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Potent's New Beginnings early 2012



Hey Hunters,

It's that time again :D

I have put in 5 Doctors (docs) and 5 Exodus Cheese (ExCh) into soak tonight so tomorrow they will be going into Root Riot it's my first time using both the strains and the Root riots so should be interesting!

Once they have sprouted i will be placing them in foam cups like last time with 'Plant Magic Soil Supreme' transplanting into a 6l pot, 11l pot and finally 40l pots.

For the grow, equipment list is as follows;

120cm x 240cm x 200cm Tent

125w Blue CFL

2 x 400w MH

2 x 400w HPS

Parabolic Reflector

Diamond Reflector

Ruck Extractor and Rhino filter

Numerous amounts of Pc fans connected to to old phone chargers ;)

2 x 6" Fan

Inline Fan for the intake

Plant Magic Soil Supreme

Plant Magic Old Timer Range with added 'PM' bits from here http://www.plant-magic.co.uk/pdf/oldtimer-schedule.pdf

i wanted to try the PM range as it was a suggestion from a friend and i liked the sound of more or less totally Organic and after reading there has bin really good results! so will be great to see the comparison with GH nutes when i can get my hands on sum hehe

I look forward to this more than my last grow, hopefully the Money Maker test seeds will arrive tomorrow! i have a glass ready for them :D

I have also bin using the Herb.IQ Windows program which another hunter posted up, i'm finding it really good and useful and it will help greatly on keeping the diary and giving stats to the forum

I will be doing a separate diary for each strain to save confusion as i included a few other strains which il post if i think they are worthy hehe

Well this Concludes the intro post to the grow well soak hehe Once there is something to see i will start the Grow diary :D

Until then here's a couple pics, everyone likes pics hehe



Peace Hunters


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Thanks hunters, much appreciated :)

I woke up this morning and all seeds have sank to the bottom of the glass and this evening i will put them into the root riot hopefully will have some babies in the next few days.

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