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  3. Don't worry friend @g22 no problem No te preocupes amigo @g22 ningun problema
  4. @R.G.S@OG.Naj Big thank's bro i alrady print all the triks 3years ago I made a binder with all the info I could find (@R.G.S sorry amigo your tags stay in i try to erase but i can't)
  5. I am eager to harvest and put new seeds inside this closet, I am looking forward to trying the two strains exodus cheese and SLH maybe in the next indoor crop a great test of different strains put on the same day and we see that different types of growth and flowering can take place all at once Happy day brother Estoy impaciente por cosechar y poner nuevas semillas dentro de este armario, tengo ganas de probar las dos cepas exodus cheese y SLH quizas haga en el proximo cultivo de interior una gran prueba de distintas cepas puestas el mismo dia y vemos que diferentes tipos de crecimiento y floracion pueden llevar a cabo todas a la vez Feliz dia hermano
  6. Hello @g22, look what you can make to prevent or treat the pest and disease in this link : This link is the all articles from Franco. From the growing, flowering to the drying and curing phase. Very good old articles Enjoy
  7. I thinck it is a special strain for Franco because she is the first who managed to feminize the clone only Exodus Cheese that are a Skunk #1 IBL, and that after having tried differents techniques of feminization because Franco say that it was very hard to feminize this Exodus clone. Super Lemon Haze is a wonderful strain to and the combo between exodus and SLH is perfect also Have a nice day bro!
  8. Thank you friend @OG.Naj for sharing here those beautiful catches of the outbreaks of Franco's cheese exodus from what I see the cultivation is difficult since it makes buds in the form of a cluster, but you already know me brother I have no brake, it will be sensational to see why he decided cross with the super lemon haze and understand the reasons for the crossing but I want to understand each plant first separately Gracias amigo @OG.Naj por compartir aqui esas bellas capturas de los brotes de la cheese éxodus de Franco por lo que veo es difícil el cultivo ya que hace cogollos en forma de racimo, pero ya me conoces hermano yo no tengo freno, sera sensacional ver el por que decidio cruzar con la super lemon haze y entender los motivos de dicho cruce pero quiero entender primero cada planta por separado
  9. Exodus cheese is a very good choice bro, this stain is very good. Look the pictures Franco send me in 2011 when i test this genetic with the new nutrient line from GH powder feeding befor she are on the market ! It is one of his favorite strain and I can say you that you will love this one. Very unique taste and high.
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  11. Hola amig@s y compañer@s de cultivo hoy traigo alguna foto de las W.L no se nota gran cambio desde la ultima vez que postee pero si que observo una gran cantidad de pitillos nuevos en los brotes que me dan que pensar que estoy marcando bien los parámetros en este momento, tengo ganas de empezar otra vez desde 0 y para la siguiente tanda estoy pensando en probar exodus cheese Hello friends and cultivation companions, today I bring a photo of the WL, there is no great change since the last time I posted, but I do observe a lot of new cigarettes in the shoots that give me to think that I am marking well the parameters at this moment, I want to start again from 0 and for the next batch I am thinking of trying exodus cheese Saludos 😉 👍 Regards 😉 👍
  12. Hey OG.Naj, Sorry but my chesdale's stock is empty. It was just a test for the fun, but i will probably remake some chesdale seeds. You have to know that the original tahitian duckfoot male have been lost for many years ago. So you can find only fem clone of Tahiti landrace. Actually, i'm waiting for Underground seeds collective's duckfoot. I hope find a male duckfoot for cross with my Tahiti duckfoot(plant #1 and #2). I'll contact "pua mana ohana" seeds bank from Hawaii to get their original "hawaian webbed indica" for cross with my plant#3.
  13. Sound very good cross mate. I love the exodus cheese that are a IBL form of the skunk#1 genetic. and your buds looks very good mate. Do you have news cross project for the future?
  14. Hello OG.Naj, I use a exodus cheese(fem) x skunk#1(reg). Chesdale=Tahiti landrace (♀️) x exodus cheese#1(♂️). But i lose this exodus cheese#1♂️. I only Keep the mother plant of chesdale ♀️ to make clones... You can see some pictures on "🔎Tahiti landrace" Cordialy
  15. '@R.G.S The problème IS not so Big and i keep giving the garlic extract in every feeding so it IS just a few underwatering i think I was also a little lazy with the mix that I give in spray to strengthen and protect I will try to be back attentive to m'y plant
  16. Last week
  17. Friend @g22 I think that the humidifier will not solve the problems with the spider and can be harmful because the leaves are weakened and can be damaged by receiving excess moisture and light with spiders attacking .... It would not be better to address the issue with some acarizida and disinfect the entire cabin well? Greetings brother Amigo @g22 pienso que el humidificador no te solucionara los problemas con la araña y puede ser perjudicial debido a que las hojas estan debilitadas y pueden dañarse al recibir un exceso de humedad y luz con arañas atacando.... No seria mejor tratar el asunto con algun acarizida y desinfectar bien todo el habitáculo? Un saludo hermano
  18. @R.G.S@OG.Naj no prob I can afford a humidifier tomorrow i chek it
  19. Maybe you can simply spray water on the plant when you open the box to put more humidity?
  20. Looks great @Dr. Duck, Do you keep the seeds of this cross for future project? What cheese do you use in this cross? It is exodus cheese or the GH cheese or some other?
  21. Day 1 Flo. temp 20 ° - 28 ° RH. 42% - 60%. the humidity was too low and i did not give much attention to my plants these last 2 weeks the spider mite start top apear and i did not buy any humidifier soon maybe i transplant 5 days ago and i just give the bio grow until now next week I give the biobloom
  22. Hey joose, thank you for your Answer. You can see the picturs about my strain, look "🔎landrace tahiti"... Cordialy
  23. Hello PavelMatys, Welcome to the forum... Fell free to ask if you needs advice or infos ;-) Enjoy
  24. Adore this strain. It's so sticky, smells dank, taste so beautiful and gives you such an amazing high. I wish you good luck with growing.
  25. Hi all growers forum!
  26. Hola amig@s y compañer@s de cultivo hoy traigo alguna foto del interior y de un cogollo que disfrutare esta mañana de la doctora #1 a la salud de todos ustedes Hello friends and cultivation partners today I bring some photo of the interior and a bud that I will enjoy this morning from Dr. # 1 to the health of all of you Saludos y buen día Greetings and good day
  27. Cannabis can't fix all your life. You will have problems anyway later. So at least better don't smoke too many. Try keep your brain on future. Cannabis don't greatest thing ever. Maybe just like alcohol etc. Many return effects. Also if you have have problems with spine better don't sit too many. It is first mistake of many people's even without bullet in body.
  28. You got a fair bit of metal work there...
  29. @Chefblake420 I am glad that your girls are OK and the cold did not harm to them you got some beautiful bud bro enjoy your well earned harvest
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