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  2. Loriax Cream obtainable, any of them can make contributions to the dark Circles below Eyes. if your lifestyles is complete of pressure due to allergies, make an appointment along side your own family physician and be aware if there may be some aspect you can take to govern each issue. in case you observe a best reaction along with your dark circles disappearing, stay with this feature. Butcher's Broom one of the great herbs you could find, butcher's broom can lessen those dark circles below your eyes. it is something you ought to take on a regular basis, however the quit end end result is mostly a awesome
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  4. Yes, I'm sorry, folks, but for the moment the rules are like that. Gasmeter, I sent you a private message Cheers
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  6. Hey SmokeyfromOz, That is great news this Michael Pettersson has his head together allowing people to carry up to 50g as well as allowing people to grow up to 4 plants outdoors is a good start and will help to break the reliance on street dealers and the black market. But they need to allow people to grow indoors, not everybody has access to space outside, but it is a start and they are heading in the right direction. The struggle goes on...
  7. thanks for the reply ,i have been growing the super lemon haze for the last 3 years so its time to try something else this time , its going to be the moneymaker i have maid my mind up already ,cheers to yo also
  8. Hey your welcome man. I only reduced the resolution a little bit to reduce the file size over 6mb is too big I got an error message that the upload failed because the size or weight of the file was too big, but around 5.5mb the image file upload was successful. I can't wait to sample some of the bud, all the calynx were little fatty boom booms each one action packed with heaps of resin my bathroom smells great at the moment.
  9. Hi I would like to enter this new competition and do a grow journal the Sweet Valley Kush looks interesting using organic powder feeding to keep things natto, I would have to do them outdoor with them being photoperiod girls.
  10. I registered one week later.. shit.. it's not fair
  11. Read the rules farming friends !!!
  12. Hello JSM, They're two good genetics, I personally love them. Money Makes is productive and fast, SLH is also productive but needs a little more flowering time. You can see a lot of these genetics in the indoor and outdoor growing room Cheers!
  13. Hello! Can you try changing the type of keyboard and color of text on the mobile? It's to check if there is a problem Thank you for letting us know.
  14. Hi mate and welcome to forum, We hope you enjoy the forum, share experiences and tips! Cheers!
  15. Sorry friends, but it is necessary that the date of registration in the forum is prior to the publication of the contest. It is not valid to have more than 30 post and that's it, it is necessary to be registered before. Cheers
  16. Hi There, From Germany. I am looking forward to take Part in this great community, sharing experience and knowledge with each other . I Fell in love with mmj About 20 years ago. Growing Starts About 10 years ago...and thirst for knowledge is unlimited for me. Greetings thirst for knowledge
  17. Love this Picture! It resonates with me...
  18. Nice close up of the Cherry Cola Kush. It was superb and consistent (I have not 'enjoyed' this strain since the last harvest).
  19. One of my favorite Indica"s - somatic memories of being a kid in the 80's! Who does not like the odd cherry cola for a treat?
  20. Nice and dense! The aroma is beautiful...
  21. Who here loves their Sativa's? I LOVE them!
  22. thought this was funny! Oh, and the cherry cola kush was no joke!
  23. Hi Jose, I would really like to join this challenge with the group. Only kicker - I have to come up with about 28 more posts in 8 days. I will if it is a prerequisite, and if possible - I would like to grow BOTH strains. My journel is already prepared in Microsoft Excel - it is a 5 sheet spreadsheet, covering germination, seedling, vegetative, flowering and harvest stages. Full transparency, I am a business owner, scientist and inventor who is leading a Canna Based Data Research & Field Study here in Canada. Based upon new Canadian laws, Canadians are allowed to cultivate up to (4) plants per household. I / We are primarily focused on helping new 'growers' cultivate cannabis with our 'protocols' to help them yield the highest return on their growing equipment and time invested, from seed to harvest. It is also important that the protocol(s) remain organic, and optimal for tapping in to the full genetic potential for the given strain / seed, in the provided growing environment. I really love the idea about tapping in to the full medicinal potential of cannabis. Getting 'high' is just a perk, helping and saving people is our goal. I am sure that you will be interested to hear about what I / We are up to - Good Luck Everyone! And, hopefully I can compete with you all here this year. Cheers, The MJWhisperer
  24. Hey Strain Hunters and the Green Seed Company! On the mobile app, does anyone else have issues typing here in the main text body? For some strange reason, I can not see the letters / #'s etc. when I type here on my iphone, but I do see them on my desktop (which is what I am using currently) Perhaps I need to change the text colour on my mobile app... Thank you, MJWhisperer
  25. Hey there! I had a feeling that it had to do with light intensity but wasn't completely sure. The consistency of the bud formation looks great through the length of the plants. Even the lower area pulled so much. I wish I could get a chance to grow that here one day and hopefully have it perform well. Glad to hear about your batch of sweet mangoes. Looking forward to see your grow. Peace and thanks!
  26. Here is a close up of the top bud on a Kings Kush auto just before harvest this afternoon Ripe an sticky
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