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  2. Hola a todos; soy nuevo en el foro (el primero sin contar un grupo cerrado en facebook)... saludos desde el Sur Argentino! ¡BUENOS HUMOS!
  3. +1 more pop after 100+ hours soaking in water. (112) The only beans remaining are all green and these are the beans popping after so many days in the water. I am curious of their actual vitality since they are producing a nice looking pointed tap root but let's see if these remaining 22 green seeds which sprouted a root will pop above the dirt. Curiously one of these beans has sent a root above the soil two days in a row. I read this is a sign of a very strong plant but I am also wondering if 1) low oxygen in soil, too compact, 2) something wrong with the plant for not shooting the root down and sending up it's leaves Either way right now I have what appears as 92 very strong plants and 20 waiting to send their heads above soil. The remaining seeds may pop in some days but they were tossed to the garden. Hopefully I am able to replace my 264 seeds this season with my 92 plants yes. The hybrid vigor of the seedlings is very pleasing to my eye so far. The shape, is very pointed leaf to wide and leafy from dark blue-green to fluorescent lime-green. The stems are all red which comes as a signature from the Mazar-I-Sharif and is viewed in an earlier blurred photo of the previous mom.
  4. @gasmeter Sorry i hope you a goed recovry i was just joking i think others like shaggy are busy for the moment i see is instagram i see that he make a lot of work Hope you get a goed doctor ✌
  5. Thanks for the kind words Nordic Grower I FIM'd the first auto I grew indoors in 2016, that was the first time I FIM'd a plant, it is definitely worth doing, breaking the plants apical tendency wihile its in veg will increase yeild she will share her luv with all the stalks so they become colas and the bud is similar size and growth rate to the main stalk at the top. That said though some autos have a hair trigger and FIMing them causes them to go off like a rocket and start flowering, After I FIM as the new nodes grow I can tell that I have broken the plants apical tendency, because the new nodes are not symetic anymore, one side is slightly higher than the other, whereas if you just leave the plant it will be very symetical and more Crismus tree like and the plant will focus its energy on the main cola. Outdoors I have enough room to run 2 photoperiod girls and FIM them and let them do their thing the 2 Passion #1 last year produced 6oz dry the weather was really kind and I was done by the end of August. Thanks Ganja XL yeah the plants love these root pouches. I am looking forwards to seeing what the yeild is like on this run with a new LED lamp, on the last run they started out under a broken LED lamp.
  6. Hey g22 Whatever ShaggyGrower does I bet it will be epic after watching his grow in last years competition he is a very competent grower. Yep I entered this years contest, I will be growing the Sweet Valley Kush, I am going to do 4 in my tent once these Sweet Mango autos are done. And I am going to do an outdoor run with 2 Sweet Valley Kush which I will FIM, but wit the indoor I realised that if I don't FIM and I let them keep their apical tendency they will fit inside my tent, hopefully I can do a couple of runs in the tent by October, not sure about 2 runs outside though. At the moment I am waiting for a hospital appointment to see a consultant in the next couple of weeks I have a titanium plate in my leg thats snapped so I need surgery as soon as possible, then I can focus on the competition whle everything heals up, which will be a welcome distraction.
  7. hi. im birly from indonesia. Anyone can help me doing research about cannabis atjeh strain (pure sativa)?
  8. Start week 3 of flowering with no veg. Topped them at end of week 2. For me the Super Bud is really looking nice. I have it them a watering with the bioenhancer and it seems to have made them abit happier. This weekend I hope to finish my 400L worm farm - this will be epic, a lot of vermicompost for future grows :)) There are two plants that look strange, one big bang and one jack herer. The JH is growing very slowly and the BB is developing some deficiencies. Also it seems my future mothers are already showing favorable traits.
  9. I’m currently not being part of Cannabis Organization in Indonesia, I’m just learning with reading and watching videos from any literature about Cannabis Atjeh Strain by myself with “Hikayat Pohon Ganja” (Book released by LGN) and find more article on internet and I want to more explore my knowledge and share to my country. I want to learning anything all knowledges and experiences about Cannabis Atjeh Strains for concern in medical purpose also the all the Law Regulations about Marijuana Legalization. I want to make more deeply research about Cannabis Atjeh Strains to proof my research for that i can campaign, giving education, knowledge about our local cannabis strain (Atjeh Strain) functions for medical purpose, because base on my knowledge and valid information there is a lot people with deadly diseases like cancers, diabetes, organ complication, etc. can actually be cured and healing from medical marijuana treatment. I hope you interest with my application, because it will be so helpful for my future research about Cannabis Atjeh Strain. Warm regards, Birly
  10. Looking great I hope they will flower beautifully under the Mediterranean sun
  11. Gracias Jose que vayan tan bien es gracias a vosotros muy buena genética y muy buen alimento, es un placer trabajar estas semillas el doctor son muy agradecidas, algunas la mayoría las dejaré que se hagan buenos pinos y otras trataré de aprender técnicas de cultivo scrog poda apical esquejes... Intentaré mantener esta genética conmigo bastante tiempo e ir sacando producción, saludos y buen fin de semana hermano un abrazo Thanks Jose that go so well is thanks to you very good genetics and very good food, it is a pleasure to work these seeds the doctor are very grateful, some most will let them become good pines and others I will try to learn scrog pruning techniques apical cuttings ... I will try to keep this genetics with me for quite some time and go producing, greetings and good weekend brother a hug
  12. Best place to get exciting strains
  13. Joer que buen ritmo llevan, se las ves muy sanas!! Estas en dos días las tienens ya como pinos Saludotes y buen finde!
  14. @ShaggyGrower Are you building a greenhouse for the contest🤣
  15. Always great to see another grower with the growbags, ive got several going on as well, love to see the results you get. happy growing mate !
  16. Yesterday
  17. Gracias por los power feeding nutrientes son todo un éxito Thanks for the power feeding nutrients are a success
  18. Una Franco's lemon va a cojer vitaminas del interior dejo una foto Saludos y fenomenales humos One Franco's lemon is going to take vitamins from the interior I leave a photo Greetings and great smoke
  19. @gasmeter And you gasman😁 Do you participed to the contest ?
  20. La comida es excelente, buenas noches amig@s aquí una foto; The food is excellent, good night friends here a picture;
  21. Looking good, its nice to follow how they are growing because i have never fimmed autoflowering plants.
  22. Time for a quick mid week update. I watered all 4 of the Sweet Mango autos last night, it was three days since I fed and watered them last. I watered all 4 of the Sweet Mango autos last night, it was three days since I fed and watered them last. I gave he two smaller plants 300ml of water each and the larger plants 400ml of water each, I will water and feed them in 3 days when the dirt has dried out again. I also FIM'd 3 of them again, 1 of them has started to flower after I FIM'd her with the others for the first time last week. They only have another week to go to the end of the month then I will flip the timer to 12/12 and switch on the bloom switch on the lamp so they get full spectrum to get the other 3 flowering. Here are some images from last night. Sweet Mango under LED in tent. Top of Sweet Mango auto in flower, looks like this one had a hair trigger. Sweet Mango FIM site. More updates at the weekend, happy growing... Gasmeter Likkle more
  23. Good question g22 I will be booking a seat for sure
  24. How many seeds will my 111 sprouts get me? I am expecting 80% survival rate: (88 plants) The flower is nice but I am excited to focus on my seedstock.
  25. Hi kareng123 your welcome thats what the forum is about sharing information and helping each other to grow collie Checkout the outdoor journals to see what people can achieve in different condition my last outdoor journal was 2017 some Passion #1 from Dutch Passion its a great strain for our climate it finishes in 6 weeks and they do an auto version. It is also worth checking out the indoor journals too, you can learn a lot from them, and if you have questions someone will answer and offer advice. Gasmeter Likkle more
  26. @ShaggyGrower When do you plan to start ?
  27. Thank you gasmeter. Really appreciate you sharing your knowledge. have a great evening.
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