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The war on drugs is almost over in this fishpond called Sweden.

Michael Bravin



The war on drugs is almost over in this fishpond called Sweden.

The world is closing in on the "worried" Christians and prohibitionist Mecka of Scandinavia.

Let´s set the record straight:

Ragnarök is coming and will clean these lies out of our beautiful north with the help of our international brothers and sisters.

Our Scandinavian culture, traditions and freedom of speech and so called freedom of religion that is being marketed worldwide as "Swedish/Scandinavian culture and/or values" is nothing but lies based on Christian values, rules and regulations enforced by violence, degradation of the free thinking individual and control over death and taxes.

These Christians morals and values are enforced with constitutional law in our school, political and legal system.

Swedish and Scandinavian people are not all Christians by free will, it is a forced upon belief system.

The Scandinavian culture and traditions do not share the Christian anxiety or fear of death and the Church is not representative for all of us living up north.

We have had trading routes and family ties down to the middle east, Greece, Greenland and the Americas long before these Christians came here. When Christianity came up north with their rules and regulations on how to live life and conduct ones business they where being warded of by a joint Scandinavian force of all colors and background.

The formation of Church and state did not happen over night. Kings and Queens and their people where slayed, bribed and forced in to this new system of control over death and taxes.

When our English and Scandinavian Kings succumbed to these new and improved systems of gathering riches and land it was the end of Scandinavia as we knew it and our "culture" became Christian and the political monetary system was implemented.

This was a long time ago...

The year is 2014 we are wiser, more educated and information is all around us to be gathered and found. There is nothing to be afraid of that calls for the need of a fatherly advise in prayers from a man in the sky.

Everything is already known.

So drugs? Whats the harm? Christiansanity? Prohibitionpsychosis?

Harm reduction is fact worldwide based in science, medicine from a multitude of study's from educated professionals within this field.

These facts are supported by government official statistics and leaders within healthcare and organisations such as Harvard professors, Nobel prizewinners, Presidents, Doctors, legislators and organisations such as UN, WHO, NIDA and much more.

Still the Swedish government with the Christian policy makers will "fight" the growing "legalization movement" worldwide supported and enforced with prayers of a 0 drug tolerance based in Christian so called values, morals and a "totally controlled" cigarette and alcohol monopoly.

Reason and argument left?

What about the children, no cultural value, we don't know enough of the harmful effects of long term substance abuse of these drugs.

United Nations: Criminal Sanctions for Drug Use Are "Not Beneficial"

“There is simply no good basis in science, health or ethics for bringing someone into the criminal justice system solely for drug possession”

-Ethan Nadelmann, executive director of the Drug Policy Alliance.

Decriminalizing of drug possession can provide several major benefits for public safety and health, such as:

  • Significantly reducing the number of people arrested and incarcerated;
  • Increasing uptake into drug treatment;
  • Reducing criminal justice costs and redirecting resources from criminal justice to health systems;
  • Redirecting law enforcement resources to prevent serious and violent crime;
  • Addressing racial disparities in drug law enforcement and sentencing, incarceration and related health outcomes;
  • Minimizing stigma and creating a climate in which people who use drugs are less fearful of seeking and accessing treatment, utilizing harm reduction services and receiving HIV/AIDS services;
  • Protecting people from the wide-ranging and debilitating consequences of a criminal conviction

- M, Bravin.



Recommended Comments

Sweden´s war on drugs will continue, Believe me.

Wish I could be more optimistic like you Sir but honestly I think they will continue to hunt the tokers and make our life´s a living hell.

Hell will freeze before Sweden legalize or decriminalize.  

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I doubtb that the politics of the NWO Gulag Sweden is based on christian values. The extreme gender madness in Sweden i.e. has nothing to do with christianity, to the contrary. There are other "religious ideologies" involved over there. But otherwise great article, thanks.

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I doubt that the politics of the NWO Gulag Sweden is based on christian values. The extreme gender madness in Sweden i.e. has nothing to do with christianity, to the contrary. There are other "religious ideologies" involved over there. But otherwise great article, thanks.

I agree to some extent, due to the fact of lobbyist, investor relations and policy making out of the church´s control and reach. This Is common knowledge the year 2014 within certain enlightened members of our global community. ;-)

However the christian influence is in my and others findings ridiculous and have no place within our educational or political system when it comes to decision making when science and fact is being disregarded as "quackery" by the quacks themselves.

And that the church have the nerve to claim they are our cultural history and therefor we shall support the laws surrounding cannabis is a huge mistake and a lie, they are a religion enforced in Sweden making cannabis illegal, nothing else.

The Christian values is what our school system is based on and freedom of religion is only allowed according to christian values, it says so in the curriculum and the law, its there in black and white for everyone to read.

The Christian democrat party in the coalition government of Sweden have been appointed these minister roles by the government.

Our minister of health that is in charge of narcotics and the care for children and elderly is little blond and blue eyed Maria Larsson, a christian grade school teacher from a village with the population of ca 400 people.

She have stated that people using cannabis will be fought against for their own good based on the science from a professor from Uppsala University, Fred Nyberg and the fact that the internet is a problem due to information regarding drugs.

(Honorary member of Uppsala university is Kofi Annan from FN, he don't agree with Fred) 

Fred is our governments "expert" and also member of the Christian Filadelfia movement and he claims cannabis shrinks your brain while he drinks wine with Maria Larsson and our Queen Silvia after debating cannabis usage among kids and long term effects in brain-damage and lower IQ in users as a reason for our repressive drug policies.

These people claim the Swedish model with 0 abuser tolerance to be a success story since 1993 by punishing and incarcerating people in Sweden for doing what we have been doing well before the Christians even dared to come up north or made a monetary arrangement with the Viking king in England that succumbed to the benefit of surrendering to the Church and state.


The government officials say that they will fight decriminalization and legalization due to new facts and evidence at hand in new study's and findings from Swedish cohort study's paid with Swedish taxpayers money.

The statement " I will fight against the growing "legalizationmovement" that I can see growing worldwide". Is a bold one coming from a 50+ christian that never even seen a joint in real life, and is ignorant to the fact that we never stopped using cannabis, the law against cannabis is new, nothing else.


Our minister of justice thought 37 people died in Colorado and she made sure that everyone testing positive in Sweden (national or international occupants/tourists) for metabolites from THC is by law a substance abuser and have 2 choices, full punishment by the law or substance abuse treatment within the contracted privately held homes and facilities that generate money for.. Yup, the church and state..

You face 6 months imprisonment if You have THC in your system in Sweden.  

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