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  2. Hi everyone. Just an update, seems to have cleared up now and it's starting to flower, it's getting a bit colder now as well. I'm starting to see some frosting but not sure how long I should leave it with it getting damper and colder in the evenings. I think the six weeks would have been the first week of November but wondering if I should harvest early as there isn't a huge amount on it? I've attached a couple of photos, what are your thoughts.. Leave it and risk it or cut it early?
  3. Thanks a lot mate. It makes sence. Will try to get my hands dirty on this LED grow lights. As currently I'm tired of my old fashioned HPS systems.
  4. Hi everyone, Came across this article about Open Source Breeding. Really interesting approach to address a real problem Are you aware of any open source license for breeders?
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  6. g22, thanks a lot! I understand everything clearly. --- Season 2012 / 6 clones Blueberry (Dutch Passion). My photo report can be viewed at this link -®-fem-6-clones/ --- Season 2013 / Ed Rosenthal Super Buds (Sensi Seeds). 5 weeks of flowering: 7 weeks of flowering: Post-harvest photography: After the inflorescences from the ERSB plant dried out, their weight was 1500 grams (1.5 kg). --- For this season (2018), I deliberately chose the Neville's haze (GHS). It was very interesting to see how the almost pure sativa in Primorye will behave at 44°N. And what I see now does not disappoint me at all, but rather the opposite. --- I ask you to understand me correctly. I do not have the opportunity to fully grow sativa indoors and outdoors until fully matured. But to get a good smoking product is quite possible (which I wrote in the title message), which is what I’m moving at. I will say even more - I will grow clones from the Neville's haze # 02 plant next season (2019) in the street, using the LST technique ... --- Thank you for understanding!
  7. I just chek on maps where you are you from total other side of the globe👍😁
  8. You need other strain in your part of the world i think automatic or faster strain maybe Respect mate ✌
  9. Yes, g22, 11 years ago I moved from the city (Vladivostok) to the village. I wanted a quiet life closer to nature, without city fuss. I love peace and quiet.
  10. Cool i see a documantary you even can't turn your motor of your car off because its so cold he can't start again do you living in the wood the country life ?
  11. g22, thanks and no need to apologize. You wrote it all right . Let me explain what the essence of the matter is. The climate peculiarity of Primorsky Krai is such that during the rainy season the average daily temperature drops and lasts for about a month. After the rainy season, the leaves on the trees are beginning to turn yellow. And in fact - it becomes really warmer. This is the golden autumn in Primorsky Krai. Here, even the climate is unusual in that during the warm period it is monsoon, and in the cold continental. Temperature difference, colossal: in mid-January to -47 ° C, and in mid-July to + 45 ° C ... This is Russia, everything is unusual here, not just the climatic features in a particular region. ---
  12. @Chesterland Hello mate nice plant😁 The leaf of all the tree in the back of the picture are alrady falling from the tree now in your country you koming to spring or to the winter? Sorry is a stupid question i have not read the post i was only chek the picture I think the winter coming fast to you if all the leaf are alrady gone in one of your first post i was thinking you say the temp go up after the rainy season In my country the temp are crazy for this season not normal
  13. October 16, 2018. The first half of October is behind - the last warm period remains. Already, in the daytime, the air warms up in the region of + 10 ... + 15 ° С. Cool nights are in the order of things 0 ... + 5 ° C. Up to 0 ° C, the temperature drops during dawn and lasts for one hour, approximately from 05:30 to 06:30, then begins to warm. Precipitation, in the form of rain (the first snow is possible only from the second half of November, when in the morning hours there will be a stable negative temperature of -2 ... -3 ° C), falls rarely. Humidity in the region of 25 ... 85%. In the morning of October 16, the cranes flew south to wintering. --- Neville's haze plant # 02 Old: 178th day; Flowering: 58th day; Smell: medium. Not paying attention to the decrease in average daily air temperature, plant # 02 continues to bloom - “through thorns to the stars”. --- Neville's haze plant # 03 Old: 178th day; Flowering: 49th day; Smell: strong (Pepper, Blackberry and Wood). Recently, closely watching the plant # 03, I noticed that the inflorescences do not grow, but they ripen. In the berry smell of inflorescences a distinct woody background appeared - reminiscent of resinous pine wood. --- Plants and microorganisms in the soil, receive food, as well as described in the previous photo report. Nothing has changed in this regard. --- The next update is October 23, 2018.
  14. Wat qbout the flowering do you let her florish naturaly with the sun or use a special technic to let her start flowering faster? Nice work
  15. @bozick Beautiful bud man i hope she gone be tasty
  16. Hi, I couldn't save 2 flowers on the balcony, but 2 survived. I dind't manage any plant traning, but can't wait for the next season. Here's a pic of 1 flower harvest and looking forward to try after drying & curing!
  17. Wow! This is serious! I take off my hat, my friend, very good photos and excellent buds
  18. Wonderfull top cola dude, with beautifull color... good job and happy smoking!
  19. Hello Hunters, It is the beginning of the week 7 of flowering for this two Holy Punch The temperature of the room are at 27° (light on) & 18° (light off) & the humidity are at 52% (light on) - 75% (light off). The watering now is at 1,8ec and 6,5 PH with 22c° water temp. The extractor fan is at the max for lower the night humidity... As I say before this two plants are more 10weeks flowering that 8-9 that greenhouse say but it is maybe only this two pheno. Anyway Iam very happy with this strain and i cant wait to see the rippening HP#2 HP#1 See you next week hunters ;-)
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  21. La verdad es que si Shaggygrower da gusto ver los colores que cojen en esta fecha saludos amigo mio The truth is that if Shaggygrower is happy to see the colors that take on this date greetings my friend
  22. Hermosos colores que aparecen. Muy agradable.
  23. Thailand is also ridden with landmines. Testy strain hunt for certain.
  24. Added a blurple MarsHydro LED and started flushing.
  25. Your biofeeding is very goed product iam very happy of the result is the product i was wanting you can make the poting mix like you want and add the biofeeding and just give only water to the end ieven if you use automated watering no need of any product in the water even with r/o water is perfect 😁👍
  26. Hello m3sca1 and welcome to forum It will be great to be able to see your growing diary!
  27. Hello I prefer a vape. But you should try both to understand what's better for you.
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