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  4. this is how wide they are
  5. one more just to show off
  6. Hi there. That strain is Island bubba kush. I started with feminized seeds and grew it 37 days in veg. Then flipped on 12/ 12 schedule for flower for another 55 days before harvest. I have a 630w cmh and it's my first grow. So proud of myself.
  7. hi all day 1 week 6 nice root ball slightly stained with a strange gap at the top properly due to feeding pipes dand hole down the bottom is due to the level pipe the stems also thicking and strentthing up nicly colour through out having to keep assesing the calsium levels and not sure weather to add more or not
  8. Last picture before I close my light for 3 days and harvest in the dark after 7 weaks.
  9. Hello hunters! Its week since i started this journal, so little update what's happening here. I popped the Peyote Cookies seed and she is fully opened now. Gorilla and Francos Cheese has grown nice roots and they realy are taking off now. So far also the nutrients seems to work great. THC Bomb getting bushier but not taller, also may need more nutrients. Next plan is to move Francos Lemon Cheese to 30l dwc and flip in around a week. 16.1.2019 Gorilla Zkittlez Franco's Lemon Cheese THC Bomb Peyote Cookies
  10. Do u still have any Lebanese seeds?? I am a collector
  11. Last week
  12. hi all i`m currently starting a mission to get an out doors grow going of a decent size so i`m starting with an indoor mother veg for a few months the mother is going to be done with a coco hydro system to try speed things up as much as possible to be ready in time as i am planning on quiet a few mabey to many for one place in the uk hoping to do 20 in two differnt places hopfully it will all go to plan we will see once they have rooted in jiffys and been repotted they will be moved on to a glass green house with a small green house heater to ajust for a weak or two grow i bit more of root ball i will be feeding on your every day house hold food from start to finish hopefully showing it doesnt have to be over exspesive for the averige person not sure on what brand yet havent decied any surgestions welcome and will be seriously conciderd also any tips people have on what i can mix in the holes in prep of planting or just any sergestions will be starting clones in jiffys and potting on into small pots with coco so for bit more root growth and proberbly will try cheat a lil and add a lil root tonki for a boost in growth yet again purly for speed coz of starting late realy my aim is to show u can grow weed on a low budget out doors and get a decent yeild and smoke weather it be self intrest love of the plant or your a pure stoner and youv`e just worked out it cheaper to grow it lol or on a more serious note medican for thoughs who carnt control pain or serious ilnesses without toxins the goverment feed us to make a bigger profit and all so spread the word saying fuck the goverment in away i spose sorry for the rant hs people peace out
  13. Haha plz set your life on pause and revolutionize the LED industry I have been thinking about that soo much, but I have zero skills with the physics of electrical components and how to improve them. What you describe there is actually inbreeding and that is definitely the way to go you take the best looking seeds from the best looking plants and continue breeding.
  14. Hello Atolabor1 and welcome to forum About genetics, every person has their own tastes. Here it is said that in the USA there are very good genetics, in the USA it is said that here there are very good genetics.... I believe that everything is about trying and valuing for oneself. Personally I dedicate my time to local genetics, I don't need to import seeds from USA or Canada when there are thousands of delicious YUM YUM genetics here! I hope you enjoy the forum, welcome.
  15. Hows the zombies? allready harvested?
  16. hello i am looking for info on medical cannabis. My mom's friend's brother is suffering serious Parkinson's disease and would like to smoked medical cannabis which strain are the right kinds or wich CBD TO THC ratio are really effective for relieved and to relaxe? Great white sharks cbd , super silver haze cbd , the churche cbd? White rhino, ....
  17. Looking good, good luck for rest of time. Exodus is very nice strain, grows easy and gives good amount of nice buds.
  18. Hello Hunters, Here are a update for the end of week 3 for the 4 Exodus Cheese under the 2x 62w from Sanlight and i can already say this light is rocking! Look the buds devloppement only with 124w totally. Iam very happy right now I watering each plants with 500ml every other day with 1,7ec and PH 6,5 Temp : 26 - 27 day / 18-20 night Hum : 65-70% day / 60-65% night Sorry for the picture quality but i dont have beter right now... See you for the week 4 uptdate hunters...
  19. following, interested in this please give more info on pot and medium
  20. hi all just a quick update we have been having a little trouble with the kush seeds and had to have a retry and has been into soak by the 10th and was cracked and put to jiffy by the 12th the first seed we had a lil trouble and still into still hoping and waiiting for it to crack fingers crossed the holly punch was put into by the 5th and cracked and put to jiffy by the 6th and sprouted by the 9th we are currently wating a week for the kush to catch up so we can make a dule hydro bucket with a center devide for a small veg period before we move up to two bigger seprate buckets hs peace out
  21. Your words are very encouraging to me. These are specially custom engineered cobs. I will be very excited to share this innovation. As far as cobs go, what I learned best is that the more heat you can remove the brighter and more efficient your lights will be. Some special attention and engineering can go into the driver's components but basically more research+development=harder to justify cost unless there is a great plan to compensate the effort without losing focus on just growing and instead get carried away with revolutionizing the drivers industry, lights, and heatsinks all at the same time, lol. As far as the breeding goes I want to do more of a herding than a specific plant hunt. So if I could narrow down 10% of the plants that have all the leanings I like and continue culling every generation this way so I can drop any bean and get close to that high high dance/work-horse focus and energy I like with other nice background qualities. Is this possible ? I don't know
  22. Hello. Just wanted to stop and say high. See what's going on in here. Thank you for accepting me. Love to grow my own medicine. Love new strains. There is some really good seeds coming from America these days. Some say, better than a coffee shop in Amsterdam. This is my first grow indoors. I have grown outside in the mountains of Boulder Colorado Gorilla grow. Bury a Fish. Plant the seed, water come back in a month with tea. Lol that was my growing experience. I decided I wanted that old school smoke taste smell hit. Everything I remember about it years ago. So. I'm growing in soil. Smart pots. Fox Farms Happy Frog soil mix and Ocean Forrest mix combined 50/50. I have Marion Berry Kush, Love Potion #1, Burmese Kush, Rise N Shine,Pirate Radio,. I found some seeds from a breeder in Boulder Colorado called They have a strain called Backbeat OG. They claim 33% THC. Hard to believe but. I'm going to buy it. Lol Anyway good to be here. Give me a shout out! Peace
  23. Some of the seeds from your cross should be dominated by either parent, there should be many "random" phenotypes in this first cross of yours. This is the probably for breeders. They have to pop ALL seeds in search of that one phenotype with perfect mix from either parent and then inbreed that phenotype. Ive never heard of a 700w COB that sounds absolutely insane I still believe the Cree cxb3590 chips are the best these days, but every expensive, would be cool to see something else I hope you share your build when it's done
  24. I am thinking the strain can effect everyone different. For me, the real Cheese puts me to sleep even after 8 hours of good night sleep I will drool in my sleep 6 more hours after smoking the Cheese
  25. As for the LED's I am discovering what I thought was a simple project is quite complicated but quite simple once I find the answer and solder it all up. Once I get a few prototypes I will show them off. Removing the heat from LED's is the most difficult issue, at least, for me, since 1 cob alone is 700w requiring custom engineered heatsink.I have 3 prototypes, one is 700w single cob, the other is 3 cobs total <600w, the 3rd is 1400w with 4 cobs. I studied a lot and for some reason nobody is using what I discovered is most important for cellular respiration so in my stubbornness I am producing what I believe will produce the best indoor in the world. That sounds like a commercial but all visions do
  26. Thank you @sliver1 for the information. I don't have to worry about the mom or dad being the sativa for example to later find what I am searching for? What I was worried about is having the sativa dad's effects being dominated by the indica mom in their offspring but it sounds like that is not a concern at all? I crossed a Sativa dominant White Widow male (super vanilla, mint cucumber, haze) with a sativa dominant Mazar-I-Sharif (landrace with an extremely overwhelming and unmistakable old school marihuana smell from meters away (that kind of smell that makes everyone think WEED from their oldest memory of first smelling it) with, after close inspection, background of berry, licorice, mint, sandalwood, lemon, carrot, champagne).. With the Mazar I know it is usually a 100% indica but within it's gene pool are sativas and I got one of them high highs with no ceiling and expansive clarity, focus, and energy. So I was worried about the fact the Mazar is the mom and it's indica genes might dominate the hybrid since I am a big fan of the most sativa dominant White Widows. Some folks might call this the White Rhino strain but mine is not since the Mazar is pure heirloom landrace direct from Afghanistan fields. No hint of skunk in this Mazar at all. Cheers and happy days
  27. Hi, Here are my views, Everyone got confused when it comes to choose the right led grow lights for growing plants. You can check the reviews. Recently I bought the VIPARSPECTRA Reflector Series 450W and I'm totally happy with it.
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