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  2. Sorry to hear the same fate as those here, a little different as these were got to hot and fried dry being under wrong bulb to long. jane.
  3. Nice garden friend, I like the little tricks you add to the pots . Lovely look plants, well done. jane.
  4. Coming along nicely good show, the topped one will be interesting to watch. Loving those pots, they look quiet deep 400mm? jane.
  5. Yesterday
  6. Plants looking healthy. could you label them so we know what's what lol,are you jadaming ,love dr cho so simple and very effective was planing on trying his methods and growing potatoes too
  7. Sorry to hear that . that's why I veg with low watts I only use 100 to 200 watts to veg .Holy 1200 watts I need to up my game lol I'm only using 600 for flower and that's only at week 3 till 8
  8. Little update just some pictures of where we are at, it's my favourite part of the grow, getting the girls in the bed and spreading out limbs for maximum penitration 😂 Probably check back in a week and hopefully I will have my nets in place and ready to flip really soon,
  9. Растишки отошли от стресса водного! сделал дефолиацию. кормлю дальше! вот не могу понять одно! Поливы чередовать компот с водой или компот-компот-вода! так делать?
  10. Hello growers. Thankyou for the kind word, those of you with your chair take a break however keep it warm. What I mean to say is have made a big judgement error when setting up for a stronger light, they got moved from the baby tent to the main tent and I somehow fried them. have no fear I have ordered 5 more of each and will catch up. I will update you the day they turn up. As for now let me show you where the main tent which they were in for to long. 1200watts of hybrid hps/cmh bulbs. 3 weeks 2 days. In the 2 back corners we have Bubba Slush, front 2
  11. Last week
  12. No se preocupen amigos es que no tengo tiempo para perder.... Me gusta ir a por faena 😂 Estoy un poco loco es algo normal en mi improvisación sobre la marcha y ver que sucede
  13. Wood ash helps raise ph It also adds potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, aluminum, and sodium....
  14. I agree I do it at the 3rd node never tried at the 2nd interested in this
  15. Got my cheap green house frame up it's 12x7x7 all for 2 chemdogs
  16. They getting big not bad for 100 watts and 20 watts for a fan
  17. Gracias hermano, trato de darles el mejor cuidado ayer hice una poda apical y film a dos jugo del rey y no sera la unica tecnica que empleare mas adelante les traigo fotos Saludos
  18. thanks guy's for the suggestion's and input but i already terminated them ,i am only just growing for over 30 years so i think i know when to pull the plug ,already wasted to much time on them . dropped 3 of the chemical bride beans and the sprouted all three of them ,and the are placed into the soil ,so hopefully the will be stronger . and as an insurance i already bought myself a pack off white lemon's seeds ,i did very well on them last year and of course also a greenhouse strain (strainhunters) well keep posting my story and all the best to ya all !!
  19. Looks like a bit of damping off, add some cinnamon and let dry out, or use a antifungal seedling treatment, I would just sprinkle with the cinnamon and let dry out, hopefully you can get them back, What is damping off? Damping off is caused by several soil-borne fungi and fungus-like organisms including Pythium, Phytophthora, Rhizoctonia and Fusarium, which infect seedlings and cause them to ‘damp off’ or collapse and decay. Damping off can affect most seedlings, particularly under conditions of high humidity, poor air circulation and if seed is sown too thickly. It is main
  20. Repot 1 into bigger pot may save 1 mix with dry soil and it should be good
  21. well this is a first for me ,after a promising start it all went down hill with the girls ,and i cant seem to find the issue. from the moment the popped their head above the soil the problems started ,at the contact point where the stem meets the soil the just seem to die and the stem just went flat like a three in a hurricane ?? tried to get them up an running several times but it just didn't work ,so the kings juice are terminated and next on the program is the chemical bride ,fingers crossed there's still an issue in the strain with stability i thing
  22. @Jose.gh I have also been looking into cover crop that increases oil and terps in the companion plants, yarrow and basil are both plants suspected to help increase oils in cannabis, in my cover crop I have basil, yarrow, mint, clover, and oregano, I also have just added a layer of barley straw as mulch and trying to get the cover crop to grow through it. I have just defoliated and gave them a nice natural farming soluble sulphur with wetting agent, this will be my new veg IPM spray , bugs and fungus in one, Got to admit this shit stinks and now my House smell's like fart😂
  23. Hey bro, this looks very interesting. They have germinated very well and you can tell they are very healthy, I'm taking a seat to watch
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