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No loss of IQ from using cannabis as stated from government officials in Sweden.

Michael Bravin



(March 16 2014)

This Sunday on Swedish national TV from a renown leading news program on channel 4 named Kalla fakta (Cold facts).

"Kalla Fakta" is a journalistic program that is famous since 1991 for its in dept fact based investigating journalism and this program is now telling us that among other things, cannabis will make us all stupid if we continue to use it based on the latest scientific facts according to leading scientist and government officials from Sweden interpreting this data.

This program was of course accompanied with music from example the movie JAWS and had a gloomy and dark production style to superimpose the growing problem of cannabis, or as they call it " the wave of hasch" that is effecting the Swedish youngsters.

This wave of "the deadly gateway drug" cannabis is according to Christians and other morally correct people most likely drive us in to purgatory. Our purgatory is the integrate lies and deception within the criminal system or contracted substance abuse programs based on material from the 60`s and with threats of "haschpsychosis" from the self made cannabis experts in Sweden and Scandinavia.

We could once again see and listen to Swedish minister Maria Larsson in charge of drugs and healthcare claim that people that is using cannabis will become stupid and lose valuable IQ points. These claims are being backed by Professor Fred Nyberg a behavioral scientist from Uppsala university. They claim that the study from Dunedin in New Zeeland is proof of a loss of IQ when subjected to long term use/abuse of the drug cannabis and cannabis alone, especially if you start using it in a young age.

Straight from the horses mouth:

Drug/Health minister Maria Larsson and Justice minister Beatrice Ask and Professor Fred Nyberg are lying about study findings funded by our taxpayers money. These claims are false and falls under propaganda from people that is being payed for finding or making up information against cannabis in a war on drugs, a war specifically against cannabis and decriminalization and legalization of the natural drug named cannabis by a Swede.

This is fact and official documentation, such documentation as the budget against cannabis and statistics regarding the policy's effect on our population and our well being is official from our Swedish government and available for everyone to review.

In this TV program we could once again hear Justice minister Beatrice Ask talking about overdose and deaths in drug use however not mentioning that according to LD50 (the scientific method of detecting lethal dose or toxicity of a substance) it is humanly not possible to overdose on cannabis in its natural form.

Overdose claims regarding cannabis is coming from Professor Fred Nyberg and he states that autopsy reports from 3 people performed by or under the supervision of Dr Benno Hartung, University of Dusseldorf is the proof of this. Out of these 3 individuals one individual had a heart condition and there where other substances within their system, cannabis was present, not the cause.

Professor Fred Nyberg is also speaking very warm about a drug coming out ca 2018 that will work against cannabis substance abuse, when taking this prescription drug Your will not experience the therapeutic or common desired effect of cannabis when using it for recreational use. However You will have to take this pill regularly in case of a relapse in to cannabis addiction.

Coming from a Professor in behavioral science and the fact that it is cannabis he is talking about is really disturbing news based on what we know regarding the non addictive nature of cannabis.

The hostess of the Swedish TV show also states that we, "the growers" and members of "the cannabis culture" have through horticultural techniques increased the THC level so much in the past years in an effort to get people "more addicted" in order to keep and get more "customers" in to using drugs to support the criminal activity surrounding cannabis drug trade.

We are apparently responsible for those unfortunate % of young people getting in to heavy substance abuse according to their reasoning of falsified knowledge and ignorant way of thinking.

In other words:

The Swedish government is not only lying within the school system to our children they are also bringing forward what they call imperial facts based on Swedish cohort study's against cannabis from the other side of the planet, New Zealand.

New Zealand a country that have one of the highest cannabis use rates per capita and where they have legalized a variation of synthetic cannabinoid smoke mixes to get the increasing problem of the "non controlled substances" under control. The synthetic cannabinoid drug trade is encouraged by the fact that possession of cannabis and/or usage of cannabis is illegal and the synthetic cannabinoid drugs with known severe side effects is being marketed as an alternative to the non toxic, non deadly organically grown 100% natural herb, cannabis.

Cannabis is not a major concern to public health, synthetic cannabinoids without controlled production procedures or table of content is.

What about the Dunedin study?

These handful of people of the 1,037 participating in this ongoing cohort study with a slightly less intelligence quota compared to what the Swedish government deem fit for a human being is one of the last arguments to why we should continue with this restrictive drug policy and harsh cannabis laws in Sweden.

Does these people even know that they are being called "stupid" by so called intelligent and respectable member of society in the rest of the world?

Meanwhile our Prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt who openly admitted to the use of cannabis sits in silence and let this stupidity of criminalizing, deceiving and punishing of the population and destroying of our Youth continue.

He should be ashamed as a man and not be allowed to continue this insanity or allowing his ministers to go out in the media and say:

"I will fight the growing legalization movement I see growing worldwide."

- Public Health minister in charge of children and the elderly Maria Larsson.

"Stupid and sad. One of my first campaign in politics was "Drugs is poop".

- Minister of Justice, Beatrice Ask when reporting of the "37 casualties of marijuana overdose" on the first day of legalization in Colorado.

The "consumption act" against having THC in your body came in effect 1988 in Sweden, having a open liberal political agenda or just a visit to one of our Reggae festivals became grounds for suspicion of cannabis use and the Swedish Police got authority to secure evidence to confirm suspicion.

This new superimposed law with 6 month prison time as an option in court came in to full effect in 1993 to be able to prove the use of illicit drugs with urine sample or blood sample under force if necessary in order to secure a search warrant to prove that You are a part of or can bring forward information and/or connections regarding organised crime drug trade.

The procedure of extracting blood with force to sample and secure evidence of You for being a suspected drug dealer or a criminal by the police in Sweden is a crime against human rights and doctors are not allowed to partake in torture. The collection of urine samples is a very important source of income during events such as music festivals and such events that is considered "cannabis friendly".

Considering that the arguments are not arguments any more and we can soon move in to the legalization for adults and implement cannabis with easy in our already functional system of other legal drugs that have a controlled system with a clear harm reduction strategy based on truthful information, clear table of content and a legal purchase age.

The stupidity of the Swedish governments reasoning is painfully obvious and full of ignorant people with no experience what so ever with cannabis as a recreational drug within the grown up adult free thinking individuals that make a sober choice of using a less harmful drug of choice.

We all agree.

  • Protect children from the harmful effects of drug use.
  • Supply healthcare and support for those who suffers from the harmful effects of drug use.

Severely good taste in cannabis brought me to this site.

-M, Bravin



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