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Notes for marijuana cultivation




First, seed selection is an effective measure to cultivate early seedling, qi seedling and strong seedling.

The seeds used for sowing should be selected by wind and screened to remove the flattened seeds, tender seeds and impurities. The seeds with full, high 1000-seed weight, uniform size, fresh color and high germination rate should be selected as seeds to achieve the requirements of improving the emergence rate and the full seedling.According to investigation, use mature bad or 1000 seed weight low seed sow, germination rate reduces 20% - 25%, seedling is not neat, seedling is emaciated, easy to infect disease insect, and small hemp rate is high.Sowing with the old seed (seed coat is dark green) every other year, the germination rate is greatly reduced, will cause serious seedling lack and ridging.

Hemp seeds can germinate at low temperature (1-3 ℃), and its seedlings have the ability to endure short low temperature, so the sowing time range in various hemp areas is relatively large.From the perspective of the sowing time of hemp in different places, there are great differences due to the differences in climate, soil, varieties and crop rotation systems.Liaoning is sown in early April, jilin and heilongjiang in mid-april, late April and early may.

The sowing time of hemp is related to different purposes of cultivation and utilization.When collecting hemp to cultivate, generally timely early sowing;However, in order to make the mature stage of seed irrigation slurry under the cool climate in autumn, seeds are generally planted later.Sowing time and local harvest when the wet hemp water temperature.Hemp is sown when the soil temperature rises above 5-250px to 8-10 ℃, from sowing to emergence for 10-15 days.In this case, sowing as early as possible, seedling period long, roots roots deep, can play the role of cultivating strong seedlings.Miao zhuang laid a foundation for rapid growth, which accelerated the growth of hemp plants, neat the population of hemp fields, increased the effective number of plants, improved the hemp yield and increased fiber yield.Early sowing, fast growing and timely early harvest, using the warmer water temperature ouma, achieve high yield and quality, high economic benefits.Accordingly, hemp is timely and early sow, want to notice the temperature of the ground when sowing temperate and rapid growth period already (19 -- 23℃), give attention to even the water temperature that the place asks when retting hemp (20℃ above), only 3 person are very good union, ability has integrated effect.

There are three ways of sowing hemp in different places: spreading, drilling and vod.Seed collection and cultivation are commonly used on demand, as well as drill and broadcast.Hemp cultivation is usually spread and drill.Fiber hemp is suitable for close planting and should be drilled in area cultivation.Seeding has the advantages of even seed, uniform sowing depth, neat seedling emergence and convenient field management.



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