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  2. Wonderfull top cola dude, with beautifull color... good job and happy smoking!
  3. Hello Hunters, It is the beginning of the week 7 of flowering for this two Holy Punch The temperature of the room are at 27° (light on) & 18° (light off) & the humidity are at 52% (light on) - 75% (light off). The watering now is at 1,8ec and 6,5 PH with 22c° water temp. The extractor fan is at the max for lower the night humidity... As I say before this two plants are more 10weeks flowering that 8-9 that greenhouse say but it is maybe only this two pheno. Anyway Iam very happy with this strain and i cant wait to see the rippening HP#2 HP#1 See you next week hunters ;-)
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  5. La verdad es que si Shaggygrower da gusto ver los colores que cojen en esta fecha saludos amigo mio The truth is that if Shaggygrower is happy to see the colors that take on this date greetings my friend
  6. Hermosos colores que aparecen. Muy agradable.
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  8. Thailand is also ridden with landmines. Testy strain hunt for certain.
  9. Added a blurple MarsHydro LED and started flushing.
  10. Your biofeeding is very goed product iam very happy of the result is the product i was wanting you can make the poting mix like you want and add the biofeeding and just give only water to the end ieven if you use automated watering no need of any product in the water even with r/o water is perfect 😁👍
  11. Hello m3sca1 and welcome to forum It will be great to be able to see your growing diary!
  12. Hello I prefer a vape. But you should try both to understand what's better for you.
  13. Thanks mate for info Those buds look fantastic! Very good photos too, very sharp and focused !
  14. End of week 4 The smell start and is not too strong is a littel fruity and resinous
  15. Thank you for the advice Chefblake420. Only GHS have collected this specific landrace so unless WoS is GHS I do not believe they will have this landrace. Africa is a big place though so I suspect there are thousands of landraces for the continent to offer.
  16. Hi, a quick follow-up. Palau even contains a Wikipedia page entitled "Cannabis in Palau" - BBC Article - 'Palau: Is it the world's cannabis capital?' "Marijuana in Palau: Where It is Illegal But Tolerated" Will follow up more later. Peace
  17. No a green house...sorry friend, just having a bitch of a time controlling humidity and temp..its an open flow green house but the moisture content in the ground is what's getting me..or more to the point will be getting me cant floor it and I be transplanting in 5 weeks...change in circumstances...still tho... would like any and all info that anyone is willing to share.
  18. Time for a progress update, the 4 Exodus Cheese autos are all growing well and enjoying having the grow tent to themselves. I continued to give them all 100 mls of water and feed every 2 days, one was taking 3 days to consume the moisture in the dirt, so I gave it half the amount of water and feed so the dirt in all 4 pots dried out at the same time. Then on Saturday when they needed to be fed and watered I repotted them all into 10 inch pots and gave each 1 litre of water before I put them all back into the grow tent. I started taking photos but the battery ran out of power, I forgot to check it and charge the battery, before I started, anyway I managed to take a few photos before the battery died. Exodus Cheese autos in grow tent Exodus Cheese autos in normal light Exodus Cheese autos tops of plants Exodus Cheese autos in new pots in grow tent After drying over the last ten days the Jack Herer stalks made a snapping sound when broken so this afternoon I cut all the bud off the stalks, there was 34 grams of bud and 4 grams of dry trim. Once I had tidied up I got a bit of trim and a nice bud sample. Then I rolled a spliff I love the earthy and herby taste and aroma of the Jack Herer auto and the hit profile is just how I like it with a good body stone and strong high, the taste an aroma is OK despite me having to spray it with a solution of milk and water to combat the touch of powdery mildew. With the two Exodus Cheese the aroma and taste has a slight hint of milk, which slightly masks the aroma and gives the taste a subtle hint of milk, but it does not make it harsh to smoke at all. Definitely better than loosing all the bud thats for sure. It seems to be more on the smaller buds from low down on the plants, anyway now I can control humidity that won't happen again. Happy growing guys. Gasmeter
  19. Thanks a lot OG. Nay you are very kind
  20. OG.Naj, thanks ! I myself try to do at home fertilizer for plants . Only as a last resort I buy something in the store . I have been doing this for 6 years now and for now I am satisfied with everything . How things will be in the future - time will tell .
  21. @Jeniffer Hello jeniffer wats the best to use a vape or a jpint ?
  22. I've bought my vape from here My choice stopped on Pro 50 Combustor Dry Herb Vaporizer. I'm satisfied with my choice
  23. Thanks guys! Yea the organic Vs mineral/conventional debate is always interesting and very complicated. I just like to mix it up, MASH UP! Things are going okay in the growroom. They are nice and frosty and really smelling now. That fruity sweet skunky smell with tones of diesel/fuel - this smell reminds me alot of the RKS from reserva privada, and i loved that strain, so iam getting very impatient Maybe i will give one last feeding with PK and abit og sugar. Or maybe just start flushing..
  24. Beauty plant @g22 good job man!
  25. Hello @marcelloss, The feeding strategy is not the same in soil, in hydro with medium like rockwoll or in water.... If you are in soil, the nutrient strategy is 1 watering with feed & 1 watering with only water or 2 feed / 1 water. But you must flush with plain water at the end 1-2 or 3 week before the cut... In hydro, specially hydro with medium like rockwoll franco and arjan explain that it is good to flush with nutrient solution of 1,1/1,2ec in flowering 2-3 times to be sure that she have no salts or nutrient lock in the medium and just after the flush she make a dry medium period to speed the plant in flowering. At the end a flush is very important too in hydro but maybe a little shorter that in soil. Generally the plant tell you when it is the right time to harvest after the flush with beauty autumn color ;-)
  26. Wonderfull grow @Chesterland, the fact that you feed the plants is interesting! And your plants looks happy!
  27. have also found a topic from a few years ago on here which took me to a page explaining Mongy weed's source-this is new information to me and lends weight to the idea that there is a weed out there waiting to be found like the old couple did... Topic thread source
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