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  2. Panda Express is a famous chain of American Chinese Fast Food cafés situated in the United States of America. It is claimed by the Panda Restaurant Groups Inc. furthermore, is headquartered in Rosemead, California. First opened in 1983 by a Chinese couple, Andrew Cherng and Peggy Cherng, Panda Express' first outlet was situated inside Glendale Galleria in Glendale, California.
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  5. i think that our my thought was true. but from where? Have you see some male flower?
  6. Looks like you will have some seeds...
  7. @g22 thanks bro that's what I was thinking
  8. jack #2 look to get fat bro . Its a bean
  9. @ShaggyGrower if you want to get more mileage from your images you could leave off the year and the symbol on its own is the same as the word it represents
  10. Amazing job they look beautiful and so healthy
  11. The question you need to ask yourself do you see value in paying a premium for a resource that is sustainable. The main problem with plastics is the single use stuff where the plastic cannot be recycled, we need to stop producing these types of plastic, and use plastics made from plant matter that are biodegradable and paper bags. If the plastic you rely on can be recycled then its not a problem, those types are better than plastics that cannot be recycled, they are the lesser evil as it were.
  12. Time for a progress update on the plants. End of week 6 and start of week 7 of flowering period. All of the plants are building bud, the calynx on the Jack Herer #1 & #2 are starting to fatten and the buds are starting to close and the bud on #3 is still a week or so behind, and the bud on the Passion #1 is just getting fatter. On Thursday morning the dirt in the root pouches was dry and the plants felt nice and light so I mixed 0.5g per litre short flower powder feed and 0.5g per litre booster and made up 2 litres of the feed solution. Then I mixed 0.5g per litre of the hybrid powder feed and 0.5g per litre of booster, I made up 6 litres of the feed solution. I then gave each plant 2 litres of the feed solution and then put them back into the grow tent under the LED. Here are some images of the plants that I took yesterday afternoon. All of the plants in the grow tent under the LED. All of the plants in normal light. Jack Herer #1 foliage and stalks side view. Jack Herer #1 buds Jack Herer #2 foliage and stalks side view. Jack Herer #2 buds Jack Herer #3 foliage and stalks side view. Jack Herer #3 buds Passion #1 foliage and stalks side view. Passion #1 buds A bean or just a big fat calynx? please send your answers on a post card to the address at the bottom of the page. The Passion #1 is done now that was her last feed so as soon as the dirt in her root pouch dries out I will give her 4 litres of water to flush her dirt then just water for another week and she should be ready to cut. All 3 of the Jack Herer have to travel a bit further yet before they are done. Happy growing...
  13. Hi @OG.Naj, Three out of five BloodRhino are whorled. Two trifoliate/tri-whorled, and a single quadfoliate/quad-whorld. I have a feeling the BloodRoses #1 is a trifoliate/tri-whorled. One BloodHaze is trifoliate/tri-whorled, with another that is single-foliate with some strange growth straight from the seed. All BloodX (BloodBerries x HiFi4G) look usual thus far. Will wait until the 4th or 5th node develop to see if the BloodX's flip to tri- or quad-. I really enjoyed the trifoliate/tri-whorled White Rhino I grew in the competition, so I'm very interested to grow them out to see if: they're female, and to see how they turn out. Perhaps the environmental stresses I put them under in the Solar powered grow in autumn last year, with very weak light and no heating, caused them to adapt or die, or it was "something else" :-) In any event, I really like their structures and it's an adventure.
  14. Hey @g22, As BloodHaze #1 is the first of his new cultivar / strain, I'm not going to top it and just grow it out naturally. I'll drive it to the flowering Cannavan on Wednesday, together with BloodRoses #1 and maybe some others.
  15. It would reduce their profit. It would make their life more difficult. _ or _ It would cost me more. Without plastics, my reliable food sources would not be possible.
  16. the white traces on the top of the soil are surely a sign of activity of the benefic fungus
  17. @g22 Do you talk about the leaf in the bud or in general? If it is in the buds I thinck that come from the SourD male i use but it is a little to early to be sure on that, i need to see the end buds structure. Tha SourD male i use from Karma genetics give a better general structure, a little bit of more grow in height in grow and a little more strecht in flowering on 3 of the 5 female and when you look in the SourD gene for sure is not the best hyped structure bud but it is for ure one of the best weed on earth for the terpenes profile-smell-flavor and also for the high , but at the same time the worst to manicure. It is maybe the price to pay for this amazing weed To show you how leafy is the sourd gene, here is my keeper SourD bx2 #3 grow 100% bio with greenhouse powder feeding week 7 on 11 totally
  18. Tricks against Fungus Gnats: 1. Get some natural sand, washed of course, not from saltwater shores, dried. Coarser sand is better than round sand. Use this sand as a one-time top-dressing over your growing medium to prevent or reduce thrips and fungus gnats. The sharp edges of coarser sand discourages the adults from laying eggs there, as well, it causes difficulty for hatched pests to emerge from the soil. 2. Use GreenHouse BioLine products. Grow/Bloom/Enhancer tends to foster a mycorrhizae that also seems to work against soil-hatching flies.
  19. Hello @ShaggyGrower, i see that you have multiple mutation in your outcoming X, what you thought about that? Bad trait from the male you used, stress from a environmental parametre or something else?
  20. @ShaggyGrower Hey amigo you gone to let her grow normaly or you gone to top or somthing els ? Iam curious to see them in flowering a trippel node that can grow big central bud's maybe
  21. They look to have more leaf than #3 But very nice bud's bro
  22. Not sure which structure I like best. The compact trifoliate/tri-whorld-ness of my BloodHaze #1 below: Or the spiralling swirlingess of BloodRoses #1 below: Or the quadfoliate/quad-whorld-ness of BloodRhino #1 below: What's your favourite of the three? I've bred a fourth strain/cultivar; BloodX (BloodBerries [Subcool] x HiFi4G [Dutch Passion]) and a few are growing, looking forward to seeing what mysteries will be reviled. Time will tell. Happy Growing! **** NO IMAGES SHALL BE SHARED WITHOUT MY EXPRESS PERMISSION, MESSAGE ME TO DISCUSS *****
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