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excuse me but bugs do not block terpene&thc ''supplys'' in the plant but they can eat roots, certain stress factors increase the production of resins like the bugs so you should see increase in resin when under attack not the other way around

trichomes and terpenoids are part of the plant defences against the bugs thus bug stress factor can cause increased trichome production in pretty much all plant species alive today. at least that is what scientific research tells us about trichome and why plants have them in the first place

it is logical to think that it gets increased when it needs it most right?

there is no thc or terpene supply either in roots or stem, the chemical conversions happen inside trichome glands not outside of them

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That explains everything. The terpenes have been used up to fight the bugs once they were most active - in veg + early flowering  otherwise the production of THC and terpenes would increase towwards the middle + end of flowering but there is nothing useful in her and those other 2 KUSH'es buds, that do not look especially bad just different. All the plants with that crazy defencies had the stems getting deformed - after hundreds of plants grown I never have experienced anything like that - neva heard about neither but tat's what it is. The other buds are stinking and extremely sticky but even touching the buds of SLEX 3 leaves nothing but a bit of stickyness without smell. If you knowanother reason from EXPERIENCE let me know-till then my best guess is that something mashed up the supply for that certain phenomena

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