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  2. Exterior pasado por agua Exterior passed by water
  3. @gasmeter Nice pics and goed start Happy contest gasman
  4. Hi @Chefblake420 I love those holes in the ground to gain height, tidy job too. I love digging holes I used to operate diggers before I started farting about with computers.
  5. Today the tap roots on both beans are now outside the seed casings. The tap root on the first bean to germinate is now long enough to place it into a Root It sponge. Although the Root It sponge plug has a hole in it to place the germinated bean in, I have found that it is best to slit the sponge down one side then I prize open the sponge and place the germinated bean in the sponge so the bulk of the tail of the tap root is held firmly but gently by the sponge below the existing hole in the sponge. Otherwise as the tap root grows it may not penetrate the sponge and it ends up just pushing itself upwards out of the hole in the sponge plug and it can then topple over and fall out of the sponge plug. The tap root on the second Sweet Valley Kush bean is a bit short I will leave it in the kitchen roll until tomorrow when it should be longer and ready to place in its own Root It plug. I have placed the first seedling in the tent under the light with the Sweet Mango autos, and I am keeping the sponge damp squirting a few ml's of water on the sponge every few hours. Once it pushes above the sponge and casts its little helmet I will then put it under a flourescent tube when the LED in the tent goes off at night for a few hours so they have an 18/6 photoperiod until they are ready to go outside. More updates soon, happy growing... Gasmeter
  6. This last pic is of the single Sour Banana Sherbert. I think she looks great!
  7. These two pictured together are the Rude boi OG, they are suffering some serious nutrient deficiency. As I said due to leaving them in little clone containers far too long. The soil is still moist from transplant but when it dries I'm going to feed them with my "come back" formula fertilizer.
  8. These are some better pictures of the Hawaiian Dutch now that I've moved them to their final location.
  9. Last week
  10. @g22 @R.G.S @OG.Naj @Kalumè Thanks for the likes and encouragement it is much appreciated
  11. The second bean has cracked and the tap root is just starting to peep out of the seed casing. More updates to follow soon, happy growing... Gasmeter
  12. Hi @OG.Naj thats great news 100% germination rate
  13. Ejercicio de hoy completado al 100% en 4 direcciones Today's exercise completed 100% in 4 directions
  14. Yo de ti las ataba a la maceta de lado mi amigo I tied you to the flower pot from my friend
  15. Day 1 Temp 29° Light 650w total N°4 is 67cm The 2 light togheter make a wounderful color I spoted a lot of thrips need too spray
  16. Hello @Kalumè, Grazie, è vero che possiamo davvero riconoscere le grandi foglie larghe indica. Inserirò questa settimana le informazioni e le foto del SVK#6 con un paio di foglie con piede di papero. Thank you, it is true that we can really recognize the large broad indica leaves. I will post this week the information and photos of the SVK#6 with a pair of leaves in duck paste.
  17. @Kalumè c'è ancora spazio se sei malato 🤣 si spera che il trattamento sarà buono
  18. médico palmera haciendo ejercicio palm tree doctor doing exercise
  19. Complimenti al primario di questo ospedale😂😂😂i dottori vanno alla grande 😷 👍.
  20. Wow OG! Sta crescendo proprio bene,complimenti!! belle foglie larghe e che bei colori! 💗 Speriamo in una bella colorazione purple. La genetica indica afgana si fa vedere da subito! avevi parlato anche di un soggetto con piede di papero? Mi incuriosisci troppo fratello 😂
  21. Ok thanks for the infos dude!
  22. @OG.Naj For the watt iam gone try in 600w- 700w too keep the temp low maybe les if the temp are too high outside
  23. So here are the pics of the SVK#7... This number #7 have this purple color from the begining of the grow. So that can be interesting to see the color of the final product. I hope to find a good purple pheno Have a nice and beautifull monday hunters
  24. In the first contest say is no problème To put the biobloom Too 5g/l
  25. In any case your tent is busy and well organized, and I can not wait to see the combo cmh / hps in action with thois beauty canopy. How much watt in total?
  26. Hello @g22, Why do you put 4gr/ltr of bio bloom + 1gr/ltr of bio grow while Greenhouse Seeds indicates 3g / lt of bio bloom in the first week of flowering for the fast-flowering variety. Do you put 4gr + 1 gr of grow?
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