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  2. Jejeje pues puede ser el nispero o el seto, no tengo mucho más detrás la pared... Espero que hagan buenos cogollos grandes como las tuyas @g22 pero me veo que voy a tener que apuntalarlas aún falta mes y medio de crecimiento y en floración también se estiran un poco Hehehe it may be the nispero or the hedge, I do not have much more behind the wall ... I hope they make good big buds like yours @ g22 but I see that I will have to prop them up still missing month and medium growth and flowering also stretch a little
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  4. Vale @a6281665 Mi teléfono no tiene nunca activa la geolocalizacion y menos para hacer fotos en el menú de opciones se anula, esas coordenadas son falsas, gracias por la información pero no me es útil en mi caso Vale @ a6281665 My phone has never activated the geolocation and less to take photos in the options menu is canceled, those coordinates are false, thanks for the information but it is not useful in my case
  5. How to remove GPS and other metadata locations from photos.
  6. @R.G.S It looks like a gigantic buds behind your plant
  7. Exacto @KalumèKalumèno es gran estres te dejo una foto de una que hace poco le di faena para recuperarse eso sí es estres jejejee Esatto @ Kalumè non è grande stress Lascio una foto di uno che di recente gli ha dato lavoro per recuperare che sì è stress jejejee
  8. Salve amici @R.G.S @R.Gardos@g22 SI può essere stressante per la pianta in casi aggressivi , ma non in questo caso perché è stata abbastanza lieve e ho tolto delle foglie apposite che toglievano un po' troppa luce e linfa a dei futuri rami su cui vedo bene, comunque tempo 1 max 2 settimane e sarà di nuovo un Bell pallone di foglie rigogliose 👍 (scusa r. gardos ma non riesco a togliere il tuo nik)
  9. Good news from Canna, apparently Canna Boost triggers a SAR like reaction. Systemic Acquired Resistance (SAR) explained.
  10. Ahora dejo unas fotos de las doctoras de exterior Un saludo amig@s y compañer@s de cultivo Now I leave some pictures of the doctors of exterior A greeting friends and cultivation companions 
  11. Really had some good sun the last days and the girls are coming along well. They are a little bug bitten, I found a little white thrip on them today, so I have sprayed with insecticide soap and will reapply tomorrow. On Thursday they will be repotted and moved into the grow tent , under a 250w MH lumatek bulb. Have added a picture of the insecticide , in case anyone is interested, I usually use it last two weeks of Vegging and have not had any bug issues on my last two runs. The four girls, then the SVK, which is a little cutie, lovely fat fingers and uniformity.
  12. Siamo d'accordo @ g22 e io in questo defogliato in vegetativa è controproducente dipende dal caso ma non hai speso molto faccio tecniche molto più stressanti e do buoni risultati, non ti preoccupare forse saranno più alti perché aiuta lo sviluppo della distanza internodale, ma se vuoi avere un buon 🌴 vai giù per la strada Cordiali saluti @ Kalumè Estamos de acuerdo @g22 y yo en esto de defoliar en vegetativo es contraproducente depende el caso pero no te pasate mucho yo hago técnicas mucho más estresantes y dan buen resultado, no te preocupes quizás serán más altas por que ayuda al desarrollo de distancia internodal, pero si quieres tener una buena 🌴 vas por el camino Un saludo amigo @Kalumè We agree @ g22 and I in this defoliate in vegetative is counterproductive depends on the case but you did not spend much I do much more stressful techniques and give good results, do not worry maybe they will be higher because it helps the development of internodal distance, but if you want to have a good 🌴 you go down the road Best regards @ Kalumè
  13. @Kalumè They look very good. personaly iam not a big fan of defoliation in veg . The wheater look To be better now in your area. Happy growing!
  14. Tra un po' toccherà anche a SVK n1👍🌴
  15. Salve compagni 🖐️ oggi ho tolto qualche foglia su SVK n°2 visto che molte nuove diramazioni erano troppo coperte. SVK 2 prima
  16. Thank's a lot man
  17. Dejo unas fotos de Dr. Franky amig@s luego más I leave some photos of Dr. Franky friends later more
  18. Gracias por tus amables palabras parte tendra mi mano crack pero las the doctor son geniales creo que puedo decir, hasta el momento la mejor variedad que plante en mi vida, tienen una vigorosidad única que o la domas o se suben por las nubes veremos las de exterior al paso que van igual cojen la altura del pino 🌲 de detrás suyo o del nispero jejeje ojalá... Un saludo amigo y fuerte abrazo Thank you for your kind words @ part will have my hand crack but the doctor are great I think I can say, so far the best variety that I plant in my life, have a unique vigor that either domes or goes up the clouds we will see those from the outside at the same pace as the pine height 🌲 behind him or the nispero jejeje hopefully ... A greeting friend and strong hug
  19. Buenas artista, Joder, están realmente bonitas y con tantas colas no veas cómo se van a poner! En el indoor tambien super sanas, tienen un color y vigor extraordinario, buena mano!
  20. Pure guerrilla style! It will be great to see how these clandestine plants grow I love guerrilla crops
  21. Wow, Those buds look so tight and resinous, I feel like eating them Great job, really nice.
  22. its been a week since last update, so here we go. i understand its not easy to see alot but i cant change light times so i have to this at nights .. Im glad i topped most, and i will use that technics from now on, having so many strains isnt ideal but i does give us a nice stack for coming year. I got all seeds in water or as tiny new babygirls, it didnt go as hoped make a new growroom but made the mistake using a larger growbag for the start, these are just to big for a good start. The seeds thing is new to me as im used to buy clons, but im learning along the way. Im hoping to get some nice second run, im pleased overall , but some strains arent what i hoped. maybe the seeds where too old, im never giving up on the strains and will re buy new next year, but will mostly use seeds as fresh as possible, the new freebees i got all sprouted and several other strains i paid for didnt .. Anyways Happy growing folks !
  23. Last week
  24. Wow, awesome looking plants, amazing environment, perfect water, Jah keeping watching over you indeed. Exciting, best of luck my friend
  25. week 9 Day 56 the calix on the 4 doctor begins to good inflated, trichomes still more clear than milky . Iam gone left them 10 days and 2days in the dark from now. I will cut the haze with the doctor the spider shit destroy my sativa Iam gone to pulverize the pyrethum tomorrow I think is too late. Its again a lesson for my laziness The positive thing is there is no spider on the doctors😉 #4 #3 #2 #1 #4 #3
  26. I had in mind to make a pot of 1.3m x 1.3m with burlap to make a raising bed but is more easy with plastic pot maybe i try one day . Very nice gerilla grow @Guovsahas I hope you catch some beast with your cam
  27. I took out the last plants to the spot and now I'll just be there to water the plants, I don't need to worry about moving pots and plants anymore which is a huge relief, I also took a sample of the water close by that I'm using for the plants to check the pH, I was at first a bit worried that the pH was too low but the sample showed that the water is perfect. The plants are growing fine, the Himalaya gold is a definite champ growing tallest of all while the Big Bang plants are much more bushy, also the Bluehash is catching up to the Himalaya gold in height. The Church plants aren't as bushy but just after the Bluehash plant in height. Let's see how this season turns out, I actually think that this season is going to be great. I ran out of chicken wire so a couple of plants have been bunched together, primarily the Big Bang plants and the Sweet Valley Kush plants that are on the competition thread These are the Big Bang This is the Himalaya Gold with the Bluehash behind it This is the bluehash This is the Himalaya Gold and the Bluehash Here are some of the Church plants hidden in the reeds pH reading of the water I use that's close by
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