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  3. Hi Hydra I know and do you like the strains from my collection RedVineKush....
  4. Almost a full 9 weeks and she's looking ripe will be doing 48 hr darkness Friday 🙃
  5. I have plenty of sites to take from, I take cuttings any time right up to Harvest, if conditions allow I will also leave a couple of small nugs on the plant and I will try to reveg and monster crop👊
  6. Oooo Blueberry good stuff
  7. You didn't take cuttings yet?. I would have took 1 from each before filp ,nice grow man plants look very nice 👍
  8. Nice grow gas, I have never seen such a good recovery like that good job 👏.in my experience the more you stress your plant the more fire it will be ,the best slh I ever try was one I stress to the Max in week 4 I i accidentally split stem in half it didn't really recover it was like just hairs very little bud I was just going to throw it away ,I saved it then try it and wow lemon candy better then any slh I grew or tried, hope you get a similar experience
  9. Yup you are doing great better then me when I started ,I didn't even have a light or tent till the next year after I started, there's nothing like growing you own meds, best feeling in the world when you get to try your finish product and its fire .what kind of seeds you going to pop ,I'm going to do a chemical bride next we could do a grow along lol
  10. @Hydra hey there! Yeah I’m a first time grower so it’s all about finding what feels right for me. I’m broke so I’ve got a limited budget lol but all in all I think I’m doing great. I’m about to pop some more beans and make another journal or two. I’m really enjoying it, I feel like I was made to grow medicine 😁🙏
  11. Just had to update, this King's Juice#2 is looking like I'm gonna take cuttings from her, she is racing ahead of the other by a long shot happy days 😁
  12. Last week
  13. Time for a progress update on the 4 Kings Juice girls at the start of week 3 of the flowering period. On Tuesday it was obvious that all of the plants were in flower their girly bits were well visible. On Wednesday the dirt in the root pouches was dry so I gave each plant 2 litres of water. On Sunday morning the dirt in the root pouches was dry and they felt nice and light so I mixed up 3ml per litre of root stimulant and 2ml per litre of bloom feed, I mixed 8 litres of the feed solution. Then I gave each plant 2 litres of the feed solution and put them back into the grow t
  14. Nice start ,that's how I use to grow long long time ago lol
  15. The pictures are of Blueberry OG and Critical Gorilla I love Blueberry OG But I will make a post and name the new Strains Iam trying there :). Thanks for the interest
  16. just wanting to use 1 bag the 160 micron for dry ice method - I know that one should start with the 24 micron to cautch the "heads" of trichomes but when you shake there is a short amount of time before you start getting microned plnt material --- thinking that 160 will be great get the heasd and body of the trichomes and just doing two "shakes" (5 minute) befor getting plant material gues could save 3rd shake fro what ever - any infiormation eill be appreciated
  17. Here comes the bride baby 


  18. Here’s an update on my chemical bride, she’s coming on so well! She’s short and stocky but I think I could have let her veg for longer but I’ve flipped her sooner than I would have liked due to space issues I had to put her into flower to give her a chance and so that I could keep her. she’s dealing with it fine, no sign of stress at all, she’s really quite happy to flower. I am now feeding her on monkey nutrients,I made the change around a month ago and I’m happy that I did. she’s feeding on bloom A&B and some root shoot.
  19. красиво! еще бы измерить бы тгк! ну заиметь такую штуку!) не дорогую.
  20. I couldn't find a water tray big enough so I had to use a kiddy pool Also growing bishop crown pepper plants
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