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Swedish officials talking about "0 vision against drugs" in the UN/WHO and other world leading organisations while drinking alcohol.

Wake up Sweden!

It is getting embarrassing hearing our ministers talking about Swedish made up terms as "haschpsychosis" or claiming increase of schizophrenia or frying of brain cells with a loss of IQ as a result of long term cannabis use.

Swedish officials talking about "0 vision against drugs" in the UN/WHO and other world leading organisations while drinking alcohol and pushing legal highs and mind altering highly addictive drugs in third world countries and breaking international conventions and EU laws.

Swedish propaganda regarding cannabis have very selective moral based arguments and very little to no evidence based or factual proof, this propaganda machinery is backed by people benefiting in hard cash due to their campaigns and study's against cannabis with contracted addiction programs combined with prison sentence and/or hefty finds.

This while the same government is controlling alcohol and tobacco trade in a more scientific and more humane way of treating addicts based on information and harm reduction with no legal actions towards the user unless a crime is committed under the influence.

These study's and educational programs paid by the Swedish government in other words, us the taxpayers money is literally killing people and forcing them in to becoming a criminal and the people charged are automatically called drug abusers and become narcotic felons due the legal status alone.

These laws are superimposed by the Swedish Police force that with a minimum of suspicion will force You with violence to make a doctor or nurse draw your blood to prove their suspicion if You deny any criminal activity based on the redness of Your eyes.

Doctors and/or nurses are not allowed to partake in torture related activities and are eligible for lawsuits however in Sweden they don't care about this since You are a "junkie" until proven that You are not.

If test result comes out negative You are free to go. If positive finds and you are now a drug abusing citizen with a criminal record as a narcotic felon just because you might have smoked a joint in Amsterdam or Colorado the day before.

Or You can plead guilty and go in to a substance abuse program specially made up in Sweden for cannabis "junkies" based on the "haschbook" and the knowledge from the 60`s and is full of "Reefer madness" propaganda. This program will insure that You pee in a cup for up to 2 years so You don't fall back i to Your destructive abusive ways of your cannabis addiction and you will possibly lose your drivers license, job and possibly your home if guilty of using cannabis i Sweden.

Meanwhile the people supporting this cruel legislation is walking tall, making money with the rest of the elite. Because off course these higly educated and sober people would never, ever do something that a certain percentage of the children growing kid up in Sweden and the rest of the world is doing and always have been doing since the dawn of mankind, right?

Our Prime minister, Financial minister and other representatives in the Swedish government and financial elite is happy about this law being so new to us, with good reason. They openly admitted using cannabis when they where younger and our Finance minister Anders Borg went in to politics wanting to decriminalize/legalize cannabis.

Does this apply to everyone to talk about use of drugs in the past and get away with it? Yes if the time is right.

The period of prescription with respect to criminal offenses is a wonderful thing, I have to agree on that and we Swedish and Scandinavians do like to travel abroad to do our business, it is in our genetics and our history tells us of Scandinavians travelling to the middle east, Greece, Greenland and the Americas long before Christ or Columbus was born and fact is that the Christians came to Scandinavia forcing prohibition upon us and forcing Swedish people to grow Hops for alcohol and killing the ones who would not comply. Just like everywhere else, burning of witches, torture to pay tax and book burning to get control of education and information.

Luckily we wrote our history in stone.

Still the year 2014 the Christians and other morally panicking members within government have huge problems with the open minded Swedish population version 3.0.

And here in Sweden internet is considered a problem by the government due to the exchange of information, that rhetoric sounds familiar to a short guy in Korea that I have heard allot about online.

But surely it must be a legal medicine even i Sweden?

The Swedish Läkemedelsverket (Medical Products Agency) have since January 1, 2014 decided to charge money (40.000 SEK) for applications that use to be free, off course these applications is regarding license to grow/ export/import medicinal cannabis.

No refund regardless of outcome on your application and no information is given you regarding standard protocol or guidelines to apply or follow in regard to hazard analysis, critical control point or other crucial information when growing medicinal cannabis.

According to this agency in charge of medicine in Sweden it is the wrong way of getting cannabinoids such as THC and CBD in to the body by "smoking the dry and cured flower of a natural herb".

Reason - Unknown at this time.

Meanwhile GW Pharmaceuticals have FREE PRICING on their medicinal cannabis products and a privately held company called Bedrocan in Holland/Netherlands is making millions within the EU regarding the same medicinal cannabis in its natural form that is an illegal medicine in Sweden. Doctors here and there? Lobbyist at work?

If cannabis in its raw form "marijuana" is so dangerous as these prohibitionist´s claim and doctors against this natural medicine suggest,

I strongly suggest that the millions of users that are using it and have been using it for thousands of years would be able to present one single person that at least got lung cancer or died from using marijuana as medicine?

Marijuana is a non lethal drug with very low toxicity according to the scientific method LD50 and medicinal cannabis "marijuana" that can relieve and help people suffering from some of the most common diseases and small little ailments on the planet such as back problems, migraine, anxiety, stress, eating disorders, glaucoma or a common cold and it is commonly used to help with the disturbing side effects from the traditional medicine in cancer treatments and HIV/AIDS treatment.

And so much more...

And this is just from "smoking" the herb itself in its natural form.

We can produce in the comfort of our own home medicinal cannabis in any shape, form, strength, taste that is just as good and better then these so called lab made pharmaceuticals and it is being done worldwide, regardless of the law.

Change is upon us even in little "worried" and "anxious" Sweden.

Good luck in the EU, UN, WHO and more organisations I hope Reinfeldt or whomsoever that is next in line for "the throne" here in Sweden that You have a backup plan when the Swedish hypocrisy and breaking of International and EU trading rules and regulation are out in the open.

You better smarten up Swedish officials and decriminalize cannabis, again.

See You in court Swedish government, bring Your best.

- M, Bravin.

In the news today:

United Nations Secretary-General and a winner of the Nobel Peace Prize.

Kofi Annan

"The UN drug control system is built on the idea that all governments should work together to tackle drug markets and related problems.

Leaders should take the opportunity presented by these shifts in public opinion to start implementing harm-reduction policies and public health strategies that can make a real and lasting impact on drug trafficking and consumption.

All authorities – national and international – must recognise reality and move away from conventional measures of drug law enforcement ‘success’ (e.g. arrests, seizures, convictions), which do not translate into progress in communities."


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kunde inte ha skrivit det bättre själv vännen. Tack för att du tog dig tid ;)


Nice reading :D.


Best regards Jimmy

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