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The weather forecast for today was severe rainfall, but it being me only free day this week I had no choice but to go up to the spots. The downpour was indeed severe so the pictures that I took are not that good I’m afraid.

The thing that makes me wonder though is that the plants at spot 2 are considerable smaller than the plants at spot 1. I would estimate the difference in length now at about 30 cm. They also show some yellow leafing, which the plants at spot 1 don’t show yet. Is it the amount of sunlight, the lower altitude than the plants at spot 1? I really don’t know.

Both spots show the first buds on the plants, so the growing schedule that I am ‘following’ doesn’t seem to be too far off.

One thing I keep forgetting to mention is that I water them only with Alpine Mountain Spring Water. And rain of course :)

The schedule shows you where I think that I’m at in my grow and what fertilizers are being used. Started them on Green Sensation today as you can see.

Untill next time!







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thanks for the news man good to see them still running and flowering ;)

May the weather be with you :D

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