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looking very good bro, buds all over the place, cant wait to see final result :D

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looking nice they have lots of room to develop, have a good grow

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You get a reputation 1+ from me, CFL power ;) Looking good mate and i hope you got harvest enugh when i come by and smoke 30-40grams from you stash?

lolol keep it up brother,

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CFL light is good and works perfectly as long as everything else is perfect!

I will have to buy another one after this grow... Later in the year hope I will finaly upgrade to HID digital..

From this grow probably 50g at least.... The Church didnt had vigour since seedling stage, but it was cold and I thought it was just that (although they also vegged outside the tent because I was having a flowering period inside the tent at that time and unable to veg them tere), the Liamba is two weeks older then The Church but started flowering at same time.. It was and still is my first indoor winter grow and it lacked a speed controlable intake, the speed control on the outake wasnt enough to compensate for the lower heat produced by the 300w CFL I have... the intake air temperature was too low at the house, only reducing it too it would had gave me the correct flow of air to get the right temps...

Thanks Lars!

Take care

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