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  2. Amigos ya que ustedes van a probar o ya probaron ambas cepas me podrán decir cual es mejor de ambas cepas o es imposible? Buen trabajo ____ Friends, since you are going to try or have tried both strains, can you tell me which is better than both strains or is it impossible? Nice job @gasmeter
  3. Nice start here! Good luck with these Silver Back
  4. Hi brother, Dont worry for the two leafs if they are the only one with that... just watch the next few day if that stay like this or if you have more leaf damage. Your plant looks amazing healthy, you make a nice training job on her, well done!
  5. Looking good here brother @gasmeter good job! The tall Exodus look like the one with the best bud structure, does it also have the best smell? And from here, the second GH Cheese plant looks the best too...
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  7. Since Saturday the weather has been dull and wet, we have even had high winds too its been crap, so the Cloud Walker girls have been inside the shed a lot of the time with the Passion #1 girls under the fluorescent tubes. Yesterday it was dull and wet in the morning but by 12.00pm the weather healed up nicely and the sun came out so I was able to put the Cloud Walker girls out side in the back yard to soak up the rays for the afternoon by the evening it went cloudy and dull so I put the plants in the shed under the fluorescent tubes. Today started off dull and wet but by about 11am the weather healed up and the sun came out again, so I put the Cloud Walker girls outside in the back yard to soak up the rays while they can. Both of the Cloud Walker girls looked a bit floppy and the dirt in their root pouches was dry so I mixed 6ml per litre of root stimulant and 0.3g per litre of the grow powder feed, I mixed 2 litres of the feed solution. Then I gave the girls 1 litre of the feed solution each and then I decided due to the weather that it is time to top them. I decided to leave the bottom node alone I then counted up to the fifth node and topped each plant, with the weather going shitty the girls growth slowed down a bit I wanted to remove the growth at the first node and then count upwards to the fifth node and top them, but I think if they stretch as much as I have seen the gap from the dirt to the node should increase. Here are some photos of the Cloud Walker girls I took this afternoon while they were enjoying the sunshine in the back yard. Cloud Walker girls front row Passion #1 girls back row soaking up the rays. Cloud Walker girls side view. Cloud Walker girls top view. Site where Cloud Walker topped. Both Cloud Walker girls enjoying the sun after being topped. I will let them recover now over the next couple of days and then on Sunday I will start the light deprevation so they have a 12/12 photoperiod and start to trick them into flowering. I started light deprevation on the Passion #1 girls on Sunday using a big plastic collapsible garden waste container, each evening at 18.30pm I place the girls on the shed floor then I place the container over them. The Cloud Walker girls can then carry on sitting under the fluorescent tube if the weather is shit, but at 21.30pm I move the Cloud Walker girls next to the window and then switch off the fluorescent tube so the are following the day. By Sunday the Cloud Walker girls should have recovered from being topped I will block the windows with some cardboard I use for this purpose then I can start light deprevation on them and then I won't need to keep covering the Passion #1 girls. Happy growing...
  8. This morning at 06.30am when I checked on the Silver Back seedlings the fourth had grown past the surface of the sponge plug and come earth strong and it was way above the surface of the sponge. So I shared 20ml of water between them and then I switched off the fluorescent tube and left them in the dark for the morning until 12.30pm when I switched on the fluorescent tube and started their day. Here are some photos of the seedlings that I took at lunch time after I woke them up. All of the Silver Back seedlings side view. Close up of the 4th seedling. I will keep them on an 18/6 photoperiod by switching the fluorescent tube off for 6 hours in the morning until I have harvested the Cheese and the grow tent is empty they are now ending week 7 of an 8 week flowering period, so just another week after this one under the fluorescent tube then they can enjoy the LED in the tent. More updates to follow, happy growing...
  9. Time for a midweek update on the Cheese girls. The bud on the plants is quietly getting fatter each day and on both the Exodus Cheese the buds are closed up the calynx are well fat and most of the pistles are now brown and one of the Green House cheese has pistles that are going brown and the calynx are starting to get fat, but the other needs a bit longer she still looks busy I think she may need another week. Here are some images I took this afternoon. Small Exodus Cheese bud porn Tall Exodus Cheese bud porn Green House Cheese with some brown pistles bud porn Green House Cheese with no brown pistles bud porn The dirt in the root pouches on all of the Cheese plants is dry and they all felt light when I moved them this morning and when I moved them about taking photos of them, I could have watered them but I like to let them get really dry. I was going to feed the small Exodus Cheese but now her buds are closed up like the tall one I will just give her water from now on. It will be interesting to see how the Green House Cheese bud ripens compared with the Exodus Cheese bud. Happy growing...
  10. Sorry if I haven't updated for a bit, it's been a hectic couple of weeks. I hurt my feet at work so I have been at home for a couple of days and I was prescribed oxycontin because of the pain in my feet, I also have my son who just figured out how to run so it's been a bad time to attempt to move roughly a ton of soil on foot through rough terrain. Earlier today I moved the last soil to the spot so I've moved roughly a ton of soil, that's no joke, I moved a ton of soil with two hurt feet however I was heavily under the influence of oxycontin that my doctor prescribed, I couldn't have moved that much soil without it but I will pay the price later, I also moved the plants out. I also bought 10L biobizz fish mix and 5L biobloom for the plants.
  11. Last week I took some cuttings and on the advice of @OG.Naj I gave the girls a week to recover from the stress before flipping to 12:12. I gave the clover a trim and trimmed off a few of the lower leaves/smaller branches at the bottom and added rouchly 1/4cup of Gaia Green Power bloom to hopefully take these girls through their long bloom stage of about 11 weeks. They are standing pretty tall at around 1foot 9 inches and that is with the netting. I have ordered another net to hopefully keep these girls as low as possible. Can't have them hitting the lights! Also, installed a 6" AC Infinity inline fan for outtake and attached that to a 6" Vivosun carbon filter. It's been sooo humid here lately and I'm struggling with keeping humidity low ( it is hovering between 80%-90%) and I know that's not good. I will bring in the de-humidifier today. Oh and just after flipping to bloom cycle ( of course) I've noticed two leaves are looking wonky. They are each on separate plants. I've inspected closely for pests but did not find anything ( that doesnt mean they arent there). Please let me know what you think about the damaged leaves and should I be concerned?? Hope you are all well and healthy! @Cannabissapean missing you friend!
  12. Well see bro, the internode distance is quite long. That's come from the genetic but also from the light and the distance between the canopy and the light. I use for this grow a 600w400v hps gavita and that from the seed. The red spectrum from the gavita dont give the right ratio of blue and the distance of the light from the canopy are around 1m20. They need to be more around 60cm. The beginning of the first preflower are coming, the strech is not far. If they grow speed with the strech (I expect around x3 of the size) the distance will be much more better in a few weeks when the plant will be more bigger.
  13. If everything goes well in three weeks I will cut the C. W that I show in previous photos and then they will have enough free space # 2 and # 5 to finish and take as long as they want because the small exodus also continues on its way and does not I have a cut-off date for you and I will let you gradually fill the pica that is said here ________ Si todo va bien en tres semanas cortare las C. W que muestro en fotos anteriores y después tendrán bastante espacio libre #2 y #5 para finalizar y que tarden lo que quieran por que también sigue su camino por otro lado la pequeña éxodus y no le tengo puesta fecha de corte le dejo y que vaya haciendo poco a poco que se llena la pica que se dice aqui
  14. So I have two phenotypes that take 5 and another three phenotypes that take 4 or 3 weeks ________ Entonces tengo dos fenotipos que tardan 5 y otros tres fenotipos que tardan 4 o 3 semanas
  15. All photoperiod cannabis plants, strains need 3-5 weeks to be ready to flower, they show that when the first preflower are forming. Even if directly in 12-12 light cycle. They will not really start to flower before 3 to 5 weeks
  16. The same thing happens to me when I see # 5 and # 2 make me believe that they are young and right now they are reaching maturity, but it is a matter of genetics, right? Because other plants that walk around them have the purpose of finishing much earlier, in that case it is not a problem I will gradually cut the fertilizer as I think they will end and if I am sure that they are missing and maybe more than two weeks but since they eat fast food they should end soon but for sure I don't know _________ Me pasa lo mismo cuando veo #5 y #2 me hacen creer que son jóvenes y justo ahora llegan a la madurez pero es cosa de la genética verdad? Por que otras plantas que andan alrededor de ellas tienen el propósito de acabar mucho antes, en tal caso no es problema iré cortando el abono progresivamente así como piense yo que acabarán y si que estoy de acuerdo que le faltan y quizás más de dos semanas pero como comen alimento rápido deberían acabar pronto pero a ciencia cierta no lo se
  17. Mmm when i see you buds on the last pictures you share. I think that you are more around week 4 or 5 and they need 70day, 10 week from seeds to finish. So I think they need more 5 weeks than only 2 brother 😉 Your 7 weeks is right in theory. It is from your switch to 12-12 but after only 10 days of grow so the CW have grow until around week 3 of flowering to be ready to flower (showing the first pre flower) end then only beginning this true flowering cycle...
  18. Mi valoración sobre las Cloud Walker es que no son unas plantas rápidas por más que se les quiera hacer correr como un fórmula uno, en la etapa de floración tardan bastante tanto en empezar a marcar flores como en engordar los buds pero es normal es sativa ya se sabe que su fuerte no es el engorde pero suelen ser las más sabrosas y con efectos de risoterapia más abundantes, referente al aroma es bastante exótico y agradable me vienen matices a piña 🍍 con fondos dulces ___________ My assessment of the Cloud Walker is that they are not fast plants, even if they want to run like a formula one, in the flowering stage they take quite a long time to start marking flowers and fattening the buds, but it is normal is sativa already it is known that their strength is not fattening but they are usually the tastiest and with the most abundant laugh therapy effects, referring to the aroma it is quite exotic and pleasant I get nuances of pineapple 🍍 with sweet undertones
  19. No brother Week 7 Day 52 of flowering I need two week more for the finish minimun
  20. Last week
  21. They look healthy and slim those nba allstar cloud walking girls 😂 Good internodal distances and a very nice color, thanks for the update brother 💚
  22. It is a pleasure, friend, regarding the aromas, I still do not notice anything special either and tried to verify thoroughly, tomorrow I will try to guess its fragrance 😉 👍 _________ Es un placer amigo, referente a los aromas aún no noto nada especial tampoco e tratado de verificar a conciencia, mañana tratare de adivinar su fragancia 😉 👍
  23. Nice brother, thanks for sharing all these beautiful picture. And we can compare each pheno. What about the smell?
  24. Hello hunters, Here a re some news of the Cloud Walker. They begining almost the flowering period and they are loving the nutrient regime from GH powder feeding (mineral line) until now. Nutrient solution : 1,7 of EC and 5,8 of PH I watering them every day with 250ml of nutrient solution.
  25. Great work and well deserved and earned harvest thats some tasty looking bud
  26. This morning at 06.30am when I checked the Silver Backs two of them had grown above the surface of the sponge plug and they were earth strong the third one was just below the surface of the sponge plug and the fourth was a few millimetres below the surface of the sponge plug. I shared a 10ml syringe of water between the 4 sponge plugs to keep them damp and to help one of the seedlings to lose its helmet and the other to lose some membrane stuck on the cotyledon leaves. I had something to eat and then I took some photos. Silver Back seedlings top view. Silver Back with its helmet on. Silver Back with membrane on leaves. Silver Back just reached the sponge plug surface. Silver Back still a few millimetres below sponge plug surface. When I checked the seedlings in the late afternoon the third one had grown passed the surface of the sponge and come earth strong and the fourth had just reached the surface and she should be earth strong some time in the night. I will just leave the fluorescent tube on until they are all up and running then I will get them on an 18/6 photoperiod as I did with the Cloud Walker girls by switching off the tube at 06.30am and switching back on at 12.30pm so they have a night time. Happy growing...
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