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  2. Looking.. popcorn available. Peace!
  3. It is not supposed to "smell". Co2 has a "sharp, acidic" smell in high concentrations, far more than a mere 600-1500ppm. Usually, toxicity levels for humans are around 5.000-10.000 ppm. It becomes lethal at around 80.000-100.000 ppm. If you "smell" it, it's probably just a bad product. This said, the bag HAS a distinct odor, but if it's smelling different from normal substrate/fungi activity, then you might want to change the bag
  4. Thanks friends, when we have new strains available for testing, I will communicate it here.
  5. Ты сейчас ей азота дай, что бы на цвете небыло проблем с пожелтевшими листьями.
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  7. Welcome dude!
  8. Отличный результат Бро! Заводи на следующую репорт.
  9. Nice gerls
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  11. I try that c02 bag before it works I could smell it when I open the tent and lightly push on the bag
  12. Hey'all! This week was full of changes. First of all, the supposedly Co2 farting bag (mycelium and some other bullshittery) is fracking amazing. It arrived on friday, and by Sunday the plant had a complete new look. Leaves are finally of an intense green, they're not drooping anymore, and she substantially doubled her size in a matter of 4 days. The addition of Co2 seems to have helped fixing a little overwatering issue, as with the plant growing, so does the rootball. And if the rootball grows, the amount of soil clogged up actually diminishes. This doesn't mean the plant will not suffer from root rot/overwatering in the future. It just means it overcame a difficult moment. In addition to the Co2 bag, i upgraded the ventilation system. The old setup was made of 2 extractors running at 110 m3/hr, and considering i use active carbon filters on both ends (I/O), I've got to calculate a -25% efficiency on those. Meaning that the real amount of air being moved was around 82.5 m3/hr. The new extractors (and filters, ofc) run at a 250m3/hr, meaning that, with that -25%, i'm getting I/O 187.5 m3/hr. Considering my grow tent CBM is 0.612m3, i've passed from repleneshing the air inside the tent from a lil bit more than twice a minute, to a lil bit more than five times a minute! This will help the plant to develop even further. More air can't hurt, right? Speaking of airflow, i've also made a "Mod" for the pot i'm using. Got a plastic tube, approximately 4cm in diameter, 80cm long. Cut the thing in 4 pieces, and carved 64 holes on each tube, 5mm wide, and planted them 15cm into the soil. This allows air to penetrate deep into the rootzone, and also reducing humidity/wetness in the pot itself, allowing it to dry faster. Unfortunately, i can't find my old 18L cloth-pot, so i was forced to use a 30L plastic pot. Plastic pots suck ass, because they never manage a good drainage, so this was my solution to it. Anyway, about NL24. Today is NLday 28. This marks the beginning of her last vegging week, but i do plan to extend such period. She is approximately 20cm tall, NL24 has now 6 internodes. It had 7 this morning, but i performed Topping. I've also cut a couple fan leaves (100% healthy leaves, no issues) in order to give the lower branches more light penetration. I like to grow my plant in a semi-scrog (SCRog = Screen Of Green): i don't use any net whatsoever, but i try to even the canopy myself with topping and a touch of LST. Today i also fed NL24 with 1gpwl GHSC's Enhancer, 25% more than the last time. This is gonna be the max amount i'll use in the future, every 2 weeks. Currently feeding her at 6.2-6.3PH. Lastly, i got my battery pack for my camera. Here's a couple good quality pics! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As i said earlier, i'm probably gonna extend the VEG phase, until the canopy looks even to my eyes. If the plant grows as fast as she's been doing the last 4-5 days, and if she recovers from the topping, I calculate to bring her to flowering stage in about 3 weeks. Imma post a weekly update, as always. So, until next time.. Be safe. Peace!
  13. nice girls, mate
  14. Hi all. вот такой вопрос, если растение на стадии рассады подверглось очень большому стрессу. растить ли его дальше? Илт пересадить в аут? This is the question if the plant at the seedling stage has undergone very great stress. whether to raise it further? And transplant outdoor? Мир! Pease!
  15. Ку Бро! Хороших тебе начинаний! Растишке расти большой и жирной!!! Мир!
  16. From the album Моя растишка

    37 дней от каски! поливаю компот-компот-вода! 700ппм компота!
  17. This is an older pic about 22 days earlier. The 2 larger ladies are Bubba and the petite girl is a Super Lemmon Haze which handles hot temperatures much better. She started flower on new years day. I gave one of the Bubbas to a friend who had his plants seized by the police cause had had 9 plants instead of 4, which is the limit per adult in a household. He lives by know, its not funny. He was fined $8k. He doesnt live very far away, i go check her out every chance i get, she's now under hps lights indoor.
  18. Bubba Kush 48 days into flower. One of my present outdoor grows. Had lots of rain and high humidity of late December and earlier in January 2021. These days, scorching sun which is not quite suitable for Indica dominant strains. I keep a fan on them 24 hrs, helps cool during the hot days and keeps buds dry during humid nights. Best i can do.
  19. Alien guerrilla glue x2
  20. Last week
  21. Hi looking good
  22. Ку Итак первые плоды загибов. Blueberry DP Bubba Kush GHSC Три перелома ствола, но мы держимся ыыы Мир!
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