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  1. Yesterday
  2. Hello Now we are at week 4 since start of flowering (12/12). Same ole same ole Blueberry OG still awesome, but finally the rest have started flowering and showing some phenotypes - quite chuffed about the dark purple one. Now just time for some swelling of the buds - what do you guys use to fill in the buds? They are under the VanQ GLMX720 LED run at 80% (680W) Humidity in the 60-70% range and day temps around 30C and night 23C. (heat wave and heavy rains - the ventilation cannot keep up - yikes) In biobizz light mix in fabric pots. Fed greenhouse powder feed short
  3. Indoors I start counting as soon as I filp first day of 12 hrs is day 1. Outdoor I don't count till I see buds forming that is week 2 , Works good for me
  4. I didn't like not defoliating so I tied some branches down to open her up to more light
  5. Отличное начало, братан, я дважды выращивал автомобили Джека Херера, это хороший сорт и отличный дым 👍
  6. Вчера положил в салфетку сегодня уже вылезли
  7. Time for a progress update on the 4 Kings Juice girls at the start of week 9 of the flowering period. Last Monday 14th of June 2021 the dirt in the root pouches was dry and all of the plants felt light, so I mixed up 3ml per litre bloom feed and 2ml per litre of PK 4-8, I mixed 8 litres of the feed solution, and then I gave each plant 2 litres of the solution. Some stalks at the bottom of the smallest plant got bend and damaged so I decided to cut them off so she would not waste energy repairing them and focus on growing bud, I left the bud on the little stalks and left them on the w
  8. https://gmark.kz/product/auto-jack-herer-ghsc
  9. Thank you the sun makes the plants very stinky it smell like road kill skunk ,and like little bit a bleach burning the nose but it smells wonderful
  10. Week 12 The buds are forming quite slowly I think. Is perhaps also due to the high temperature of 28 ° C on average in the grow tent. At night it is not really cooled down the week. Maximum to 24 ° C. Since yesterday, leaves are discolored sporadically. They appear lighter. But the leaf veins do not change color. I have attached a photo I hope you can see it well and maybe someone has an explanation for me. My guess is N deficiency. Since the rinseout is so high I could also imagine that the bubba slush has to fight with a nutrient blockade. Occasionally I also see burnt leaf tips. The nex
  11. Looks really very good and slightly lemony sounds delicious.
  12. Thank you, I had to chop out a couple of small nugs that were blocking airflow and light it was starting to get that light green look from lack of light, so I just left them to dry on my TV box for two days, now smoking them, chemical bride, dry it smells like sour cream it's so nice, the flavour is a sweet earthy with a creamy background, very nice, I can't wait until it's properly finished, Im happy to run this as one of my new regular must have in a jar. I going to try a 3 plant per pot next round see how a short veg more plants works out, I'm trying to maximize my space, this will be
  13. When do other fellow growers count there 1st day of flower I’ve read a lot of different comments with regards to this question. some growers say they count there 1st day of flower as soon as they change there light cycle, others say once they start to see quite a few white pistols appearing please feel free to comment with how you do it thanks
  14. 12/12 commenced on Thursday last week so should start to see some more pistols very soon, both plants already had a few hairs as I have had them vegging for a long period so I think the plants became mature if that’s how I’m supposed to say it
  15. @Aquakush thanks for the reply, I do have warzone not very good at it but I’ll have a few games with you message me your ps name and I’ll add u tomorrow peace
  16. Would love to grow the Velvet Moon please, *edit* didn't see that shipping to USA isn't available.
  17. Last week
  18. Looking like the king's juice is getting closer to finish, to be honest it looks nice, tight dence nugs ,colour is starting to turn purple slightly, hoping it will purp out more over the next week, it frosty and has a sweet jelly candy smell,
  19. Pues no sabría decirte por que no llego hasta la copa estirando el cuello🤣😜pero al abrir el armario me viene un fuerte aroma que no se definirte un toque haze con toques cítricos se podria decir
  20. сегодня прикормил их буйскими солями на 7 литров воды дал концентрат рассчитанный на 1.5 литра компота! думаю не сгорят) И очень сильный ветер! хоть и подвязал их, боюсь, что сломает(
  21. штормовое предупреждение! очкую чтобы их не сломало сильным ветром 28м.с
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