering of hemp.

(4) soil raising: generally, soil raising is carried out 2-3 times in combination with intertillage weeding and fertilization to cover the fertilizer, deepen the furrow and prevent lodging.

(5) irrigation and drainage: timely irrigation is needed during the long period of hemp flourishing and drought.Seedling stage growth is slow, the root system development is slow, head water should not be too early, so as not to affect the root deep roots.Our province is rainy, but also should pay attention to drainage, water.

(6) wind disaster prevention: due to the tall stems of hemp during its growth, it is easy to be affected by wind disaster. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare the ground carefully, cultivate strong seedlings, irrigate head water late, and irrigate lightly and frequently.Nitrogen dressing to increase phosphorus and potassium fertilizer;Choose the measure such as stem firm breed.

(7) pest control: there are many cannabis diseases and pests.Diseases such as white star disease, dew fungus disease, brown spot disease, white spot disease and sclerotinia can be mainly prevented and controlled.Pay attention to drainage;Three elements of NPK were applied together.Implement crop rotation;Pay attention to field ventilation and light transmission;Spray bordeaux mixture and other methods of prevention and control.The main pests are jumping beetle, small weevil, etc.Remove weeds from the field;Killing and luring adults;Implement crop rotation and other control methods.

July to September

(1) harvest: about july-august harvest of fiber hemp;About September the harvest was for growing cannabis.

(2) harvest criteria: the middle and lower leaves of the hemp plant fall off, the stems and leaves are yellowish-white, and the upper stems and leaves are yellowish-green or when the male flowers are in full bloom and the female flowers bear small fruits.It is best to harvest in different stages of maturity.



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