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  1. Yesterday
  2. Hello First of sorry for missing last weeks post week 4 (day 35). This is week 5 (day 42). They started eating themselves hard in week 5 so they are much more yellow then i would like for this time in flowering. But i think it might actually be climate related as the one in the front is the most yellow (with abit cooler temps and higher ventilation from being the door opening). Or over watering (this is my second run in organics indoor and i have gotten too used to the frequent waterings with conventional/salt nutrients. But of course it is the one in the front so you see it the most :
  3. Thank you :) and thank you very much for the heads up i will keep my eyes open - but that is one of the big draw backs of having the lights this close, because i cannot check the back too well :D But you will see iam having troubles of my own with this strain :D
  4. This one is still chugging along. Putting weight on so I can't give up on her 💚 I think I will have better luck with the next run. this one isn't the easiest one to tame!
  5. Hey friend 🙏🏼 Iv just read through this journal again, it's a really good reference to come back to for me being new. The way you got through such a tough set back was truly commendable! wow well done you & thank you for sharing. lots of respect to you brother, thank you for sharing knowledge, greatly appreciated 💚
  6. Last week
  7. Сегодня раскислил почву мелом! следующий полив буду корить GHE линейкой с витаминками hesi.
  8. Flying through their veg cycle. I plan on taking cuts from the KingsJuice so I've decided against topping her, I feel like it's going to be too stressful to do both I hope to take the cuts at week 6 but if not I will hang on to week 8 and keep her in veg for a little longer. I have 4 CloudWalkers so I'm going to let one of these grow naturally, take clones from one, top one & MainLine one. Im super excited to have a go at mainlining for the first time, it looks obscene! Fingers crossed I succeed. And my DarkPhoenix will be topped because shes made for that shit!! lov
  9. faaaa, they look very good, the smell must be very special. I also like the design of the packaging of the seeds.
  10. update up to date, it seems that there is not much time left. What do you think?
  11. Little bit of the DarkPhoenix Harvested at around day 56 This has been dried for 6 days and cured for around 3 days. this one is a little airy but that's due to me being a beginner still, I will get a better looking finished bud when I have more experience under my belt, but still I'm happy with what I've got here. when you first pop open the jar your hit with light citrus smells mixed with black pepper but overall it's mainly sweet, the best thing about this strain is the taste on the exhale, it's one of those terpene profiles that makes your mouth water on the exhale, a r
  12. @Streetstrainsuk Muchas gracias 🙏💚🌏💯
  13. 🧬 KingsJuice, DarkPhoenix & CloudWalker 🏕 60x60x120cm veg tent 🪴coco 70/30 buffered mix (x1 second hand coco) 💡LED White 80w strip light & cheap Burple LED light - ebay 🌬 4" intake fan & 6" oscillating desk fan mounted on the frame of the tent 👩‍🔬 Enhance -Every 2 weeks 1g per litre water (set ph before adding powder) Root Shoot - every week 1/2ml per litre water first 2 weeks, up to 1ml etc Bio Grow - 13g per 3 Gallons of substrate (divided by 2 and administered at week 3 & 6 of veg cycle) PH no higher than 6 for me. I haven't
  14. She's not the prettiest but let me tell you she smells amazing! still got around 5 weeks left for her, and she's starting to fatten up a bit. I'm looking forward to seeing how the buds develop in these last few weeks. I love her structure though, can't wait to smoke her.
  15. The biggest one here is the KingsJuice then the two smaller ones are DarkPhoenix & CloudWalker All looking super happy this morning
  16. New light for the veggies, I've added in a white LED to go along side a burple LED. Both lights are cheap ones from eBay as I'm not miss.money bags & cannot afford the latest tech right now. (never say never). It seems to be doing the trick just nicely. Air flow by means of a 4" intake fan & a small oscillating fan. Feeding PH no higher than 6.5 Monkey Root shoot & a little silicon. All ticking away nicely
  17. 📆 Croptober 🔥❄️ 🧬 ChemicalBride Slowly dried & cured & Delicious! Covered in THC tightly packed dense buds, the smell is of cream & vanillas with the slight Chemdog accent in the exhale. The high you get from this is literally from within, you feel your full body relax and succumb to the healing of this strain instantly. This bud is not only wonderful to grow, she keeps up her end of the deal from start to finish being a good fast finish, easy flush, drys well & keeps her shape when she has dried, grinds up lovely and fluffy and smokes like a dream. It also
  18. Time for an update on the 4 Lost Pearl sisters at the end of week 4 of veg. Last Sunday I harvested the 3 Chemical Bride and 1 GH Cheese sisters and made space in the grow tent for the 4 Lost Pearl sisters. Here are some images I took last week. All the Lost Pearl sisters in the grow tent. All the Lost Pearl sisters in normal light. Fungus on the surface of the dirt. All 4 Lost Pearl sisters in the grow tent yesterday. Lost Pearl sisters in normal light. I had noticed that the plants looked a bit sad and I though maybe I was
  19. Chemical Bride 👰🏼‍♀️❄️🧬 Smoke her with PRIDE!! 💚🇬🇧💚🇬🇧💚🇬🇧💚 Goblet Of Fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
  20. I've been cooking up a little storm in the veg tent. this is a really thought out & planned for run and I have the highest hopes! ive had 100% success with germination with the help of our Greenhousefeeding Enhance . 1g per litre of water. you must correct your PH levels BEFORE you mix in you Enhance. Enhance slightly raises the PH so watch out for that. What I do is Drench my coco at least 12 hours Before I plant my seeds. I also sit my Empty pots beneath the strong flower lighting for 12-24 hours prior to planting my beans. I feel like it gives your coco a littl
  21. Earlier
  22. I had a disaster with the Big mamma, I found she was riddled with caterpillar and it was a huge panic to rescue what was salvageable here! This run from start to finish has been one nightmare problem after the next. but this way I'm now ready for most situations and I feel like I've evolved into a much more competent grower because of it all!! I got 14g Dry buds from one very small chemical bride at day 56 of flower. these buds are so frosty and dense and the smells of creamy vanillas gives serious wedding cake vibes and these buds aren't even ready yet. this is from drying
  23. So I've cropped one of my DarkPhoenix at day 56 of flower, I was having a melt down yet again because I found caterpillar in some of the buds as I had STUPIDLY brought in an outdoor plant and infected my indoor tent. Really I'm making a lot of little mistakes lately, but it's still not dampening my spirit! I keep going with all I have because I adore working with this special plant that brings me nothing but pure joy everyday. Anyway I saved around 7g of dry airy buds from the first dark Phoenix to be cropped this year. The second DarkPhoenix that you can see in the pictures
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