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  2. I forgot to comment that the other seven plants mark that they are clearly female without a doubt Happy weekend friends _______________________________ Me olvidé comentar que las otras siete plantas, marcan que son hembra claramente sin lugar a dudas Feliz fin de semana amig@s
  3. Kaia #1 a partir de hoy sera observada con 🔎 __________________________________ Kaia # 1 as of today be observed with 🔎
  4. I understand that you tell me friend @OG.Naj this year I saw how they competed in a forum with gorilla glue and it was an absolute failure, people working daily to remove the bananas hehehehehe there will come the gorilla thing, luckily I only looked at the followings of mine I do not want to have those problems 😰 ___________________________ Entiendo que me dices amigo @OG.Naj este año vi como competían en un foro con gorila glue y fue un fracaso absoluto, gente trabajando diariamente para quitar los plátanos jejejejeje de hay vendrá lo de gorila, por suerte yo solo ojeaba los seguimientos de los míos no quiero tener esos problemas 😰
  5. Hello @R.G.S,thats a hard decision , from time to time the hermaphrodites do only a few balls in the early stage of flowering. Being careful and removing them before they open is normally enough. Then the flowering goes on without worries. I see more hermaphrodite in the strain with some OG from usa and right now iam looking for this on my Rainbowbelts grow ;-)
  6. Hey what can you say about the next grow contest? I think it's a good idea to inform the newcomers for them to get interested and to get involved in the forum activities.
  7. Creo que es una casualidad pero los cultivadores de las plantaciones de bonsay en China dicen que es aconsejable plantar un número impar de plantas ya que sino el yin yang no está compensado, en este caso ya solo son 7 plantas nacidas el día 7 Espero que los chacras estén ahora de parte de ellas ______________________ I think it is a coincidence but the growers of the bonsai plantations in China say that it is advisable to plant an odd number of plants since the yin yang is not compensated, in this case there are only 7 plants born on day 7 I hope the farms are now on their side
  8. Ya e decidido ____________ I have already decided Kaia Kush #2 a quedado descalificada del concurso de bellezas Norma 1:solo hembras, ni hermafrodita, ni macho ______________________________ Kaia Kush # 2 has been disqualified from the beauty contest Rule 1: only females, neither hermaphrodite, nor male
  9. Quizás se vea más claro en estas fotos ____________________________ It may look clearer in these photos
  10. @OG.Naj Yes buddy that's a full-fledged genetic mutation Buds on the leaves: Generally the buds appear in the nodes, in the place where the petioles are born. But there is a genetic mutation that causes buds to appear at the other end of the petiole, that is, at the same base of the leaf
  11. Y quizás mejor matar antes que lamentar después.... ? __________________________________ And perhaps better to kill than to regret later ....?
  12. Traigo muy malas noticias sobre kaia #2 parece que es hermafrodita dejo unas fotos a ver que opinan ustedes amig@s _____________________________________ I bring very bad news about kaia # 2 it seems that hermaphrodite I leave some photos to see what you think friends Hoy la pregunta es: matar o no matar? 😂 😂 😂 😂 Mejor reír que 😢 😉 👍 _____________________________ Today the question is: kill or not kill? 😂 😂 😂 😂 Better to laugh than 😢 😉 👍
  13. Hello hunters, Just see some strange mutation on one pheno of RainBow Belts that i will share with you. You can see some little leaf grow on the center on a fan leaf and i see that on only one pheno but on each top of this pheno (topped) But this is not the craziest thing.... the craziest thing is that she have a little pistil on it! Have a nice day hunters!
  14. Love more the second one too 😎😎 she look white, fat, less leaf in the buds. Amazing work bro @g22
  15. @R.G.S Yes bro great ressemblance. No the mother make bigger Buds now i don't chek the Time of Flo the first and second are Taken thé seconde Is older . the mother was very strong With a Big stem and Big strong branches nice Big leafs too The cut are more affected by the littel genetic disease see on the leaf (some discolored leaves) Goed end of week
  16. Yes, both buds have a great resemblance 🤤 🤤 🤤 🤤 but in the last photo it seems to be bigger and have more chalices or it looks like it to me 🤤 🤤 🤤 🤤 Happy day friend 😉 👍 __________________________ Si que tienen un gran parecido ambos buds 🤤 🤤 🤤 🤤 pero en la última foto parece ser más grande y tener más cantidad de cálices o me lo parece a mi 🤤 🤤 🤤 🤤 Feliz día amigo 😉 👍
  17. Hi Kevrac and welcome to forum You can ask anything you want, it's always good to learn. Enjoy the forum!
  18. these two Buds are almost identical the last one looks better they have received almost the same food my they have not grown during the same season a Big différence in temp in flowering . But the mother doctor underwent less stress during growth
  19. Welcome to the forum @kevrac
  20. begining of weak two i have toped these aweak early than usaly i would do it in weak 3 but ive got 2 to 4 exstra weaks of veg befor i need to do any cuttings so im gunna try and take advantge of it as much as possibe i am also tieing down the begining of weak 3 ust giving them the next weak to get a lil more new gowth currently feading on 2.5 ml a and b dutch pro grow and 2ml dutch pro take root per leter currently drinking a leter and half a night hsp
  21. beginig of weak 4 after aload of leaf stripped out to remove weight and incurige it to bulk out a lil more hsp
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  23. Take a couch for this one! Cant wait to see the jack in action! Happy gro bro @gasmeter
  24. Perfect friend thank you very much for the information and advice because they are free to grow whatever they want, I will bring the focus to 30 cm to tell them not to spend much more, ok? 👍 Sorry for my late reply but I was adjusting the turbo of the car _______________________ Perfecto amigo muchas gracias por la información y el asesoramiento pues se quedan libres para crecer lo que quieran, voy a acercar el foco a 30 cm para decirles que no se pasen mucho más, ok? 👍 Disculpa mi contestación tardía pero estaba ajustando el turbo del coche
  25. beging of weak 4 crurrently running at 29 degress and 58% humidity and drinkin 25lts food a night 40ml a and b also 10ml exsplode per ten leters all looking good so far apart from doing a quick flush due to a few tips on the plan starting to go pale also added a flucent light coz it the only thing i had with enough lumens to help and fill in the light gap a lil more on the canopy hsp
  26. @g22 you nothing to apologize for, feel no way bro everything everything
  27. But she not stop totaly to grow in height i think they stay grow to the 4 -5week of flo but the big stretch com in the 1-2 (3 )first week
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