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  1. Today
  2. I didn't buy the lamp: i built it. Bought the pieces and assembled it manually, soldering strips etc. Imagine spending 3 afternoons on 1099 leds. There are no smell problems, like i said in the beginning of the diary, i have 2 active carbon filters (in and out) and they're pretty new (changed them around february). NL has stopped stretching, and i have a lot of room for growing (My lamp is sitting at 45cm, giving me an average of 900umol/s). The thing is: since the lamp is homebuilt, it lacked a dissipation unit because I, being an idiot, didn't think 1099 leds would give off such a h
  3. Hi Bro, he shouldn't be so hot ... you have China? I bought mine, tests are 2 days. temperature +2 degrees from the previous parameters. if there are odor problems, then the Northern Lights are the perfect solution for growing, And in your case, until the plants are blooming at all, throw the filter to hell and increase the air flow my advice to you use the LST technology and all these branches to bend to the sides, you will have just a perfect bush at the end of flowering Have a nice day 😊 Peace
  4. Yesterday
  5. Hey'all! I got good news and bad news. Good news is, the lamp is doing amazingly, and the plant's loving it. Bad news is, the lamp is hot as all hells, so the temperature in the grow tent rose from 25° to 32°-33° (77F to 89F-91F). I can't raise the extractor's speed as that might damage the carbon filters, so.. I came up with a wild solution. My lamp acts like a huge CPU. It's a frying hot plate that needs dissipation. It can go passive, or it can go active. For it to be active, there are various options. Fans being the first ones, and Liquid coolers being the ultimate ac
  6. Форум настраивают ещё... Попробуй ещё раз Бро
  7. Посмотрел Бро все в порядке
  8. Last week
  9. There are a couple of hydroponic shops near me that are good and the people who run them are great, but they have different stock for example one stocks the old timer organic Plant Magic nutrients and the other one only stocks the mineral nutrients. Last year with the first lock down I had to buy dirt online from Growell Hydroponics they are good and stock a lot of stuff and the shipping is only £6 but if you buy something less than £6 its not so cheap, you can't beat being able to visit a local shop to buy stuff and support local traders. I haven't tried hydro I like dirt it makes t
  10. Ваши растения выглядят здоровыми, отличная работа, братан
  11. I write my posts in a plain text file as well then copy and paste them into the post then upload any images as I tweak the text. I got caught out a few times in the past where I rewrote the text in a post a couple of times and by the time I clicked Submit Reply I had been logged out by the forum software, sometimes you may get lucky and the content is saved to a cookie and when I log in again the text editor still contains the post text. So I just started to type out the text in a plain text file for each journal, the good thing about doing this is I have a copy of my journal and I c
  12. Hi, @Nordic !!!! Welcome back friend!I hope you will entry !Happy grow! Have a great weekend!
  13. Hii everyone HappyGrower's 😄 I look only now this new amazing opportunity of GH and @Jose.gh ask if i can partecipe it ? Thank's a lot #Fullgas
  14. Hi all 👋 Very lucky outdoor grow Peace
  15. Hi mate, I have a temperature of up to 25 after the light upgrade. I don't use fans. as I was convinced of the quality of the lighting fixtures. Peace. And good luck
  16. A teeny tiny chemical bride 👰🏼♀️ 


  17. Can you count me in? Im getting back to this hobby and interested to do tests again.
  18. @gasmeter I’m currently ordering everything I need from eBay, mom trying to ensure I only use British companies and British brands at this moment in time. I will say the suppliers of plant magic have been fabulous with me as I was sent a dodgy delivery and they replaced everything within a day or two. im still not settled with my pots. I have Ben looking into flora flex but I don’t know how ready I am to run a hydro project just yet. but yea I’m pretty undecided on my pots. but I’m happy to be doing this my way and finding what works for me and what doesn’t.
  19. Thank you for the free seeds Jose I will be starting my journal on Monday. I have a chemical bride and she’s a beauty. thank you again for this amazing opportunity
  20. Thanks man! It definitely is not well made, as i'm still trying to find a way to dissipate heat: The grow tent's temperature passed from 25 to 32°. But i'm working on a liquid cooling rack for the lamp, so... more updates coming in the next days. Gotcha. I usually write the update in a text file and then paste it adding pics when it's ready.. I guess that time the copy-paste system had a stroke. Rest in Posts.
  21. Put chemdog into 10 gallon fabric pot and into the 4x4 upgraded the lights to
  22. Сегодня перед пред цветом сделал швази и растянул, Всё больше я трогать не буду
  23. И так прошло 2 недели как я перевел на 12/12. Всё это время я подрезал верхние листья и давал игуана джюс гроу по 1мм на литр. Полив происходил по 2 литра 2-3 раза в неделю.
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