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Green house seeds outdoor 2013

uk silverback


blog-0809755001388371760.jpgGreat outdoor year uk 2013 my first year grew a 13ft Arjans haze can't wait until next year hopefully test some strain hunter strains I have grown indoors for many years but watching strain hunters give me a buzz it's all about the adventure and thrill of doing it it guerrilla style in its natural habitat stealth is the key excited for April 2014 role on peace brothers and sisters ;) one love shiva ;)

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Hi bruv I am getting ready for this year I live in se UK . Any ideas on the best strains for our UK climate it's my first time gorilla style

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hi man! well for UK as it is usually pretty humid you should on the side of AMS, The Church, or white rhino maybe they are all 3 supposed to be resistant to mold, and maybe the Hawaiian snow it is resistant toobut might be alittle too long for UK

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Did u grow that outdoors in the UK? I'm from the uk myself I didn't think it was possible to grow outdoors because of our bad weather all the time?

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yes i grown in the uk the exodus performed well from green house i did a number off strains these where just the green house as it was my first time outdoor i would go with dust comment but!! this year iam gna focus on autflowers as they disd well in the sun we had suprisingly the arjan haze witch was a longer flower period was exellent i am gna have afew green house strains out again but focus on autoflowers as from april to november can crop mutiple plants as they are mainly 8 weekers :)

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