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White Lemon


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This is my white lemon journey. This was recommended by GHS so i thought ill give it a go, since it was my first time. This strain i must say is really easy to grow, i made quite a bit of mistakes yet it grew well... the grow is finished so i just thought ill post the journey over to show you guys how it looks and some of the details.

The strain seems to be newbie friendly, it has such a beautiful smell, a very tough girl, regardless of the grower skill she is very forgiving. :)

It was a really nice journey together.

Basic organic soil pre mixed. 3 gallon pot

Organic Fert - a Combination of Humus, chicken manure, goat manure, banana peels soaked in molasses as tea.

Grew with a HPS 400w in a closet with 18/6 for veg and 12/12 flower

The 1st pic i have is already mid way through veg. approx 4 weeks

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