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First tent video of 2012





17days of 12/12 ; landrace Liamba (the toped one) and GH The Church..

Have some burned tips due to cold they have been trough, and as you can see in the video aswell the temps got a bit low these last couple of days since I cant control the flow of the intake, dispite controling the outake. The temps inside the house are about 17c now, so i cant get it over 24c as it is... Due to the cold during in veg the church is much smaller then it should be.

The smartpots are 12L but I foulded them so they have about 8 and 6 liters respectively (Liamba and Church).

So I look forward to more better average temps in the house so the temps in the tent rise to normal values and they can grow properly!

Take care

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Looking good my friend. I hope you will get a nice growth. Gonna be nice to see the next update ;)!



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Loving the video Rom :)

Some beautiful young ladies you got there.

I have not heard of the Liamba which seed company is that from?

17 C in you house, thats too chilly for me, do you use house heating?

Keep bringing us more vids, alway enjoy your grows.

Have a good grow my friend!

Peace bro


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Hey guys! Thanks for watching! I will dedicate great time to this blog instead of posting In the grow journal sections so it will be all in one place and easier for the ones that wish to follow my grows etc.

Lams, Liamba its a landrace from Angola, a friend brought me some seeds from the last time he went there.

The plants have quite some time, but since the winter. so the cold made them slower while in veg...

I dont heat my house, its too expensive. But with a speed controlable intake I would do the job (no cash to buy a proper intake at the time), dispite controling the outake speed it wasnt enough.

Thank you and take care!

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Thanks for the answers Rom:)

Will be cool to see an Angolan landrace grow.

Take car my friend!



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