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8th August 2015: Hanfparade in Berlin! "Use Hemp!"




"Hanf" is German for "hemp"

The Hanfparade is the traditional and german-wide pro-Cannabis march in Germany. Every year in August we gather for the legalisation of Cannabis as resource, medicine and recreational drug.

On Saturday, the 8th of August 2015 we will march for the 19th time for the long expected change in the policy on Cannabis.

There were over 6500 participants from all over germany to the Hanfparade in last year. We want to top it this year so: tell your friends!

This years motto is "Use Hemp" (Nutzt Hanf!)

1 pm Main Train Station - Washington plaza

We want to show how usefull hemp can be. There are to much bureaucratic hurdles to grow hemp. We want free choice of hempseeds for farmers!

3 pm - Ministry of Health

We want to remember at this point that still ill people can only get Cannabis in special cases. We want free medical cannabis for everyone who needs it!

4 pm - Berliner Dome - Lustgarten

The worst for recreational users is the law enforcement. Legalizing Cannabis would free up resources and bring in tax money. Legalize now!

5 pm - Brandenburger Tor (west side) / Str. 17th June

At the big end rally we offer informations on Cannabis and its uses, live music and speakers at the DINAFEM-Stage, DJs and speakers at the SENSI SEEDS-Stage, the area for industrial hemp, the SENSI SEEDS-Forum for medical cannabis as well as many other, colorfull offers.

10 pm - End

After the parade there will be topic parties all over in Berlins clubs.

The demo then follows a route to the Brandenburger Gate. At the street of 17th July we will make our political message heard upto 10:00 pm in the evening.


Although registering the demonstration has been the first step, it is still a long way from becoming a colourful and powerful event. Help us make the Hanfparade a success. Help us legalise Cannabis! Support the biggest German demonstration for the legalisation of Hemp as a sponsor, work in the organisation team or spread the word and make the Hanfparade more known in your region.

Whoever is in favour of an end to prohibition and the "war on drugs" or even just wants to get factual info, is hereby called upon to support our demands and enrich the biggest German demonstration for the legalisation of Cannabis with your participation.


DINAFEM, Sensi Seeds, Medijuana Magazine, Green House Seeds, Verdampftnochmal, Black Leaf, Futurola, VapoShop, Paradise Seeds, Smoketown Headshop und Blaze

More Info about our sponsors on: http://en.hanfparade.de/hanfparade/sponsors.html

and how you can help: http://en.hanfparade.de/volunteer.html



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