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Update Start Week 2




Today started sunny and super nice, but the moment I started walking up to my spots the heavens opened and delivered a truly gut drenching downpour, as can happen with unpredictable mountain weather. Had to walk up to both spots soaking wet, but really wanted to check up on the ladies so I stuck with it :)

At both spots the ladies are doing great. They seem to have taken root pretty well and have already grown a considerable bit. The pictures were unfortunately taken in the pouring rain so the leafs are hanging a bit, as healthy plants do in a downpour.

The soil felt nice and moist, so the rain gets to the soil easily, which is great!

Gave them the last batch of Start-Up and some Enzymes & Sugar Royal. If the weather stays like this with rain every now and again I won’t go up now for 2 weeks.






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