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  2. Hola amigos y compañer@s de cultivo aquí dejo una foto de; alguna pregunta Saludos y feliz domingo Hello friends and culture partners here I leave a photo of; any questions Greetings and happy Sunday
  3. Hello my friends ! This contest looks nice ! Register are still open ? Is outdoor allowed ? 1st october may be a bit short for harvest sadly :/
  4. Lots new videos of The Doctor being planted in the rocks yesterday, and the tall one that is doing well in the nettles, all on my Instagram channel (not figure out how to do videos here yet) @shaggygrower.v2 Happy Growing!
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  8. Hello Hunters, After the canopy picture, here are some pics of the top of the soil. This soil loving GH Feeding and i can say : is literally a living soil Only a few days after the addition of Bio Bloom the beneficial mushrooms have already appeared... Beauty nature Have a nice week end hunters and see you for the next update!
  9. Beautiful report here, clear, precise and complete. You do not think that the # 1 has a problem with its stem, from my screen I have the impression to see the stem very thin and a little brown Good start @gasmeter
  10. This morning when I checked on the beans they had all pushed above the sponge plugs. They have spent all day in the grow tent under the LED and since the LED went off at 6.30pm they have been on the window ledge. As soon as the LD come on again in the morning I will pop them back into the tent. Happy growing...
  11. There was not much cloud this morning when I switched on the fluorescent tubes and the temperature in the shed was 16C At 8am I put the thermometer outside in direct sunlight and checked on it half an hour later and the temperature was 23C So I moved both the plants outside into direct sunlight. Morning temperature about 8.30am this morning. I moved them around lunch time to keep them in direct sunlight, but it was starting to get more and more cloudy, and at about 2pm it started to rain lightly, so put them back in the shed under the fluorescent tubes. They stayed in the shed for the rest of the day the quality of light from the tubes was better than the light outside. I switched off the lights and locked up just as it started to go dark around 9.30pm. Both plants look fine I have seen no signs of nutrient burn after giving them the enhancer, these powder feeding nutrients are easy to use. More updates to follow, happy growing...
  12. i have been growing the super lemons for the last 4 years in a row and the can handle the nutrients quit well ,canna 13/14 seems like the nutrient whe call pk13/14 over here in holland and we only use this at the end as a hardener ,so i don't know it's the same but be careful .if i had to make the choice i will definitely will go with the bio flores , and normally you save the 13/14 for week 6 building up till week 9 . good growing and i always had manny and very big buds from the slh and a very nice smoke ,lemony and earthy ,good luck to you note !! don't know if auto's react the seem as feminised seeds on the nutrients off course
  13. no you had it right, i mend topping of the pots with soil after some time. but your doing just fine the way you are growing at the moment ,i haven't done any topping or fimming my plants ever ,old skool i guess ? i didn't really had to need to also ,at least at the hight department .and bigger yields ??? i don't really know ,save and happy growing !!
  14. Scream vigila mi cosecha jejeje Scream watches over my harvest hehehe
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  16. Hola amig @ s las plantas les gusta su nueva ubicación pero no se si sera mejor hacer Main-lining para ganar producción Un saludo Hello friends, the plants like their new location but I do not know if it would be better to do Main-lining to gain production a greeting
  17. Buenos días amig@s y compañer@s de cultivo las the doctor de exteriores están poniéndose todas a ña misma altura adjunto foto; Good morning friends and cultivation colleagues the doctor of the exterior are all at the same height attached photo;
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  19. Yeah man no plant more beautiful than the ganja aye, I love that excitement of the season and then at harvest I gotta wait another 6 months for that excitement again. Happy growing to you as well good friend
  20. Last week
  21. The temperature in the shed this morning was about 16C when I switched on the fluorescent tubes at 6.30am Although it was cloudy when I switched on the fluorescent tubes over the next hour it thinned out. I put the thermomenter outside at about 8am in direct sunlight and then checked it at 8.30am and it was about 30C so I moved the plants outside. Both plants enjoying the warm morning sunshine. Temperature in direct sunlight 30C I moved both plants as the sun arked across the sky to keep them in direct sunlight and then I moved them into the shed under the fluorescent tubes. Temperature inside the shed this evening before I switched lights off about 18C Both plants look OK today so hopefully the enhancer was not too much for them. Happy growing...
  22. Here was my Cinderella 99 from last summer
  23. When the LED went off last night I put the Sweet Valley Kush seedlings onto the window ledge for the night. This morning when I got up and checked on them 2 had push up out of the sponge plug one had already lost its shell casing and the other still has its little helmet on, the other two were moving towards to top of the holes in the sponge plugs. Sweet Valley Kush in grow tent under LED at lunch time. Sweet Valley Kush this evening. Sweet Valley Kush #1 Sweet Valley Kush #2 Sweet Valley Kush #3 Sweet Valley Kush #4 Hopefully by morning the other 2 Sweet Valley Kush will have push above the hole in the sponge plug. More updates to follow, happy growing...
  24. These are really pretty, they will be beasts by the end of season. Looking forward to seeing them flower in the wild. Happy growing my friend
  25. @jsm I think I misunderstood your question. I definitely top my plants though I haven't yet on these or any others I'm growing at the moment, but I definitely will be topping them all eventually, both for height control and to increase yields.😎
  26. Thank you @jsm I am really wanting them to amaze me. The medium they are now is, on a waterway in the mud, natural hydroponics. My other spots the plants are about 0.75 meter tall, looking very happy and very healthy and robust, not growing too much up or out yet, but looking extremely sturdy, perhaps sending tap root down to prepare for expansion. And of course preparing for the heat coming in. One spot I went to compost tea for pests and feed and the bugs ate many leaves at the lower of 2 plants but touched nothing upper and left the rest of the plants alone and again they all look like they must be working on getting robust root system to begin real expansion, they are sticking up straight as an arrow and lush lush lush lush vibrant green
  27. the will amaze you i think when the get a larger medium ,looking good
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