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Weed Pass cancelled

  • Our lobbying has proved successful.

    The Weed pass is cancelled!

    Local authorities now responsible for non resident admission.

    On behalf of Arjan Greenhouse and colleagues we hope you continue

    to enjoy the coffeeshops in the Netherlands!!


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Hi Cosmicmindtrick, would not bother going south of Nijmegen, no point. Residents only! Although I can recomend Nijmegen some good - cheap coffeeshops.

"All the coffee shops in Maastricht close"

513022.jpgControversial as ever: the joint flickr / cc 2.0/Max Crowe / by-nc

Quietly smoking a joint is not more in Maastricht. In a mass action of the police again four Maastricht coffee shops closed: there were foreigners inside. This means that now all 13 coffee shops next to Dutch also foreigners inside left, are closed.

Spokesmen for the police and the shops reported that there were raids in Maxcy's, Missouri, Club69 and Lucky Time. That there are four of the fourteen that are in Maastricht. Since the sale of marijuana to foreigners on 5 May began, there were 11 closed. Two were already closed when for other reasons.

Nothing more open

According to the VOCM, the Maastricht coffeeshop association can Dutch and foreigners no longer in coffee shops in Maastricht. The only coffee shop is still open, but not connected to the VOCM is Rasta Fari Boni. This shop is very small. At NRC allows an employee of the last opened coffee shop in Maastricht this: "It's just nice and quiet though not so much bam, the whole thing explodes.."

The raids come a day before the visit of Minister Opstelten to Maastricht. Then the minister the call with mayors of eight municipalities in Limburg coffee.


Mayor of Maastricht, Onno Hoes, said earlier this month interview . According to him be aggressive street dealers, their customers now just go back to the shops. They harass tourists who may want to go. To a coffee shop So he put additional agents.

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Im moving to A'dam tomorrow whoop whoop. Just sorted out last things here in uk and now coming. Ive liver disease and havent a doctor who prescribed anything but opiates even once id shown proof re rso..... He threw me off his practice. So im coming to amsterdam where fingers X'd i can become well. Thanks ALL PEOPLE who fought our little corner. Bless you. Jahh xxx

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Such an ironic situation, that some coffees close in Holland, and some open in Washington state and Colorado, and Alaska, and Oregon, while Uruguay is thinking about how regulating is his own country, coffees or Social Club (which result in one way to a Coffee shop), but until you're allowed to cultivate for your own consumtion, everything is ok.

The "problem" with the Netherlands, is that it's the ONLY one who had the guts to regulate the market of the cannabis in order to separate soft and hard drugs, and then to rise the quality (and the price tho). Concidering that it is prohibiden in almost all country around, and strongly such as France or Greece, mass of smokers come to Holland disturbing a bit these quiet villages and towns. The trouble is here, but could be the same if England was the ONLY country in Europe where it could be possible to enter in a Pub, or buying beers and liquors at the supermarket.

Spain is ok at this time, concidering the fact that smoking is legal in private places, such as in portugal or switzerland, ect... and planting too.

Could we do a "resume" of places where it is still allowed smoking flowers for tourist without passweed? Amsterdam, den Haag, Groningen, Utrecht, ect ?... whitout inciting people to go there ? =)

I've got to say that we are all a bit lost with so many changes.

Ps: An idea for the netherlands concerning the Mass smoking "tsunami", could be to authorize sending ,via postmail, small amount of products, in order to filtrate tourists in the country. The one who want to visit the country, discover the food culture, traditions ect would still travel there, and people who just want to go there to smoke and buy, would instead, receipt this at home, saving on the fly/train/hostel cost. =) What do you think?


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