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  3. Nice to know Opinions. I love to read. India's Online Store Machinery, Tools & Equipment. Keep Going
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  5. Don't want to delete anything. It all reads so funny now. Oh, maybe I didn't see the cheeky replies. So, there. I'm innocent on all accounts... (it's so good to be high...)
  6. I wish I had seen this thread long before now. WOW WOW WOW Following OG.Naj's "Play Room" is like attending a Cannabis-Breeding Lecture at the Smithsonian. You're good, OG.Naj. How about you writing for The National Geographic or maybe for Dr.Sanjay Gupta's next Cannabis story? You have mastered that macro lens. When did you start with that lens?
  7. Muchísimas gracias por tu valoración, siempre aprendiendo es la mejor forma de mejorar seguro que para la próxima vez salen mejor las plantas y el buen hachis casero, una delicia 😉 👍 ____________ Thank you very much for your assessment, always learning is the best way to improve for sure that next time plants and good homemade hashish come out better, a delight 😉 👍 A destacar de momento del cultivo Curiosa kaia kush con terminaciones rojizas _______ To stand out from the moment of cultivation Curious kaia kush with reddish endings Grandes buds produce S.L.H pero el aroma de EC es increíble 😉 👍 __________ Big buds produces S.L.H but the aroma of EC is amazing 😉 👍 En 12 días In 12 days
  8. @Cannabissapean yep lots of lols after I posted my reply to your post somebody cleaned up and removed the cheeky post and our replies so my reply now looks totally random and out of context Please feel free to delete my reply and this one too
  9. Asking stupid questions, one of my favorite pasttimes... Did you smile?
  10. Wow, a lot of seed variety and good strains. It's gonna be great to see that outdoor crop, bro!
  11. yes they have responded well after topping and the change of photoperiod that spike in humidity is after watering during the night, I leave the 6 inch fan running all the time in the tent blowing air around the plants and I usually have the window open a crack just to vent the room as long as it is not too cold outside otherwise the temperature in the room and the tent drops. Next week when I put the dehumidifier in the tent it will smooth things, also I watered a couple of hours before the LED went off I now prefer to water and feed as early as possible in the day to allow them to transpire as much as possible while the LED is on a reduce that spike in humidity. It does the plants no harm because we water the dirt not the leaves.
  12. Yeah!!! They look fantastic. When you smoke, remember to tell us how they look, feel, taste...
  13. Wow, that mother plant is pretty lush for such a small pot. Do you use coconut as a substrate?
  14. I think I can taste it... what good memories! Yes, it's a strain that has a wide internodal distance, it stretches very, very much, in bloom. Maybe g22 tips are good for keeping it from getting bigger I can't wait to see her blooming 100% hehe, and be very jealous!
  15. Joder, felicidades tio. Esos cogollos se ven realmente bien, muy desarrollados y resinados El hachís también tiene muy buena pinta he! Estás echo un artista Damn, congratulations, man. Those buds look really good, very developed and resinous. The hash looks really good too! You're an artist.)
  16. The new heads come out strong, they look vigorous. Wow, 99% is high. Do you use an air movement system? (extractor)
  17. neva mind cocaine he have sex pon him brain
  18. @Guovsahas that's a whole heap of beans there bro Good luck with your grow this season it was great watching your grow in the 3rd Mega contest last year and a relief when you updated to let us know you harvested some bud after all the set backs and ups and downs during the grow. walk safe bro
  19. Time for a slightly belated end of week progress update on the plants at the end of week 1 and start of week 2 of flowering. I am a bit late updating my journal because the driver for the Nvidia graphics card on my workstation suddenly stopped working, so I am now running the open source driver and I have cool runnings again. So all of the plants are growing well and on Saturday the dirt in their root pouches was dry so I mixed up 3 litres of feed solution containing Plant Magic root stimulant 3ml per litre, GHS calcium 0.5g per litre and GHS grow powder feed at 0.6g per litre. Then I placed each plant in the shower cubicle and gave them 1litre and 250ml of the feed solution each and then put them back into the grow tent under the LED. Here are some images I took of the plants before I watered and fed them. Preparing the feed solution. All of the plants in the grow tent under LED. All of the plants in normal light. Jack Herer #1 side view of foliage. Jack Herer #1 close up of top stalk. Jack Herer #2 side view of foliage. Jack Herer #2 close up of top stalk. Jack Herer #3 side view of foliage. Jack Herer #3 close up of top stalk. Passion #1 side view of foliage. Passion #1 close up of top stalk. All of the plants back in the grow tent after being fed and watered. All of the plants are quietly stretching now and increasing in height as they build lots of new nodes. Jack Herer #1 is now 26cm tall, Jack Herer #2 is 24cm tall, Jack Herer #3 is 27cm tall and Passion #1 is 20cm tall. Last week the maximum temperature in the grow tent was 30.2C, the minimum temperature was 18.2C, the maximum humidity was 99% and the minimum humidity was 40% the day time temperature was 26C to 29C averaging at about 27C and the humidity in the day was between 60% to 70% averaging at about 60%. The night time temperature was about 18C and the night time humidity was about 50%. This was the last grow feed I will give them, when the dirt in their root pouches dries out in a couple of days I will give them all a good flush with about 4 litres of water each and then let them all really dry out. Then it will be time to start feeding them with the flowering nutrients, the Jack Herer will get the hybrid nutrient and the Passion #1 will get the short flower feed. I am well pleased with the progress of the plants I can see some pistles in a few places on them now, next week I will put the dehumidifier back in the grow tent to reduce the humidity to help the plants to transpire harder. More updates to follow, happy growing...
  20. @Chesterland great job bro another great harvest happy smoking...
  21. Hey Hunters, Begining of the week 4 for the Nvidia Nevil's Haze selection In a few days i plan to pollinate some lower buds with my SourDbx2 pollen to make some seeds for preservation and sharing... Nevil's Haze "Nvidia selection"
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  23. Hola amig@s y compañer@s de cultivo hoy traigo fotos de las plantas pero con la luz Lec encendida, 😉 👍 No veo que engorden más en comparación con días atrás pero supongo que quizas están cerrando los buds y luego vuelven a engordar ____________________ Hello friends and cultivation partners today I bring photos of the plants but with the Lec light on, 😉 👍 I don't see that they gain more weight compared to days ago but I guess maybe they are closing the buds and then getting fat again
  24. I do , ive got one with cob leds, i am happy with the led, its 2400Ws but only takes 400 watts. If i knew upfront i would have bought more but then smaller, id take 10 x 50 watts instead for larger light spread. hope it helps, others i know also use the cob, one guy i know makes them after importing them from china happy growing
  25. Hello @Mathew, welcome to the forum. I hope you have been lucky to have avoided the bushfires there. I imagine that guerilla grows there ,.......... Actually I don't have a clue what to imagine about guerilla grows in Australia. Tell us what you know, Matthew. Have the fires opened up more possibilities for growers? Or have the fires reduced the possibilities?
  26. Leonidos#3 mom in a 1,5ltr pot just spayed with ehancer 💪👌
  27. Wow! Smells like Skittles! Well, then, I'm in. Looking forward to seeing the results. Let me know when the seeds are ready.
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