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  2. Hi all just a quick introduction , My name is Evan and I am from Western Australia Been growing Outdoors for aprox 10 years and currently trying my 1st indoor hydro grow
  3. GenoDrive positions that are important for our students any further discussion if not I can entertain a motion for approval because I did not hear of any changes none to suggest so I'll move that we approve this as presented as far as a the written version of the elevator pitch this is great yeah yeah Thank You staff second it has been moved by director Carlson and seconded by director sage to approve
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  5. Hi guys! Is there anybody from the UK? In December, my boyfriend and I moved to Manchester from Sacramento, CA (my bf got promoted). I've never been to the UK before, so everything here is sort of weird for me (I'll never get why and how they use two faucets). But I have much more important questions. Is it possible to buy or raise weed here? (I know it's illegal but still). Which dry herb vaporizers can I find here? (I prefer to vape weed instead of smoking). I had to leave mine home. The most useful article I've found is this one , however, there is nothing about dry herb vaporizers in there. I do hope there is someone from the UK who'll make everything clear for me! Thanks!
  6. It appreciates good amount of resin and a good formation of buds, everything seems to go great
  7. Personally I think it's just a few hours.... Maybe you should opt for an autoflowering strain and indica
  8. Great answer from gasmeter! I would go with that marshydro, I have never heard of Philzon. And as gasmeter shows you the marshydro will grow nice plants (I still use the small 300w Mars Hydro for veg). But to complicate things some more I would still recommend the passively cooled lights - no sound no moving parts no noise. To compare light you look at the spectrum, which is highly debated so i actually don't care so much about this one as I care about the intensity or efficiency of the light. Which is listed in µmol/J, or Lm/W and tells you how many µmol or lumens you put out for each amount of energy you use. And actually most not so good LED companies will not lists this because they know they have shit efficiency. check out ledgrowlightsdepot on YouTube and their website. They got alot of info and comparison between lights. Maybe even contact the dude he is supposedly very very friendly. i link you the website and a page with the new gavita LED (gavita was once the standard for 1000w HPS everyone wanted and compared to and now they make a LED that's looks insane good).
  9. That's funny I've heard mutations can happen within clones from the same mother, but I have never experienced it. You gonna flip to flowering soon?
  10. Iam sorry to say but I think that is too little light Is it because there is shade on the plants for the rest of the day or no sun light at all? But try buy some cheap seeds and give it a go. If you have just shade in there area and not an actual lack of sun you should be able to grow cannabis ( I've done and Jorge Cervantes have done it). There is some interesting debate between light intensity vs light duration/hours. In this video a guy compared light intensity (distance) with hours of light. He compared 24hrs with 12hrs, and I think you would need a minimum of direct and/or indirect/shaded 10-12hours of sun light a day for proper flowering.
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  12. Man I just what this grow to get over so the next one can get rolling this shit is too crowded and with hermies fucking brilliant Anyways the buds are actually starting to look really nice here in week 6 of flowering. Last picture is a little teaser that for what is up next for flowering hehe
  13. Yes that will grow a seedling. But the light is not so strong and will only light a small area. That said my very first indoor grows as a kid was with similar bulbs, and I got some buds.. I think you should go for that cheap option and try some very cheap seeds, maybe even hemp/industrial just so you can get a feel of what it is like growing indoors in your environment.Later when you have money you will want to have the newest, most expensive and the best lights anyways. The full spectrum debate is a long and complicated one, but to me I have seen the white full spectrum COB LED out perform HPS and blurple red/blue LEDs. But seriously just jump into it. In general more red spectrum is suggested for flowering and more blue spectrum for veg. The spectrum is sometimes described in specific number or Kelvin. The higher the Kelvin the more blue ( below 4000kelvin is normally suggested for flowering).
  14. I've read that Tahoe OG can treat insomnia.
  15. I want to grow cannabis outdoor, and this is some of the sunlight hours that we have in my city, by month
  16. Can i use one of these, for growing them from seed to seedling?, i still dont get the Led full spectrum
  17. oey, a complete stoner in a town known for its good weed and stories of the Candy Corn Killer, is a disaster waiting to happen. As you can ... Halloween Movies
  18. This is rentons green onion, created here in New zealand by lounge lizzard seeds, Mikado x Yumbolt, F1s named after the first person in nz to be prescriped cannabis medicine in a hospital, but only after it was too late and he couldnt be saved. R.I.P Alex Renton.
  19. Top one is Ultimate purple (Bcbuddepot) middle is Big bud (ILGM) Bottom is Cookies ( Freebies from seedbank)
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  21. Fenómeno Mannekken p estas hecho un artista muy buenos cogollos
  22. Great trimming job @MANNEKEN P
  23. Happy smoke Dude
  24. Nice pics Greenkiwi is better if you can leave the name of genetik too Cheers!
  25. @Chefblake420 Thanks dude!!!!!!!!!!
  26. Amazing! Absolutely beautiful!
  27. First manicured
  28. Hi @GanjahMx I havent heard of Philzon so I cannot comment on them, but I run a Mars Hydro LED and it is great. My tent is a Mars Hyrdo grow tent that is 70cm X 70cm X 160cm my light is a Mars Hydro II 400 LED which is equivalent to a 250 watt HPS lamp. The lamp consumes 159 watts it costs me less than £20 per month plus a 6" fan running constantly and less than £30 when I run a little dehumidifier during flowering. At the end of the day it is about light intensity so if you can afford the $97 thats good, but remember you need to afford to run the light as well, so if you buy a lower wattage lamp you just need to give the plants an extra week or two for them to finish.
  29. The day after my last progress update the Exodus Cheese bud was ready to cut off the stalks. So in the late afternoon I got out the clippers and cut all the bud off the stalks in total I got 40 grams of bud, which was dry enough to put into mason jars, the bud from the tops of each plant I put into a separate jar with the bud from the top of the two from the last run. Anyhoo here are some images of the bud. Cutting Exodus Cheese bud off stalks. Exodus Cheese bud on scales. Exodus Cheese in mason jars. Exodus Cheese bud next to Clipper lighter for scale. Exodus Cheese bud close up. Exodus Cheese in grinder. Exodus Cheese in spliff. Then I man smoked up the spliff, it was nice, the aroma from the bud reminds me of hash, the taste is also hash like, but there is also this spicey or peppery thing too, sometimes I can taste it as I smoke a spliff, but most of the time it is when I go out of the room then come back and I notice the peppery spicey thing. The vibe is a nice body stone and high that lasts a few hours. The Kings Kush babies are doing great, now I have completed this journal I will start one for the Kings Kush, happy growing guys. Gasmeter Likkle more
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