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Potent's Mixed Grill day 9



Hey Hunters, It's now day 9 with the Mixed Grill!

In the last blog post i mentioned the Exodus cheese casualty (decapitation) well because i felt guilty about that i planted two more Exodus Cheese and as luck has it i inherited a pack of 5 GH Super Critical Auto (from a friend who had to move) which are now in germination. So with that 1 death 7 shall be born, they are still in the temporary shelter (cardboard box, 125w cfl)...but new germ/clone tent should be arriving Monday (75c x 75cm x 100cm) which will be perfect.

So Quick rundown; :read:

Soil - Plant Magic Soil Supreme (girls where born in root riots)

125w CFL

Temporary Shelter (Cardboard box)

Strains :yahoo:

7 GH - Doctors

6 GH - Exodus cheese 3 in germ

6 DNA - 60 Day Wonders 1 in germ

5 GH - Super Critical Auto's in germ

4 CC - Buddha Tahoe

3 Samsara - Sweet Black Angel all in germ (still)

2 D'n'A - Rock Locks

1 G13 Labs - GigaBud

1 Dinafem - Cheese

1 Dinafem - Blue widow

All the Doctors germinated and all looking lovely, The 3 Exodus still in germination are showing signs of life and should be above the surface tomorrow. 2 of the Super Critical are near the surface (where planted 2 days ago) and still no signs of the Sweet Black Angels hopefully there are a late starter and come up soon! oh and 1 60 day still to come up all the others are up and looking fine :D

So grand total 36 seeds 7 still in germination 4 showing no signs of life.

Also the Greenhouse Powder feed has arrived!! Thankyou very much People at the greenhouse :D

I got the Mostly Indica nutrients so I will be using that on the Doctors and Super Critical Auto's in comparison with the Plant Magic old timer and Biobizz range. I will be making the test as fair as I can and I am looking forward to this very much now and will all these strains it truly will be the survival of the fittest and the fittest with be cloned :drinks:

I shall do the next update when the rest have germinated and when they are in there new home.




Recommended Comments

I feel you pain about your loss man , i had a ventilator turning my most beautifull fimed sour diesel from a 5 to 3 head monster... But i made the best out of it and since she was entering her third week i used the destroyed branches to save the beautifull genetic hehe.

Cant wait to see the grow.


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Hey Hunters, thanks once again all the positive comments makes me happy I'm part of this community!

My new baby tent has arrived :D

All in there now looking lovely, under 2x 125w CFL blue. For extraction i have reversed a In-line fan with a dimmer switch so i can turn it down, they didn't call it the turbo edition for no reason makes more noise than my proper extractor lolz

4 days later and still no sign of the Samsara 'Sweet black angel' all 3 did not germ and 1 60 day wonder other than them all other seeds have germinated - 100% germ rate for the Greenhouse as expected hehe all looking lovely and green!

Now for a few pics coz i know how much you all love pics!

The new tent 75 x 75 x 100cm



The babies so far

The Baby Super Critical Auto's

I'l do another blog update soon. I figured a lil comment will do the job for the time being. until the next time


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very nice mini tent man, that would be perfect for me for a veg room :)

And nice little army pictures all looking good man

Have a good grow and keep us updated, i hope the sweet black will come out :(

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