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HPS Sunglasses for GROWERS


HPS Sunglasses for GROWERS
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Hey Friends, I recently came across sunglasses from a company called www.methodseven.com/ that make sunglasses that are really remarkable. They totally correct the light color in our flower room so that we can more easily identify problems and see what we are really looking at while protecting our eyes.

I have been using sunglasses in my grow for years and I totally recommend these, they are the first ones I have seen that really do the job.

And also for my photographer friends; keep an eye out for the soon-to-be filters that are bound to hit the market so that no more will we have to see those ugly photographs of yellow/orange rooms.

The photos in this album I took using my iPhone and simply putting sunglasses up in front of the lens. The results were remarkable and I thought I would share them. I am not getting paid or anything to endorse this product, I was just that impressed.


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