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  2. Stem producing the smell of blush wine and race gas.
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  4. i know that molded buds been very populair in Poland ...
  5. Hi all Can anyone help in identifying this strain please?
  6. great looking root system and setup ,good luck to ya
  7. Google traductor me tiene loco crazy a mi también sorry friend y gracias Google translator has crazy crazy to me also sorry friend and thanks
  8. Yes sorry mate traduct and talk with googel is not verry easy to anderstand and express your self like with original languich
  9. No es problema ninguno @g22 simplemente quería saber que estas trabajando con las dos razas en este seguimiento, es que sino me volvía loco al tratar de comprender que fenotipo es el de las hojas finas, ahora entiendo todo y disculpa el malentendido, para mi eres un Crack hermano It is not a problem none @ g22 I just wanted to know that you are working with the two races in this follow-up, it is that I was going crazy trying to understand what phenotype is the thin leaves, now I understand everything and excuse the misunderstanding, for me you're a brother Crack
  10. when i started writing a diary here the first time it was for me to know how to come back to see the pictures and info for my next grow to be able to compare and to know to discuss with other person these not just to win at all took and not to break my head or to bash others as in the other contest with ledberry but i also know the competitive spirit it does not bother me if these count bad for the result these my grow of 2019 its these important for me. with my respect I do not want to shock you if I misunderstood the question And iam sorry To make so many picture iam very exited too and alone for the moment so i change my mind with the plant
  11. @R.G.S ?. If i goed anderstand the thin sheet is from the haze not the doctor thats the littel plant you see at the begining of the journal p1 Is not for the contest is for my self and i share the picture if you like or not is not my problem
  12. So the reason I dig the holes is that I only have 6 feet of fence cover on this side of my house and there's a highway on the other side. The holes give me another couple feet of plant height
  13. Las fotos que sale hojas finas es el mega blanco verdad g22? No me cuadra con las doctor The photos that leaves thin sheets is the true white mega g22? I do not block with the doctors
  14. @gasmeter Yes that feeding works very goed you can make your soil like you want i use r/o water i dont even need to giv cal/mag . My new light work very goed too iam so happy of the result that i want to pops some beans after the flowering is finish but i think iam gone get enought weed for a long time after that grow so with the stupid law is maybe better To wait maybe pop some salade 🤣 iam gone search after pickle clone To put in my garden i like polish pickle its in water and salt.......
  15. Buenos días amig@s y compañer@s voy a ir mostrando las técnicas que fui utilizando ayer Apical;
  16. Last week
  17. Looking good, i do have a question regarding the growpots, why didnt you just have them on top of your ground so they have more air around the roots. I believe that this is why the pots are so great and work well ?
  18. Another update since i started this story the ladies are doing very well. I think next time i buy new leds i will take cob only, as they seem to be even better then the other double leds. Anyways, the weather outside isnt good enough for at least after 4 20, but not muh longer, so the girls can get some sunlight as well. Well judge for yourselves and do leave a message !?! The blueberry auto's are blooming, ive added a few pics, then the ss haze in the big growpot is getting really full and great ..still on 20 hours light since seeds went into the ground. Very happy overall, very very healthy plants if i may say myself .. The last time i gave them feed, water on a 6.0 ph and 50ml A and 50 ml B on 24 liters of water, together with some rootstimulator. Next is to repot the six in 3 gallon pots to 7 gallon pot, and hopefully have the auto's outside most of the time ...then change to bloom and see what the rest of this journal brings me . Happy Growing !!
  19. Ciao compagni! Vi porto novità riguardo Sweet valley kush. Ieri è stato un giorno di nascite qualchelascio qualche foto che ho scattato, come le temperature sono ancora basse 23 ° giorno 12 ° notte umidità 85%. Uno dei germogli si presenta molto scuro spero non è per la temperatura notturna che a morire una bruciatura, Vedremmo come andrà 😉 intanto inizio a preparare i vasi sperando arrivi presto il bel tempo, A presto
  20. Those girls look great @g22 they seem to like the powder feed great work.
  21. A quick mid week update on progress with the 4 Sweet Mango autos. The dirt in the root pouches had dried out nicely from when I last fed and watered them all on Monday evening so I gave them all 2 litres of water. Before I watered the plants I took some photos of them, here is some bud porn. All 4 plants back in the tent after watering. Bud Porn More updates to follow at the weekend, happy growing... Gasmeter Likkle more
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