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  3. Day 39 kept the 2 best ones to make a third generation
  4. Hi, started growing my own vegetables when i was still a child on my gran-parents land. Wasnt until i married and moved to my own house i tried cannabis, and about ten years after that my husband started to grow our own supply indoors. Now all the children are grown and moved on (about 4 years ago) we decided to growing again. At this present time i have 2 seedlings. Its a lovely place you got here really good reading. Bye for now, jane
  5. Day 45 I cut in 2 - 3 weeks I was not good on this run it will be on the next
  6. looking back and reflecting on the last year ,there's a 2 new grows started for this season !! hopefully my buds will go just as nice this year as the did last year . and still ar smoking those amazing strains from last year !! good luck to every grower around the world for this season
  7. dude you have some work to do with all those strains ,can't wait to see the results later on . all the best to ya and your climate is almost the same for me over here i think , i have to take control of the blooming stage also by blacking them out for over the hole blooming fase ,to get a good result . good luck
  8. I now will be feel effect from this smoke maybe 24 hours and 1g will be on 1-2 weeks smoking... Anyway I will be keep my body is clean. I have some smoke somewhere but I don`t want to start. I buyed autoflowers seeds one year ago and don`t used it, maybe will go to the trash later. Save some buds in good cold place and 1-2 year later it is will be more interesting for smoking.
  9. oke that's a first for me to be honest using an additive at the germination stage ,i always thought it will poison the seed by an overkill of nutritions ,always use plain tap water and uptill now with a 100 % score ,but it works your showing it my friend . only start with some additives when the are above ground and are about 5 cm in height good luck on the grow and i will follow the progress on them little girls ,greetings
  10. hi there my fellow growers around the globe ,here's a little update on the grow . the joanne's are ready to move to their final destination a nice big 65 ltr pot , i will make my one soil /perlite mix and after replanting the will get some aptus startbooster again . over here we will have a stable week of good weather coming so it's a good time to take the next step hopefully the pictures show there progress after ten days later !! al the best to ya all my friends and keep growing
  11. Nice starting variety 👍
  12. Sorry if I haven't updated for a bit but I've had my hands full last couple of days, I got a new job as a essential worker at a hardware warehouse for construction workers and gardeners, I'm head gardener at the hardware warehouse. The plants are doing fine, I added some more to the collection. I've got 19 photoperiod plants and 11 autos. I'm reconsidering adding a couple of autos like Critical Orange Punch, Dedoverde Haze and Purple Punch since it's too late to start photoperiod plants now. I love sativas but the short summers in Scandinavia make it impossible to grow outdoors unless one has a greenhouse so autos it has to be. My strain list is: Photoperiod plants: 4 Frisian Duck 4 Early Skunk 1 Sweet Valley Kush 3 Silverback 4 Alaskan Purple 3 Quick Kush Auto plants: 3 Dos Si Dos Cake 1 Mexican Airlines 1 Pineapple Express 3 Moby Dick XXL 2 Haze XXL 1 Blue Amnesia XXL
  13. @Cannabissapean hows that baby Kong's Krush going ???
  14. Time for a weekly update on the 4 Cheese plants at the end of week 1 of flowering. All of the Cheese plants are growing well stretching and increasing their structure and creating new nodes and bud sites. The Green House Cheese plants are now 27cm and 34cm tall and the Exodus Cheese plants are now 30cm and 34cm tall. When I watered and gave them a light feed on Friday I poured the water carefully around the edges of the dirt in the root pouch to make them work to seek out the moisture in the dirt. This morning as I rotated the plants in their root pouches I can see the dirt is drying out in a timely fashion because of the increase growth of all of the plants as their root mass and the foliage and stalks increase. Here are some images of the plants I took yesterday afternoon. All of the plants in the grow tent under the LED All of the Cheese plants in normal light. Green House Cheese plants side view. Green House Cheese plant foliage. Green House Cheese plants top view. Exodus Cheese plants side view. Exodus Cheese plant foliage. Exodus Cheese plants top view. As soon as the dirt dries out again in the next couple of days I will just give them water and I will increase the amount again by a couple of hundred mls and then I will feed them next time the dirt is dry. More updates to follow soon, happy growing...
  15. Fin de la segunda semana de floración y las plantas ya se asoman a la reja, perfecto _______ End of the second week of flowering and the plants are already looming on the fence, perfect
  16. I've run out of ideas how to deal with the kittens.their mama left them.i hope they catch any bugs around. Other than cannabis plant I've also started growing some other plants as well.(tomato,chilli ) Im thinking of mango next. I have just found out mango and weed are heaven matchmade.anyone here have tried eating some mangos after a smoke?
  17. thank you. too bad there are no possibilities to send legally 1g with invisible address link to our avatar or I would send 1g to give you a taste when they are finished. I will post new photos tonight to see the evolution i busy for the moment
  18. Last week
  19. The brown spots are explained in the first post at the top of this thread. Here is a link to the top of this thread...
  20. BEDZ, editing in photo album doesn't work, because the rotation in photo album works only for the "display" of that photo on your device when viewed through that photo album. What you need to do is open the photo in a photo-editor like "Paint" (or some other photo-editor). There you can perform the rotation, but then you must "SAVE" the photo under a different name. Only then will the rotation be saved under the new file-name. And now, you will need to be sure to upload this "NEW" photo to the forum, not the "old" photo.
  21. Everything looks just fine. Don't worry about those yellowing leaves lower down, perfectly normal. Cute pretty kitty...
  22. Usually, you should be able to find the instructions with the seller online. But if not, here is the way it works by my experience: 1. You must be very clean with everything you do. 2. Best is to use distilled water to prevent introduction of any contamination that may be in your tap water. 3. Barely open the lid and pour in distilled water to wet the substrate completely. Close the lid and let it soak for about 15 minutes. 4. After 15 minutes, barely open the lid again and tip it to drain away excess water. Do not allow the substrate to fall out of the plastic container. 5. Now place the plastic container inside the clean plastic bag, remove the lid, and lightly fold the top of the bag only once and clip closed with the clips. The bag should not be hermetically sealed, just one fold. This should allow gases to exchange without allowing dust particles to get in. 6. Now place the bag in a dark place about 24°C, but best do not use a heater. The temperature needs to be room temperature with as few temperature changes as possible. 7. It must be left as still as possible, no movement. 8. In 3 to 5 days, you should begin to see small white spots. Keep it dark and still. These white spots are the beginnings of the fruiting bodies. 9. Have fun, be careful.
  23. why do you have those brown spots around the seeds ? are you already using an additive with germanition of the seeds ?
  24. hi to all I am new too, hope learn from all of you, thanks for receiving me.
  25. yes it is difficult to germinate but you are doing very good, congrats, enjoy your plants
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