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  8. THis year give some result also. Tomatoes is not great but fine on taste. This year all tomatoes growed from seed without led light.
  9. Espero tomar la mejor decisión viendo lo que me proponen amigos @g22 y @gasmeter voy a sacar a la terraza las plantas infectadas #1 y #2 y voy a desinfectar a conciencia la habitación el armario de cultivo así como todos sus componentes macetas y equipos que utilizo, pronto volveré a hechar tres semillas o alguna más y proseguire este seguimiento Muchas gracias por vuestra opinión me ayuda a tratar de ser mejor y ver las cosas de otra manera I hope to make the best decision by seeing what friends @ g22 and @gasmeter propose to me. I will take the infected plants # 1 and # 2 to the terrace and I will thoroughly disinfect the room in the cultivation closet as well Like all its potting components and equipment that I use, I will soon redo three seeds or some more and continue this monitoring Thank you very much for your opinion helps me to try to be better and see things differently
  10. The dirt in all four root pouches was well dry and they seem to have enjoyed the dirt getting really dry, although they looked like they were ready for a drink, plus I have not seen any gnats at all over the past few days. The dirt on the surface in the root pouches had become compacted so I scuffed it up with my fingers to make sure it dried out efficiently as possible and today the root pouches and plants were really light. So at 3pm I gave all 4 Sweet Valley Kush plants 2 litres of water each, now I will let the dirt in their root pouches get nice and dry before I water and feed them again, next time I water I will give SVK-B#1 and SVK-B#2 some of the Bio Enhancer enough for 2 weeks and I will give svK-M#1 and SVK- M#2 some Short Flower powder feed. I am thinking I will add the booster as well so I can then continue to alternate watering and feeding. I will update again over the weekend with some more images of the plants, the bud is building nicely on all 4 plants I am well pleased with their progress so far and really looking forwards to seeing them finish and starting my next run. I will update over the weekend with some more images of the plants. Happy growing...
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  12. I think you need to desinfect the entire room where your box is and your intake and out take and use some prevent pesticides when you grow
  13. The bud from SVK-B#2 has been hanging on the stalk for a week now and the bud is dry and the little stalks make a snapping sound when I break them off the stalk, so I have removed all of the buds from the stalks and then put the bud into a brown paper bag to continue to dry slowly for another week before it goes into a kilner jar. The bud from SVK-B#2 weighed 25.3g in total and the was 2.9g of trim off the buds which I have mixed with the trim from SVK-B#1 which now makes a total of 6.2g of trim from SVK-B#1 and SVK-B#2 which I can use to make QWISO hash, I will use the stalks to make canna butter. I also save all of the fan leaves from the plants, which I use in a spliff instead of shag (baccy), I quit smokin shag 3 years ago. Here are some images I took. Bud from SVK-B#2 ready to be cut off the stalks All of the bud from SVK-B#2 cut off stalks in a heap. Bud from SVK-B#2 on scales 25.3g in total. Bud from SVK-B#1 moved from brown paper bag into a kilner jar. All of the bud from SVK-B#2 in brown paper bag to continue drying slowly for another week. Trim from SVK-B#2 on scales 2.9g in total. All the trim from SVK-B#1 and SVK-B#2 on scales 6.2g in total. Here is a bit of bud porn these are buds from SVK-B#1 The bud from SVK-B#1 smells a lot nicer after a week in the brown paper bag drying slowly, the aroma is a bit more complex now, the smell is earthy, herby sort of medicinal, with a subtle fruity note as well now. I have notice when I smell the live bud there is a subtle bubble gum aroma I also noticed this with the Kings Kush and Jack Herer autos too. I am glad that my outdoor run is over the weather over the last week has been awful it has rained a lot and today it is pissing down and really windy its proper wicked an wild out there, even the dog doesn't want to go outside for a piss he has got his little legs crossed. I will update again next week when the bud from SVK-B#2 is ready to go in a kilner jar. Happy growing...
  14. @R.G.S your lovebirds are beautiful they look very happy together, having a pair is the best way they keep each other company. Sorry to hear about the problems with your girls thats a tough choice do you limp on and try to nurse them through this, once the top inch of dirt is dry those larvae are dead and done or do you just start again scrub the tent with bleach and pop 3 more beans, at least it is only 3 young plants, the older they get the harder this descision gets. The question is will it take longer nursing the 3 plants back to a healthy state or just calling time on them and starting again and popping 3 more beans, at the end of the day you cannot make up the time if you start again, but the sooner you do the better if you think it is the best of 2 evils. I hope this help you to reason this out @R.G.S tus tortolitos son hermosos, se ven muy felices juntos, tener un par es la mejor manera de hacerse compañía. Lamento escuchar sobre los problemas con sus chicas, esa es una elección difícil. Cojeas e intentas superarlas, una vez que la pulgada superior de tierra está seca, esas larvas están muertas y acabadas o simplemente comienzas a fregar la carpa con cloro. y explote 3 frijoles más, al menos son solo 3 plantas jóvenes, cuanto más viejas se vuelven más difíciles se vuelve esta decisión. La pregunta es: ¿llevará más tiempo volver a poner las 3 plantas en un estado saludable o simplemente pedirles tiempo y comenzar de nuevo y hacer estallar 3 frijoles más? Al final del día, no puede recuperar el tiempo si comienza de nuevo, pero el cuanto antes lo hagas mejor si crees que es el mejor de los 2 males. Espero que esto te ayude a razonar esto
  15. Pienso que lo mejor será volver a empezar de cero desinfectando el armario al completo con lejía y desechar la tierra que tengo en este momento aun tengo W.L para poner otra vez Que opinan amig@s? Saludos I think the best thing will be to start over from scratch by disinfecting the entire closet with bleach and discard the soil that I have at the moment I still have W.L to put it back What do think? Friends regards
  16. Malas noticias amigos #3 dice ser macho, seguramente ocasionado por la plaga de mosca y estrés posteriores con el tratamiento para remediarlo, #1 esta muy delicada y la plaga no quiere abandonarla siguen las larvas dando vueltas a las hojas #2 tiene pocas larvas es la única mas fuerte en este momento #3 adjuntare fotos en cuanto pueda y será su despedida se que es bueno tener polen de un macho pero la semilla es feminizada no regular según tengo entendido solo los machos de semillas regulares son los válidos para obtener buen polen de ellos y con los machos de semillas de feminizada nada más que obtendré hermafroditas así que adiós a #3 Bad news friends # 3 claims to be male, probably caused by the fly plague and subsequent stress with the treatment to remedy it, # 1 is very delicate and the plague does not want to leave it, the larvae continue turning the leaves # 2 has few larvae the only strongest right now # 3 I will attach photos as soon as I can and it will be his farewell I know that it is good to have pollen from a male but the seed is feminized not to regulate as I understand only regular seed males are valid to obtain good pollen from them and with the males of feminized seeds nothing else i will get hermaphrodites so goodbye to # 3
  17. Gracias por el ánimo amigo @gasmeter aquí te dejo una foto de mi pareja de agapornis Thanks for the encouragement friend @gasmeter here I leave you a picture of my lovebird couple
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  19. Buenas tardes amigos y compañeros de cultivo hoy estuve con las doctoras en exteriores le di aporte de fertilizantes de floración su dosis semanal con un porcetaje de torta de neem como preventivo les traigo algunas fotos: Good afternoon friends and fellow farmers today I was with the doctors outside I gave contribution of flowering fertilizers their weekly dose with a percentage of neem cake as a preventive I bring some photos: Saludos Regards
  20. soon all peoples in australia will be very healty I guess.
  21. Cannabis oil and CBD oil explainer: What is CBD oil, the cannabis oil benefits Cbd oil in australia the Australian Government authorized the utilization of CBD oil for therapeutic
  22. You are welcome @R.G.S I am just glad to be of help, I am sure you will soon get rid of them De nada @R.G.S Estoy contento de poder ayudarte, estoy seguro de que pronto los eliminarás
  23. Time for a mid week update on the 4 Sweet Valley Kush plants as we approach the end of week 5 of flowering. Since I sprayed the dirt in the root pouches with a solution of 3% hydrogen peroxide I have not seen any more gnats and the top of the dirt was nice and dry this morning they were due to be watered yesterday, but I need to make sure the dirt is really dry before they get a drink. I will probably water them tomorrow afternoon which will make it 5 days since I last watered. Here are some images I took earlier. All 4 Sweet Valley Kush plants in grow tent under LED. All 4 Sweet Valley Kush plants in normal light. SVK-B#1 top of the plants main stalk (high res). SVK-B#1 top buds (high res). SVK-B#2 top of the plants main stalk (high res). SVK-B#2 top buds (high res). SVK-M#1 top of the plants main stalk (high res). SVK-M#1 top buds (high res). SVK-M#2 top of the plants main stalk (high res). SVK-M#2 top buds (high res). I noticed lots of brown spots on the fan leaves on SVK-M#1 (high res). Not sure what has caused this I was looking on the Grow Weed Easy web site at plant problems but can't find any images that look the same. The brown spots are definitely marks on the leaves they do not rub off, are these cause by the fungus gnats? At about 6.30pm when the LED went off the temperature in the tent was 30C so I have got the 18 inch fan running pushing air through the room and last time I looked the temperature was down to 26C I will leave the fan running until I crash out later around 10pm. Happy growing...
  24. Gran aporte de información amigo @gasmeter ahora mismo voy a enchufar un ventilador en dirección sobre las macetas de momento para lo que comentas, también noto demasiada humedad y peso dentro de las macetas les dejaré unos días más sin beber Great contribution of information friend @gasmeter right now I'm going to plug a fan in the direction of the pots at the moment for what you comment, I also notice too much moisture and weight inside the pots I will leave you a few more days without drinking
  25. For gnats and tiny flies the neem oil or a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution sprayed onto the dirt will deal with the larvae, also let the top of the dirt get nice an dry if possible run a fan so it blows onto the dirt, apparently it stops them flying about and helps to dry the dirt, the cause is the dirt being damp providing them with ideal conditions to thrive. I used a solution of milk and water to treat powdery mildew last year and it works great, there were also some spider mites and it mashed them up too, its a great natural treatment, but the bud had a subtle milky smell, but it was a small price to pay to save the bud. Para los mosquitos y las moscas pequeñas, el aceite de neem o una solución de peróxido de hidrógeno al 3% rociada sobre la tierra se ocupará de las larvas, también dejará que la parte superior de la tierra se seque y se seque si es posible, haga funcionar un ventilador para que sople sobre la tierra, aparentemente evita que vuelen y ayuda a secar la tierra, la causa es la humedad que les proporciona las condiciones ideales para prosperar. El año pasado utilicé una solución de leche y agua para tratar el mildiu polvoriento y funciona muy bien, también hubo algunos ácaros y también los aplastó, es un gran tratamiento natural, pero el brote tenía un sutil olor a leche, pero era Un pequeño precio a pagar para salvar el brote.
  26. I plan To let them good root like my seedling a good 5week of veg the end flowering is out of contest .
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