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  2. Hola amigo yo normalmente para engañarlas yo las pongo a doce horas luz doce oscuridad como que las quieres engañar a 14 y media? no lo entiendo, o es que prefieres que sea progresivo el cambio hasta que llegues a doce doce? y otra observación es que dejes que beban algo de lluvia es la mejor agua que puedan tomar eso creo yo... Por lo demás están preciosas esas plantas sigue así hermano Hello friend, I usually to cheat them, I put them twelve light hours, twelve darkness, how do you want to cheat them at 14:30? I do not understand, or do you prefer that the change be progressive until you reach twelve twelve? And another observation is that let them drink some rain is the best water they can drink that I think ... Otherwise they are beautiful those plants are still like that brother
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  4. Time for another progress update on the 2 outdoor Sweet Valley Kush plants. Yesterday when I switched on the fluorescent tubes at 6.30am it was well cloudy with light rain showers the temperature in the shed was about 14C At about 10am the light showers stopped and it was just cloudy but it was starting to brighten up. By 12pm the cloud was thinned out a lot and the sun was shining so I moved both of the plants outside into the yard into the sun. The temperature inside the shed at that time was about 20C I moved mr moose outside and checked on him after 15 minutes and the temperature in direct sunlight was about 28C I was able to keep them outside all afternoon and once the sun had gone below the roofs of the houses I moved them both into the shed under the fluorescent tubes until it went dark and I switched off the lights the temperature in the shed was about 18C This morning when I switched on the fluorescent tubes it was well cloudy outside but it was dry the temperature inside the shed was about 16C By about 9am the cloud had thinned out and the sun was shining so I moved the plants outside into the sunshine. At about 10am it started to rain just a light shower so I popped the plants back in the shed and had a brew after about 20 minutes the sun was shining again so I put the plants back outside to enjoy the sunshine where they stayed for the rest of the day. The dirt in both plants root pouches was nice and dry so tonight I have weighed out 42g of BioBloom for each plant sprinkled it onto the dirt and then worked it into the dirt and then I gave each plant 1ltr of water to water the powder feed into the soil. Both plants are sat under the fluorescent tubes until it goes dark about 10pm. I also prepared the shed ready to start to manipulate the plants photoperiod starting tomorrow now they have had the bloom feed, I trapped two pieces of cardboard in the shed window frame to block out the light. So tomorrow will be their first 14 1/2 hour day to start to trick them into flowering. Here are some images I took tonight. Sweet Valley Kush in evening sunlight. Weighing out 42g of GHS BioBloom powder feed. SVK-B#1 with GHS BioBloom powder feed on dirt. SVK-B#2 with GHS BioBloom powder feed on dirt. SVK-B#1 with GHS BioBloom powder feed mixed into dirt. SVK-B#2 with GHS BioBloom powder feed mixed into dirt. Sweet Valley Kush fed and watered with GHS BioBloom powder feed. Shed window and evening sunlight. Shed window with peices of cardboard trapped in the frame to block out light. The weather forcast for this area next week is looking good with plenty of sunshine which is good news after all the crap weather recently. Happy growing...
  5. Time for a progress update on the 4 Sweet Valley Kush plants. The dirt in their root pouches was nice and dry tonight so I gave SVK-B#1 and SVK-B#2 500ml of water and I mixed 0.5g of grow powder feed with a litre of water and then I gave SVK-M#1 and SVK-M#2 500ml of the feed and water, next time their dirt is dry they just get water no feed. Here are some images I took tonight. Sweet Valley Kush in grow tent under LED. Thermometer in grow tent temperature 26C humidity 51% SVK-B#1 foliage. SVK-B#2 foliage. SVK-M#1 foliage. SVK-M#2 foliage. Sweet Valley Kush plants ready to be fed and watered. Weighing out 0.5g of GHS mineral Grow powder feed for SVK-M#1 and SVK-M#2 The plants are growing nicely and seem happy with the powder feed, I am well pleased with their progress so far. More updates to follow soon, happy growing...
  6. Me and a mate of us is knowing i ll report till harvest. But all pics come together in the last thread with descriptions, age,ph,method.... But first in last thread. Fckng Law. All the best to all Strainhunters, Newcomers...
  7. Just topped these two✂️
  8. @R.G.S it snows every day in the tent of # g22 🌨🌨🌨🌨🌨
  9. Tendrás que subir la temperatura a las chicas por que parecen pasar frío es puro hielo ❄ escarchado están los cogollos de tricomas amigo de lujo @g22 You'll have to raise the temperature to the girls because they seem to go cold is pure ice ❄ frosty are the buds of trichomes friend of luxury @ g22
  10. It's taken from the only entry point, through the marsh in the reeds there are a lot of game trails from deer that lead around like a maze so it's what you see from the distance if you would walk the same path as I do
  11. Amigo Kalumè creo que te pasas en la dosis de fertilizantes, yo de todas maneras para exfoliar solo les doy con diatomeas y fertilizantes en el sustrato diluido con agua mejor si es mineral el bio creo que se puede hechar sin problemas a la tierra, van fenomenal se nota que las cuidas Ánimo un saludo Amico Kalumè Penso che tu passi nella dose di fertilizzanti, io comunque esfolli appena li do con diatomee e fertilizzanti nel substrato diluito con acqua meglio se è minerale il bio penso che possa essere fatto senza problemi alla terra, vanno fenomenali mostra che ti prendi cura di loro Coraggio, saluto
  12. hello there ,i am very interested ,i recently started smoking a cbd cannabis strain and i really love to know more about ,it seems to by working for me against my pains and further problems ,love to hear you . i want to start with the oils but simple don't know which brand to buy ,so maybe just in time i read your message
  13. Salve compagni 🖐️ buon sabato. Aggiornamenti della settimana : Questa settimana ho provveduto con una leggera defogliazione, la crescita prosegue regolare, sto usando sempre le stesse dosi di ghf grow(1g/l una volta per settimana) ho provato ad aggiungere un giorno alla settimana di ghf grow però somministrandolo nebulizzato (spray) sulle foglie dimmezzando le dosi ho (usato 1L per tutte e due le piante) ma il risultato è stato pessimo ho trovato varie foglie con bruciature sulle punte e su nervature, così ho lasciato perdere. Qualcuno sa se si può dare sulle foglie questo tipo di fertilizzante o le dosi sono state eccessive? Comunque Ora sembra procedere nuovamente tutto liscio 😉. Lascio qualche foto alla prossima 🖐️. SVK N°2 leggera defogliazione
  14. Buenas raíces esta haciendo doctora franky hydroponics dejo una foto amig@s Good roots are doing doctor franky hydroponics I leave a friend photo Y el primer esqueje en floración de médico que conseguí que sacará raiz y volviera a estado vegetativo así está a día de hoy; And the first cutting in bloom of doctor that I got that will take root and return to vegetative state like this is today; Saludos Regards
  15. Buenos días amig@s y compañer@s de cultivo tengo buenas y malas noticias de las dos Louis haze que tengo aquí una a dicho ser macho ya no está conmigo y la otra marca ya los pelillos de hembra adjunto fotos un saludo
  16. Green Vibe Forskolin The vegan diet excludes the intake of animal merchandise reminiscent of meat, fish, molluscs and crustaceans, and all products derived from animals equivalent to eggs, milk, cheese and honey, this kind of eating regimen arises exceptionally from an ethics that refuses animal exploitation at all levels. It as a result prefers greens, fruit, cereals and legumes. The vegan weight-reduction plan has many deficiencies equivalent to iron, calcium, zinc and selenium and requires dietary supplements suitable for the motive. The vegetarian eating regimen, then again, is less stringent, however is not the field of further learn in this article. Rapid food regimen 17) Fruttariana diet This diet includes the exclusive consumption of fresh and dried fruit . Individuals who adopt this diet fall inside the scope of veganism but pushing it to its severe. The weight loss program contains taking particular fruits at regular intervals, the specialists' advice is to with a style of fruit (bitter - candy - dry and so on) and look ahead to 45 to 90 minutes earlier than taking different fruit from the identical kind. See additionally fruitarians and fruitarianism . 18) eating regimen without carbohydrates For the carbohydrate-free eating regimen it is necessary to fully get rid of bread and pasta from the weight loss program is viable . A menu that we've got proposed in this weight loss plan goes within the direction of casting off as so much as feasible any type of carbohydrate. The eating regimen will inevitably be rich in protein, fruit, greens and even a variety of dried fruit . This makes it look a bit like a hyper-protein weight loss plan alternatively than a vegetarian one, but it may possibly undoubtedly be suitable for those who do not need to magnify in a single course or one more. It is extremely fundamental to be careful with the kidneys and the liver: in case you have problems with these two organs, it will be excellent to consult your general practitioner earlier than task diets to your possess, which must no longer be done for too long a period with out being adopted via a professional.
  17. Grazie @Kalumè ieri stavo tagliando e raccohliendo frutta è un nispero
  18. @ChristianCalm Iam interessed my mother take cbd
  19. Fantastiche.. Sono albicocche o nespole quelle dietro? 🍑🍑 che bontà 😉
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  21. Hi everyone, I’m Christian with Calm by Wellness. I’m honored to be a part of Strain Hunter's community and want to provide as much value and information as possible. Strain Hunter is such a dedicated group helping people lead healthier, more active lives. I totally love the mission and the people around it! We’re a CBD company that is connecting the brightest minds in Cannabis together from scientists and researchers to doctors and pharmacists. We also partner with influencers and brand ambassadors. Would anyone here be interested in trying our CBD for free? We have giveaway samples! :)
  22. Buenas noches amig@s y compañer@s de cultivo hoy e pasado la tarde con las doctoras de exterior dándole cuidados y alguna foto hice que por aquí adjunto Good evening friends and compañer @ s cultivated today and spent the afternoon with the doctors from outside giving care and some pictures I made here attached Ahora dejo unas fotos con cámara algo más profesional; Now I leave some photos with a more professional camera; Saludos y buen fin de semana Greetings and have a good weekend
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