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  2. Hola amig@s y compañer@s de cultivo hoy traigo alguna foto del interior y de un cogollo que disfrutare esta mañana de la doctora #1 a la salud de todos ustedes Hello friends and cultivation partners today I bring some photo of the interior and a bud that I will enjoy this morning from Dr. # 1 to the health of all of you Saludos y buen día Greetings and good day
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  4. Cannabis can't fix all your life. You will have problems anyway later. So at least better don't smoke too many. Try keep your brain on future. Cannabis don't greatest thing ever. Maybe just like alcohol etc. Many return effects. Also if you have have problems with spine better don't sit too many. It is first mistake of many people's even without bullet in body.
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  6. You got a fair bit of metal work there...
  7. @Chefblake420 I am glad that your girls are OK and the cold did not harm to them you got some beautiful bud bro enjoy your well earned harvest
  8. Thanks @OG.Naj yes they are making lots of new nodes and the stalks are getting thicker as well.
  9. sativa searching

    Hello and welcome to the forum @Tysen Adams. Enjoy
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  11. Great update @gasmeter, the structure of your SVK looks very good after the topping you make before
  12. Time for an update on the 4 Sweet Valley Kush plants. All of the plants are healthy and growing well the dirt in their root pouches was dry so this afternoon I mixed a solution of 3ml of root stimulant and grow nutrient in 1 litre of water. In total I mixed 4 litres of the feed solution then I measured 500ml of water and added 500ml of the feed solution which I then poured into a little watering can and then I watered and fed the smallest plant so it got a mild feed solution. Then I gave the other 3 plants 1ltr of the feed and water solution. Here are some images of the plants I took before watering and feeding. All 4 Sweet Valley Kush under LED. All 4 Sweet Valley Kush in normal light. Sweet Valley Kush plant side view. Sweet Valley Kush stalks close up. Sweet Valley Kush top of plant. I will let them dry out again over the next few days and then I will flush them all and let the dirt dry out again before I give them a mild solution of bloom feed. Happy growing...
  13. Hola amigos en las siguientes fotos podreis observar el tronco central estructura de las Franco's lemon cheese y una ramificación que aun no veo lista para cosecha Hello friends in the following photos you can see the central trunk structure of the Franco's lemon cheese and a branch that I still don't see ready for harvest La que se encuentra lateralmente The one that is laterally
  14. Hola amig@s y compañer@s de cultivo hoy estuve un rato en el jardin con los restos de las doctoras #1 #3 #5 parece que la polinizacion a tenido exito en unos calices ya me da la impresion que se hallaran semillas dentro adjunto fotos Hello friends and cultivation partners, today I was in the garden for a while with the remains of the doctors # 1 # 3 # 5 it seems that the pollination has been successful in some limestones and it gives me the impression that seeds will have been attached photos #5 #1 seeds Saludos Regards
  15. Hello hunters, Week 2 The Rainbow Belts seedlings are now at day 9 Today was the third watering, i watered each 1ltr pots with 150ml of water + Ca + Grow Feeding Solution ""Seedlings" : - 1,1ec - 6,1 PH - 20°c Have a nice week-end hunters
  16. Finally this knife from crio hardened elmax steel is done. Cut with out big carbides but knife anyway pretty sharp
  17. Hello Bwell, and welcom to the forum!
  18. You already have freeze? great that odnt hurt to much your plant mate! Happy harvest
  19. Almost done harvesting these Northern Lights, one left out of the five. The early freeze didn't seem to hurt them too much. It's possible it slowed some of the productivity in the final stages, but the bud looks pretty good and the thc level is high I can tell by how fast the oils build up on the scissors while trimming! I will report later on the flavor and yields.
  20. Hello all. Just a quick Hi. I live in a part of the US that is only at the medical side of things so far and that is even completely screwed and taking forever to roll out. But that leads me into saying hello to everyone and that I am a home invasion shooting survivor, with a bullet still next to my spine to prove it.... yes it was a .22 but it still went through my body bouncing around everywhere and hurt like hell lol. But I am a super laid back and easy going person and love to talk about all things cannabis.
  21. Today i made some quantity of dry hash from very soft local sativa. In this year good possibility for this. This knife will be done bit later also.
  22. Hello again, one of stem tops was broken due to grasshopper problem.. I just sprayed a diluted Veniger mix thru out the plant as its available in every house kitchen.. And as of i aint a grower its just growing by itself in there, so dint thought to get any fertilizer nor pesticides .. Just tot of Veniger n plastered the broken stem.. Its been 3days now its been plastered, seems its standing straight firm... But will leave plaster thr for one more week... Now i think its been matured as of leaves are of my palm size and height nearly to my chest n i stand 5.8"... Leaves forming on big fan leaf stem.. I think its tropical indian sativa dominant.. Slow grower but still one hidden beauty.... U can see plaset taped.. That part was eaten by grass hopper...
  23. Si todo va bien en dos semana veremos si #1 a conseguido concebir semillas y aun asi queda parte de #3 y #5 que podremos ver los colores otoñales que se producen cuanto mas se aproxima el duro invierno 🌨 Saludos amigos If everything goes well in two weeks we will see if # 1 has managed to conceive seeds and still there is part of # 3 and # 5 that we can see the autumnal colors that occur as the harsh winter approaches 🌨 Regards friends
  24. If exact friend @gasmeter Mother Nature told me that I could not continue her march # 5 but still has good outbreaks that I can smoke ... God exists? Well, mother f ***** what is done 😂 😂 😂 but no problem brother Thanks for flapping my growth diary I did and I do what I can every day I try to improve myself a little Si exacto amigo @gasmeter la madre naturaleza me dijo que no podia seguir su marcha #5 pero aun asi tiene buenos brotes que podre fumar... Dios existe? Pues que mother f***** que esta hecho 😂 😂 😂 pero no hay problema hermano Gracias por alagar mi diario de crecimiento hice y hago lo que puedo cada dia intento mejorarme un poco
  25. In my case the stretch for the 8 SVK pheno i grow is between x1,52 and x1,97. True indica stretch 😅
  26. @R.G.S@gasmeter Thank's bro I just have a cold
  27. @Chesterland great job your plants look amazing
  28. @g22 I hope your feeling better bro
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